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Published in the 16-31 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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The Milli Gazette Online

terrorists may have attacked Gilani
New Delhi: Delhi police suspects that Kashmiri terrorist groups may be behind the attack on Delhi University’s lecturer, SAR Gilani. It may be recalled that on 8 February night shots were fired at him in Vasant Kunj when he was going to meet his lawyer Mrs Haksar. Empty cartridges found at the place of incident were sent by Delhi crime branch police to forensic science laboratory at Srinagar for inspection and examination. The examinations carried out so far have not led to any solid conclusion.

Modi’s dismissal Not justified 
Kolkata: Veteran CPIM leader and former chief minister of Bengal, Jyoti Basu has described railway minister Lalu’s demand for dismissal of Narendra Modi because of mob attack on him as unjust. He said that such a demand is not justified and central government should not pay any attention to such a demand, though he does not know what will be the reaction of leftist parties to this demand, he told media persons.

It may be recalled that after Sabarmati Express’ accident near Baroda on 21 April, when railway minister Lalu Yadav had gone there for inspection, he was attacked by a mob. Though Lalu did not receive any injury, his car was slightly damaged in the attack. Lalu had at that time blamed Modi, that it was at his instance that attack was made on him and had demanded Modi’s dismissal. 

Urdu translation of ‘Wings of Fire’ 
New Delhi: Autobiography of President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam titled Wings of Fire has been translated into Urdu and titled Parwaaz (flight). Its Urdu translation was sponsored by National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) and its Audio Version was prepared by the distinguished film director and poet, Gulzar. Urdu translation Parwaaz was presented to the President by Shamsur Rahman Farooqi, vice chairman of NCPUL. The foreword of this book was written by Dr Hamidullah Bhat, director of NCPUL who wrote in it that this autobiography is the story of a person who always considered himself an ordinary Indian and this book in itself is the history of modern India’s progress and development.

Recently when President Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan and his wife Sehba Musharraf visited India and met President Kalam, he gifted them copies of Parwaaz. 

Law Board’s Conference 
Lucknow: A three-day conference of All India Muslim Personal Law Board was held in Bhopal from 29 April to 1 May. The conference discussed the refusal of entry to the US to the Board’s vice president Maulana Kalbe Sadiq.

After expressing his displeasure over US’ denial of permission to Maulana Sadiq and sending him back to India, the chairman Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadwi exchanged views with Maulana Sadiq and decided to raise the question in the forthcoming meeting of the Board’s executive committee. The issue is also likely to be raised in the general body meeting of the Board. The Board has strongly criticised the step of the US.

Fascist forces danger for the country 
New Delhi: Former Union minister C.K. Jafar Shareef said here that fascist forces like RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal are great dangers for the security and integrity of the country. These communal organisations want to trap Dalit and other backward classes and communities in their net and keep them busy in Hindutva and mandir movement and forget about other important issues. He said that BJP functions on the instructions and wishes of RSS and it has no programme for the economic progress and social welfare of the country. 

He said that today democracy is an accepted form of government in almost all countries of the world. International financial institutions are providing all kinds of economic and financial assistance, loans and grants to third world countries for strengthening democracy and economy in countries but the working style of India’s fascist parties and organisations is strange. These forces are trying to hollow the democratic set-up of the country and poison the country’s atmosphere for religious and other minorities. He said that BJP leaders claim that RSS has prevailed upon them to revive the religious issues like Hindutva and Ram Janmabhoomi. They are prepared to go to great lengths to enforce their ideologies and agenda even if the security and integrity of the country is endangered in the fulfilment of their plans. 

Qur’an a great miracle of Islam 
Deoband: Maulana Mujibullah Gondavi, a teacher of exegesis and jurisprudence at Darul Uloom, Deoband said here that Qur’an is Allah’s final and eternal Book whose every single letter, word, coma, fullstop, vowel etc are exactly in the same and original position today as they existed 1500 years ago when it was revealed so much so that even its tones and accents are preserved in the same style even today. He said these words while addressing a gathering of girl students, teachers and other ladies in a school at Deoband.

He said that Qur’an is a living miracle of Islam, a book of commands and instructions and the holy words of Prophet (SAW) provide its explanations and extensions. He said that Islam is not only a collection of prayers and verses but it also teaches about moral values. Delivering a lengthy speech on the last Hadith of Bokhari Shareef, he explained the compatibility of the first and last Hadith of Bokhari and why this Hadith has been mentioned at the concluding parts of the Qur’an. Addressing the ladies in this gathering he exhorted them to provide religious teaching and instruction to their daughters so that they themselves be a true and sincere housewife and also provide religious education and training to their children.
At the end of his speech he prayed from the core of his heart. Many teachers of the school were also present on this occasion. 

Minorities Commission victim of govt neglect 
Jaipur: Rajasthan Minorities Commission was formed more than four years ago by the former Congress government of the state under Rajasthan Minorities Commission Act 2001. The commission now enjoys legal status but is a victim of utter neglect and bias of the government. During its life of four years not a single project for the benefit of minorities based on their survey has been executed or even planned. The commission’s reports are gathering dust in almirahs.

The commission is headed by Hafiz Mohammad Khan and has four other members also who represent Sikh, Christian, Buddh and Parsee communities who jointly form 16-17 percent of total population of the state. In spite of this, no project based on their survey report has been taken up by the authorities. One of its members, Jasbeer Singh said that annual budget of the commission has never exceeded Rs 12 lakh since the time it was formed more than four years ago. He said that almost 90 percent of this budget is spent on the salaries and other expenses of its president, members and other staff and the remaining 10 percent, on other works of the commission. Obviously in view of this no developmental work can be undertaken.

Jasbeer Singh added that the present BJP government of the state does not want the commission to undertake any big project and work with a sense of responsibility. It is a bitter truth that as compared to other state commissions, Rajasthan Minorities Commission is being given the least amount.  

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