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Published in the 16-31 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Muzzle and stockade Modi

By I. K. Shukla

The Milli Gazette Online

From his behaviour it is apparent, Modi is screamingly claiming he is fit for a lunatic asylum (unless Gujarat be one already) before he is brought out - muzzled, handcuffed, and fettered - in a public square, to face a firing squad for his crimes against humanity and treasons against the nation. But that would happen only in a state that observes the rule of law and respects its Constitution, not in a failed state, of which UPAís India is a prime paradigm.

When Shabana Azami, ex- MP, Rajya Sabha, had to return to Mumbai without delivering a lecture in Ahmedabad threatened as she was with gangster violence and vandalism mounted by Modiís Monsters, saffronazi females fronting the planned mayhem, and there ensued no rebuke or chastisement from New Delhi, Modi was assured, for the umpteenth time, that BJP-NDA is still regnant, albeit under a pseudonym, Cong-UPA. Thus encouraged and endorsed, Modi Mongrels behaved as Hitler Hybrids and Benito Bastards had done in Germany and Italy respectively.

Even primitive savages would be ashamed of Modi, but not the intrepid UPA, which would hence onward provide extra protection to a mass murderer (for whom it begged the diplomatic visa from USA), not to his victims! Dr Man Mohan Singh, ostensibly the PM, did not think it constitutionally correct to disturb Modiís mayhem machine and defend an ex-MP against his rogue squad. This too had a precedent. Congress had not exerted to save its MP, Ehsan Jaffri who, on instructions from the Monster, was hacked into pieces and burnt alive in Ahmedabad.

Soon thereafter happened the train accident of Sabarmati Express. The Railway Minister, Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav, deemed it his duty to visit and arrange to help the injured as best he could. Modi Mongrels, thwarted a decade ago in their design of blackening Bihar through the massacre and rape of Muslims with Advaniís Blood Yatra, and licking their wounds from his forbidding ban ever since, sprang into action and attacked Mr Yadav. Too, Modi had another boiling motive. He found the opportunity handy as a godsend to avenge his latest international humiliation in being denied a visa by the USA. Modi struck, as is his wont, never the one to belittle or belie his notoriety as Chief Monster. He had been chafing, and Hindutva honchos foaming on the mouth, at the Bannerji Committee report on Godhra train fire having resulted from an accident in the bogie itself.

What did the Congress do in Ahmedabad? Newspapers report that its counter-protest was feeble, its volunteers being fewer in number. Good excuse. Why did Congress put up only a token resistance? In view of Modiís criminal record, it could have anticipated the numerical strength of the saffronazis and more than matched it. But, either it chose to stage a trivial token (deniable plausibility), or it was not that keen on protecting Mr Yadav (given Sonia Gandhiís political weathervane), or it lacked a broader base of cadres to confront the Chief Monsterís blackguards.

There was no outrage from UPA-Congress; neither in the case of Shabana Azmi earlier, nor in that of Mr L. P. Yadav later. The class collaboration between UPA and NDA is too flagrant to be missed. That would explain why RSS has helped Congress in poll seasons. RSS goons had also lent Congress a very helping hand in the massacre of Sikhs in 1984. So, the unholy ties are enduring, mutually beneficial.

It is this naked indifference or amorality of Congress that affirms its death wish as far as the people and the minorities are concerned. As to its constituents in the UPA, the less said the better. They are time-servers, not principled partners. And, all this becomes legit in the discourse of so-called coalition politics. Hawala scam criminals got away with their malfeasance and flagrant violation of the law because among them were socialists, HinduTaliban, and Congressites, besides others. Corruption has no caste, crime has no special affinity with any community.

In the matter of curbing Modi, it is puerile and pathetic of the Cong-UPA to pretend helplessness from constitutional constraints. No such constraints ever hampered Atal and Advani, the Prime and Home Ministers in the BJP-NDA government. The centre-state relations reached their abysmal nadir when the NDA-BJP did not dismiss Modi for his crimes in 2002. BJP-NDA, by its malefic moral lapse, had behaved not as a national government was required to, but only as the government of, for, and by the HinduTaliban of RSS breed, India shrunk to a Hindutva fiefdom.

So had SS Bhandari, the then Governor of Gujarat, a RSS myrmidon. Did Bhandari discharge honestly his duty as Governor? Was his duty circumscribed by his patrons and their fascist ideology? Whom did he owe allegiance and loyalty to? To people, to Constitution, or a violent cult of theo-terrorists? For his dereliction of duty, to put it mildly, was he ever in any way reprimanded or punished? He escapaed, as did Modi. This amounted to contempt for and defiance of the Constitution on their part. Should there not be provision in the Constitution to bring to justice those guilty of high misdemeanor and seditious-treasonous activities violative of the intents and directives of the Constitution? Granting statutory "autonomy" or conceding constitutional "discretion" to criminals in high office is a recipe for anarchic outlawry and invitation to national disintegration.

New Delhi seems vexed whether to use Article 356, which Leftists venerate as their holy cow, inviolable and virginally untouchable, and are militantly ready to fossilize it in its pristine cocoon, or Article 355 which allows some legal leeway for action against the delinquent. Let UPA-Cong mull it to the end of time, to the chuckle of the saffronazis.

Then, the bugbear of "politicizing" and "personal vendetta", ever so useful to the HinduTaliban, can be, and has been, noisily raised to inhibit any action against their crimes past and present. The dumbest joke is the HinduTalibanís dishonest cacophony in the name of democracy! Surely, if they feel so attached to it, there is a reason for it. It is this defaced democracy (thanks to them), they have shredded at will, and that metamorphosed them from vandals and refugees in Indian polity to its arbiters and law-givers.

This development bodes ill for the nation. Activist virulence of the saffronazis has contaminated every segment of life in India. Congress has, in turns, acquiesced in or accelerated the process. Gujarat is more than an aberration, it has swelled as a national scourge, thanks to Congress fecklessness. With Congress providing the fertilizer of unflinching inaction, Modis will bloom like mushrooms. The gory synonyms, Advanis, Sudarshans, Katiyars, and Singhals will doom the nation to perdition and extinction, with Congress readily writing its own epitaph: adrift in ideological wilderness it died from redundancy.

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