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Published in the 16-31 May 2005 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


The Milli Gazette Online

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Fear stalks Muslims
The RSS and Bajrang Dal activists are always in search of an opportunity to brow beat the minority communities. A RSS activist was killed in Karjalia village of Bhilwara district, Rajasthan recently. 

The RSS activists have threatened to kill Muslims. They have burnt down their properties in large numbers. The activists have the support of none other than Rajasthan’s Home Minister. Seeing the frenzy and state patronage to the activists many of the Muslim families have migrated to safer places from Karjalia, Kalidas, Udo ka Badia and Brahmino Ki Saredi villages. Some of the families who mustered courage to return to their villages are facing boycott by the activists. 

The person responsible for the death of the activist must be brought to justice. But terrifying and damaging the property of innocent Muslims is even more grave offense and the government must take corrective steps to ensure justice and security to the Muslims.
Khalid Hameed Khan, Balrampur, UP

Bhopal Declaration of AIMPLB
Those who oppose or ridicule the Bhopal Declaration of the Muslim Personal Law Board exhibit their lack of adequate and proper knowledge of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). Apropos of the triple talaq and polygamy, the Board or for that matter, no power on earth, has the jurisdiction to classify what is "permissible" (howsoever detestable and unpalatable it might be) as "non-permissible". Hence the Board had no other alternative but to rest content condemning those practices and leave it to the good sense of the community to discourage them. 
SM Pasha,TNMMK, Chennai 

Unite against anti-Islamic forces
Apropos of the comments of the made by S. Ghauri in his article ‘UK, US trying to branch our defence’ (MG, 1-15 March 5) and "Social Challenges" by MY Khan.

Is Ghar Ko Aag Lug Gai Ghar Ke Chirag Se is very much true in our case, we are tempted for minor gains and ignore the long run ill effects of the schemes of anti-Islamic forces. UK and USA plan with cool mind to arrest their foes. They have the most materialistic outlook and desire to capture the world market and resources of the world. They trap individuals and use them for their benefits. They invest through media, military, literature or culture, and earn through wars. Muslims have an easy approach for them and they were defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq because of their shortsightedness. Muslims are first trapped because of their greed and later on they and help them against their won people. 

The Muslims will have to amend themselves and avoid minor differences among themselves and shun greed and temptation for a greater cause.
The socio-economic and political situation all over the Muslim world need a drastic change. The ‘Have’ group in our society must care for the ‘have not group’. The capitalistic mentality which is anti-Islamic have to be replaced with moderate thinking of Islam.
S Shafiq Ahmad, Meerut

Women and Islam
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a great exponent of women’s rights and the benefactor of womanfolk. His following teachings bear testimony to it. "Serve your mother, for heaven lies under her feet". On being asked who deserved the services a person most, the Prophet said, "your mother". He repeated this thrice and then said "Your father". Ayesha, the learned wife of the Prophet once asked him who had the greatest right over a man? Prophet replied, "His mother".

About daughter the Prophet said that anyone who has a daughter and does not subject her to mean treatment and does not give preference to his son over his daughter, God will enter him heaven. The Prophet instructed not to hate girls saying they are comforting and very precious. About wives, the he taught Muslims to treat them kindly and fulfil their rights. He said, "the best among you are those who are the best to their wives". Hadith books containing teachings and sayings of the Prophet are full of such precious gems. 
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Dandi Yatra in Modi’s Gujarat.
Dandi Yatra is passing every day with new political stalwarts of Congress party on the historical way of DandiKuch and Gujarat is busy discussing and judging the issue of Modi’s visa denial by U.S. Anti U.S. protests and cry of ‘India’s Swabhiman’ succeeded to overshadow the Congress’s politicized Dandi Yatra show, as well as rebellious activities in the Gujarat BJP. Mr. Modi must thank to Uncle Sham for helping him in time of troubles and crisis.Congress is busy to show that Gandhiji is only the assets of theirs and BJP has no concern for the Dandi Yatra. They succeeded in their show as not a single leader of BJP or NDA joined the yatra nor Congress has invited any of them. What concerns the common man is when UPA government will come forward to give the justice to Gujarat 2002 affected. Whether Modi gets visa or not, Dandi Yatra succeeds or not they have no concern. Is UPA Govt waiting for another 2002?
Patel Ilyas,

A big question mark seems to be hovering over Sonia Congress’s instant and very robust criticism of the US administration, for its decision to refuse diplomatic visa to Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi and adding insult to injury, cancel the current US tourist/business visa on Modi’s Indian Passport. 

The reason cited by David Kennedy of the US Embassy in New Delhi to Indian Electronic Media was that the legal requirement that the consular staff had to strictly abide under which those directly holding responsible post couldn’t qualify if there is a case of gross human rights violation and serious breach of religious freedom against them. 

The public announcement of the reason for non-issue of visa, was taken up by many quarters as rubbing salt to the injury. Under the circumstance, Congress Party as well as Congress Prime Minister zeroed in to question the very ground on which such visa refusal and revocation can be sustained, maintaining that the Gujarat riots, being internal matter, the US government or its agencies had not right to intervene.

In this legalistic wrangling, the Congress Party as well as the Prime Minister did appear to be condoning the Gujarat riots and in effect giving Narendra Modi a blanket reprieve for the ghastly incidents that rocked the conscience of the whole world. 

The systematic and widespread orgy of massacre, rapes, live burning was all the more sinister as it was proudly owned and justified by an ideology-based political party, in as much as for over past 80 years, its votaries have publicly called for complete annihilation of Indian Muslims. 

There is a plethora of literature as well as public record of the words and deeds of Sangh Parivar that is freely available for the world to make an objective assessment of the basic philosophy of the RSS, Jan Sangh, Hindu Mahasabha, BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal. India being full signatory of international agreements on human rights and genocides cannot treat the matter as internal and therefore not available for international intervention. 

Observers are coming out for 3 reasons for instant support by Congress government and the party to Narendra Modi in this affair. 

One, Congress is under heavy pressure from BJP over its inapt and mismanaged handling of Jharkhand affair. 

Two, Congress needs BJP support to pass very controversial legislations, which are being scuttled by its communist coalition partners. 

Third, Congress is itself in the dock, not only for the 1984 genocidal attacks but even for a long list of communal riots throughout 57 years of Independent India’s current history. 

It could be that Congress is making a common cause with BJP, so that it too may not come into world spotlight for its sordid record of anti-minority pogroms. 

People should not ignore the new threat of sanctions issued by the US over India’s record on women trafficking. All such issues may come as a convenient tool for the US to blackmail India into bending to its onerous demands in practically every sphere of our political, social and economic life.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Change in attitude?
The recent issue that gripped the political circle was the visa issue of the CM of Gujarat. The lonely superpower, the United States of America, stood firm on its earlier stand of ‘no visa’ to Mr. Modi on the grounds of the charges leveled against him by the National Human Rights Commission on account of the 2002 pogrom even after the reconsider-requests from major political heads of the country, including the PM and the Leftist veteran Mr. Jyothi Basu, and editors of ‘once most critical’ English Dailies. A sudden spur of acceptance of Mr. Modi’s stand against the USA is very much confused at least a section of the civil society of the country, and a vast majority of NRIs living across the globe, especially in the West who supported the US decision.

The clear opinion perhaps came from the public in general, right from their hearts. The comments to various articles (related to the visa issue) came in major English news web sites are testimony to it. It runs in thousands. A majority of them are in favour of the US decision. However, this doesn’t articulate their support to the Bush government and its policies. Neither did it ignore the Bush administrations hawkish stand on ‘resources rich’ third world countries. The leadership as well as the people of the country, perhaps, tried to equate the two ‘evils’, and elected to support the ‘local evil’. It is crystal clear from the vast ‘peace demonstrations’ all over the world that ‘world popularity’ of the US administration under Mr. George Bush is not very much improved since the US invasion of Iraq.

Amidst all such cries, the UK embassy issued the requisite visa to Mr. Modi to visit the UK though Mr. Modi decided not to travel on security grounds. Is it a real indication that the UK government support the Modi line of politics or economics? Why they took an opposite stand than the US? It is indeed the need of the hour to scrutinize at least in brief.

More than any other factors, commerciality and profitability of doing business stand out as a key factor in dealing with nations and their rulers and opposition. The world, and the US in particular, is very well understood the anti-BJP and anti-Hindutva stand of the present UPA government. Indeed the ultra-Hindutva brigade parade Mr. Modi in the frontline. The RSS foresee a PM in the making in Mr. Modi. The US foreign department under the new secretary Dr. Condoleesa Rice foresaw the repercussions that may arise in the event of allowing Mr. Modi to visit USA. The US certainly is keen to establish more concrete business relationship with the second largest consumer/industrial market (India). But indeed, the reaction from the Indian foreign minister and the PM himself was shocking to the US, as they never anticipated a U-turn in the approach of the secular UPA government toward Mr. Modi and his followers. The US think-tankers, including those 21 congressmen who wrote against Mr. Modi entering the US, miscalculated the mood of the Indian leaders. They thought an ‘India minus Mr. Modi’ will be lucrative for their business interests. Perhaps such reactionary attitude of Indian leaders compelled the UK embassy to take a decision in favour of Mr. Modi though he decided not to visit.

By taking a pro-Modi stand, the Congress party and the ‘extra secular’ Left parties entered into a political waterloo. Their stand is not warranted at all by the situation. If the inside story coming out from the AICC members are of any indication, both the PM and the FM are at the receiving end from other members. Why they should go to that extreme in support of Mr. Modi? The Gujarat politics may well turn out to be another big-miss for the Congress party. Perhaps Mr. Modi yet again come through the state elections and rule the state for a third term. By siding with Mr. Modi, in fact, the Congress national leadership weakened its political stand in the state.
It is yet another wrong advice (from the key advisors near to Mrs. S. Ghandi, if that is the case) leading to political set back to the Congress, after the miscalculations in Jharkhand. The recent elections once again proved that the majority of the voters are against the ultra-Hindutva position of anti-minority stand. Yet the weak congress leadership does not formulate its political stand on secularism clearly.

The rhetoric from ultra-Hindutvadis that minorities were massacred and suffered extremely due to high excess from the majority community under the 
past secular governments doesn’t justify the kind of barbarism orchestrated under the rule of Mr. Modi in 2002 against the minorities (read Muslims and Christians). Definitely commitment of one or many evils is not a justification to commit yet another type of evil of any degree. No religious text, no prophetic message, no jurisdiction treat it as a justification to commit complex and complicit evils to mankind, be it Muslim minority, Hindu minority, Sikh minority or any other sect or religious minority. Clearly, massacre of Sikhs under the Congress rule, or sufferings of Hindus in areas where they are a minority doesn’t give any moral right for Mr. Modi or the BJP government to instigate a violent mob to commit the pogrom witnessed in 2002 in Gujarat. One of the best parliamentarian award winner, Mr. L.K.Advani, the BJP national president and the opposition leader himself had termed it as an ‘aberration’ in the history of independent India. It is not just an aberration but an evil of third degree, sort of which must be routed out from the society for ever.

The UPA government indeed sent a wrong signal to its secular vote bank and other supporters by publicly pleading for Mr. Modi. Again they miscalculated that if they took their traditional stand of anti-Modi line, Mr. Modi and the BJP would muster more popularity by virtue of anti-USA feelings and by virtue of national sentiments. If the poor public gathering at Gandhinagar for the ‘Swabhiman Rally’ was any indication, the UPA leaders must realize the public mood of co-existence among the pluralistic societies of India.

Today, Mr. Modi is not only alienated from his own party MLAs and workers, but from the thinking Gujarati public as well. But he is not that easy man that he will leave his chair and allow others to occupy. He will go for any extra mile to whip-up the sentiments of the people and to win another democratic election to proclaim the constitutional validity of occupying the seat of the CM. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Modi and his followers were able to constitute a strong Hindutva constituency in the country as well as abroad by contemplating the fascist agenda of repeated propaganda of false minority bashings and large-scale deception of truth.

The custodians of Indian secularism, pluralism, co-existence, equality of rights and religious personal freedom should not hesitate to voice against the elements which are opposing these fundamentals of Indian vision of pluralism. The UPA leaders, including the PM and FM, have indeed have a constitutional responsibility to act against such forces if their political ideology is genuine and indeed secular, and they care for all peace-loving citizens. They must not be hesitant and weak in taking decisions against them. The questions still remain the same after three years of Gujarat pogrom that who is responsible for it, which judiciary will inflict punishment to the culprits, who will redress the victims, what is the stand of the UPA government, etc. Is it not a shame to a country that day light mass looters, murderers, rapists and child killers are cherishing the fruits of power, and that also provided by the ‘secular constitution’? The leaders like Mr. Jyothi Basu and Mr. Manmohan Singh must think about it, if their political life has any meaning to the nation, and to the moral uplifting of a generation they are addressing to.

The editors and other journalists of major news papers of the country should also have a similar responsibility in shaping up the next generation emphasizing the moral, ethical and social values for which the nation is proud of. Private ownership and commercialism must not divert their social role. Political affiliation is not a sin, but siding with evil is.
Yusuf muhammed" <

It is really bad that an Indian citizen has been refused visa by the US. But why are we crying foul over their actions. There was no reason for the PMO or the MoEA to intervene. Modi was going to the USA to attend a function organised by some hotelwalas. Since when has this become a diplomatic visit? Was Modi being sent by the Government of India to represent it on this occasion or was he just representing himself (additionally being the Chief Minister of Gujarat)? These issues are not Indian in nature in the broader sense for, will the PMO intervene for every "elected representative" when he/ she is denied a visa by the USA, or for that matter any other country. 

There are so many people being denied visas just for their belonging to a particular community and there are no evidences of their involvement in any crime — but only on the grounds of suspicion. How come these things go unnoticed and Modi gets front-page coverage.

This apart, what do the people of a sovereign nation do when their security system is overlooked and the visiting dignitary brings in his own security and debugs the entire area and restricts the movement of the local security personnel in the area. If our memory is blurring, let me remind the readers that during the visit of Mr. Bill Clinton the entire area was cordoned-off and Delhi police were not allowed in and around the area. It was as if that part of India belonged to the Americans for that period. Where was our 

"Rashtriya Samman" (National Pride).
What right do we have to question the investigative capabilities of the US intelligence when a complete nation (Iraq) was being destroyed and the world 
(including India) were just not having the courage to utter a single defiant word against this barbaric aggression. So we have no right to question the visa denial for Mr. Narendra Modi for the simple reason that we can trust the sources of the American Intelligence. They would certainly have found something which has so far not been revealed to our judges for they would never deny justice if things were put in front of them in the right perspective and with the right CrPC number attached.
All in all, we have only two options — like in Mahabharat — you be friends with USA (and keep your mouth shut, and forget about National Pride) or pursue the case with the American Government and help Pakistan get some more sophisticated material (read weapons) and threaten us in to submission. It for us to decide.
Abdul SalamVashi.
syed abdul salam" <

Islam religion of peace or terror? 
Islam means "Peace". Islam is a of way of life by which an individual may lead his life peacefully and systematically which ultimately leads to purity of heart. 

Islam does not teach its followers to involve in terrorist activities. The followers of Islam are blamed as fundamentalists and terrorists. Karen Armstrong is a well-known writer and she has written more than thirty books. She wrote an article in Times weekly in October, 2001, "Muhammad (pbuh) survived several assassination attempts and the early Muslim community narrowly escaped extermination by the people of Mecca. The prophet had to fight a deadly war in order to survive but as soon as he felt his people were safe, he devoted his attention to build up a coalition of tribes and achieved victory by a ingenious and inspiring campaign of nonviolence. When he died in 632, he had almost single-handedly brought peace to war-torn Arab." Thus Islam never initiates terror but only initiates peace and terminates terror. 

The concept of jihad is very clear in Islam, the literal meaning of jihad is "struggle". But in Islam jihad means struggle against those who come in your way. For example, one is going straight forward to the front door of his house and when he sees a stranger standing in front of the door and his hands stretched to resist entry to the house, then he has full right to remove him from that place because it his house, his own property. 
Mohammad Naveed Musba, Bhatkal, Karnataka 

Puzzling Kashmir problem
May you kindly enlighten your readers over Kashmir dispute, between two nuclear powers, which is quite puzzling in view of the following:-

(1)- Indians are not bothered about plebiscite resolution of UN because (A)- UN itself is not interested in it (B)- Otherwise also India is not legally bound to honor it as Parliament of India passed an unanimous resolution (after said UN resolution) that entire Jammu & Kashmir including POK / ‘Azad Kashmir’ is an integral part of India and (C)- Any executive of Indian State (Minister or Bureaucrat) who talks or acts implicitly or explicitly about plebiscite will make himself liable to be prosecuted under section 124 of Indian Penal Code for sedition.

(2)- Taking POK / ‘Azad Kashmir’ under possession by Pakistan during the heat and turmoil of partition is an altogether different matter. But Pakistan fully knows that now it can not snatch the remaining part of J&K (comprising Muslim majority Kashmir valley and Muslim minority Jammu & Laddakh regions) or even Kashmir valley for that matter by force from India.

(3)- The behavior of Govt of India during last 57 years and the unguarded comments of the leaders of prominent & ruling Indian political parties (including Congress &BJP) clearly prove that Hindu majority India is not interested in retrieving Muslim majority POK / ‘Azad Kashmir’.

(4)- Evidently India is not interested and Pakistan is not capable of keeping the entire territory of J&K, as was bequeathed to India by its ex-ruler under the provisions of the Indian Independence Act, intact. Thus giving a powerful impetus to the rigorous demands of the protagonists of composite Kashmiriyat on both the side of LoC.

(5)- Hindu majority India never allowed the only Muslim majority State of J&K to remain in political peace. India debilitated J&K by enacting Article 370 of the Constitution of India in order to deprive the people of J&K of the vitalizing benefits of main stream politics of India. Although the un-perspicacious people of J&K could not fathom the real culprit (Art 370) of their myriad problems but its baneful impact resulted in deep resentment amongst the people of J&K and to keep it under control India dishonestly resorted to rigging of elections in J&K in eighties which facilitated the culmination in terrorism in Kashmir valley as we know it today.

(6)- With the onset of terrorism Hindu majority India took most of the Hindus (Kashmiri Pundits) out of the Kashmir valley thus leaving mainly Muslims to face the bullets of both, the armed forces of India and the terrorists. India is still giving economical assistance to displaced Kashmiri Pundits so that they do not go back to Kashmir valley so that India can exploit this issue communally at national & international forums.

(7)- Thus abandoned by the States of both India and Pakistan the sensitive Muslims of Kashmir valley which as per media report witnessed the killings of approx. 1,00,000 people, had no other choice than to seek the help of their religion Islam from Pakistan because Muslim religious leaders of India are unnecessarily demoralized in Hindu majority India as is evident from their pusillanimous behavior in Ayodhya dispute also which has already claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Muslims including in the 2002 Gujarat pogrom.

(8)- Leaving aside 9/11 etc. Hindu majority India otherwise also knows it pretty well that Islam is quite capable of keeping the suicide squads in Kashmir valley active if it sees ‘reasons’ to do so.

(9)- In the back drop of economical pressures of Indo - Iran gas pipe line through rent seeking Pakistan (a taken for granted ally of USA who is now a days looking out for the blood of Iran) and some other expected Indo – Pak very minor trade flows, although Pakistan acquiesced to consider Kashmir problem as a nuisance and decided to put it on back burner while seeking to promote the so called people to people contact between Indians & Pakistanis but how far General Pervez Musharraf will succeed in selling his theory to the various dominant constituencies of Pakistan is any body’s guess.

(10)- In a nut shell whether people like it or not the ghost of partition of India is still not dead.

Hence in view of the above kindly enlighten us whether the recent bonhomie between inconsequential and apolitical Indians and Pakistanis, which is mainly the result of the complete U – Turn of Pakistan, will survive the test of time especially if fundamental political problem of the State of J&K are not addressed in earnest and with alacrity in a fast emerging secular globalized intolerant world.
Hem Raj Jain, Bangalore -560078

Media restraint
It refers to Apex-Court order in Shanker Guha Niyogi case wherein the bench-judges have advised restrain by media on court-orders. Regrettably judges of Supreme Court who are too much conscious about dignity of judiciary, maintain unfortunate silence on misconduct and corruption in our totally unaccountable judiciary of higher courts as confessed by many legal luminaries including even the then Chief Justice of India SP Bharucha. Biased and dictatorial court-orders create dumb judicial victims for whom even National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) expresses its poor helplessness. After all judges are also from same society which has both honest and dishonest persons. 

A High Court judge forgot while hearing the case of a plaintiff for several hearings that he was so well known to the plaintiff that the plaintiff performed marriage of his grand-daughter from judge’s official residence! What more the same judge violated conduct-code again by ordering as bench-member in the same case. Another judge in the same case postponed first 66 cases to another dates on the previous evening to make plaintiff’s case as number one in his hurry to give a biased order in favour of the plaintiff who is well-known to many judges of Delhi High Court and Supreme Court. The influential plaintiff uses all facilities of High Court including its guest house and best of medical facilities too frequently. Present CJI did not respond to complaint and the reminder made in this regard.


National Judicial Commission (NJC) should be constituted where for ensuring impartiality and saving judicial independence, President, Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader should be represented by retired judges of the Supreme Court as their nominees to have refined say of legislature in appointment of judges of higher Courts. Central Vigilance Commissioner should be ex-officio member of the high- powered Commission to be chaired by Chief Justice of India. System will remove all doubts of legislature affecting judicial independence. Apart from clearing all judicial appointments/ transfers of status of judges of High Courts and above, the Commission should have a well-publicized mechanism to entertain complaints against Judges of higher Courts with power to probe and punish guilty-found judges. Only remedy presently available to impeach judges of higher Courts by the Lok Sabha is not only cumbersome but also totally ineffective and unpractical. 

It refers to an all-party meet to discuss lottery-ban in the country. Making suicide a criminal offence only as state’s commitment against the aspect cannot practically totally check the menace. Likewise, it should be government’s duty to take all possible measures to stop gambling including lottery because lottery has ruined many households with persons losing in lottery committing suicides. If on-line gambling cannot be practically stopped, it does not mean that other feasible measures to ban lottery may also be avoided. It is ridiculous that the menace of lottery in any part of the country may be allowed to give revenue for exchequers or employment in lottery-sector! 

Congress says that Laloo Prasad Yadav’s resignation on being framed in fodder-scam by CBI is not necessary because Lal Krishna Advani did not do so after Ayodhya case. But Congress fails to follow the ideal set by former Deputy Prime Minister when he resigned from all posts in politics including from membership of Lok Sabha and Presidentship of BJP pledging no-return to politics till his name was cleared from hawala case. Distinction between political cases and other criminal cases is necessary. Union Railway Minister must be forced to resign like other political rulers facing corruption charges including those from Congress and other UPA allies. BJP and other NDA allies should feel themselves duty-bound to take any move to ensure that this political villain who has made mockery of democracy in India, must be removed from political scenario of the country at least now even if Parliament may have to be stalled on the issue in larger national interest.

Entry of cameras in Parliament should also make Doordarshan programmes ‘Sansad Samachaar’ and ‘Parliament News’ livelier by including video-clippings from day’s proceedings in the Parliament in these programmes.

It refers to Sunday’s gang-rape of student in the capital at odd hours after late mid-night. Even though administration owes responsibility for safe movement of citizens, yet ladies especially have also responsibility to take care of themselves by avoiding going on roads without male-protection in such odd hours. After all females are nature’s creation to be weak and sensitive bodily, always open to males’ wild sex-craze. Therefore instead of blaming government only, ladies must also be practical in their approach to avoid sexual attacks on themselves.

However government should enhance death as punishment for rapists to practically develop a fear-psychology against the horrible crime. Lawyers taking up case of rapists should be socially boycotted, and media-publicity of such lawyers must be stopped by banning photos or names of such layers in press and TV. Many lawyers take up cases of media-highlighted rapists only to brighten their profession through free media-publicity. 

Admission and examination form the backbone of our education system. Selective admission on the basis of tests should be in keeping with teacher/taught ratio but such is not the practice. Various socio-political forces play their role in shooting up the number of admissions much beyond the reasonable limit. The resultant chaos in the campus is seen to be believed. Peace and tranquility on the campus is a prerequisite to the learning process but the hordes of students, as well as those permanent visitors (read "students leaders") engaged in all kinds of non academic activities, vitiate the environment. It will require an exceptionally strong will on part of administration to strictly adhere to seat limits in admission. A general awareness of the importance of selective higher education would be of immense help.

While on the issue of discipline among students one is tempted to point out the unsavory role played by political parties. The spending incurred by the students in their union election cannot be accounted to their pocket expenses. The lavish expenditure on campaigning and the brutal way in which walls and hoarding of the town are painted red can only be indicative of the exploitative potential of youth power. Will it be possible for political parties to resist the temptation of keeping away from the formidable youth force so helpful in their self-aggrandizement? The question needs to be addressed squarely to our policy makers.

Present system of evaluation of student's knowledge is inadequate. At best it only tests the reproducing capability and therefore needs revamping. Higher education presumes greater student-faculty interaction without the constraints of a strict time schedule where interest is shown only in somehow covering the syllabus. Faculty is not for providing ready-made solutions but students should be guided, coaxed or gently shown the way of finding solution to the problem. It is developing this 'problem solving ability' in students, which is of utmost importance. In order to develop a probing mind inclined more towards creativity instead of reproducibility, greater faculty time will be required. It will not be enough to deliver a monotonous 45-50 minutes lecture to an overcrowded class but a more personalized system of instruction (PSI) will have to be implemented.

A change to PSI will implicitly require not only excellence in faculty but will also presume their wholehearted devotion to the cause of education. This brings us to the sad plight of the members of teaching profession vis-a-vis their status in present society. This income tax paying group (teachers) find themselves hard put to meet both ends. The situation is worsening with spiraling cost of essential commodities. Society used to pay great respect to the teachers which, of course, was a great solace but that too has gone in a society fast traversing the path of material expansionism. Present scenario has proved the buying potential of the business world for excellent material. No doubt, except for a dedicated few all are being controlled by the pull and pushes of the market and education as a profession finds itself relegated to a remote corner.

Citadels of education are infused with mediocrity and this in order to overcome their shortcomings indulge in petty politics. Therefore, all types of important positions having bearing on the standard of education is usurped by these mediocre. Excellence suffers in silence while being sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity. Individual efforts for improvement of educational standard by way of modified curriculum proves just a cry in wilderness. Noticing sweeping changes in a fast developing world, where a concept of integrated knowledge is taking place, gives rise to frustration and despair.

Education should have been given top priority in our planning but instead even the recommended budget allocation has never been realised. An all round effort is required for standardising higher education.
Dr. Salman Sultan
Shibli National College

Appointing Neera Yadav as Chief Secretary in UP proves that corrupt political rulers do need similar bureaucrats to mint corrupt money out of our over-polluted administrative system! UP Chief Minister Mulayamsingh Yadav has been bold enough now to appoint second-most corrupt IAS officer chosen some years ago by association of IAS officers in UP on top-most bureaucratic post of the state, just few days after the corrupt-most IAS officer Akhand pratap Singh faced CBI raids. Incidentally he was also Chief Secretary in regime of Mulayamsingh Yadav. It is not SP alone that best utilises fleet of corrupt officers to run administration. A TV news-channel has exposed yet similar officer CS Khairwal posted as Chief Secretary of Pondicherry with Union Home Ministry ignoring all objections of investigating and intelligence agencies! 

Our heads are down in shame when Transparency International has further lowered India’s rank to 90th position in honesty- ranking with corruption-perception-index (CPI) just 2.8 out to total 10. Only consoling aspect is that still we are less corrupt than our sibling neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh! Our political rulers and bureaucrats are fond of enjoying luxurious ‘study-tours’ on public-expense in so-termed national or public interest. Why not a high-level delegation is sent to world’s honest-most nation Finland with glorious CPI of 9.7? At least Indian virus can definitely lower CPI of honest countries to induce socialism in global corruption if India cannot improve its honesty-ranking!

Settlement Act of J&K, again in Supreme Court
This refers to extensive media coverage of Settlement Act 1982 of J&K State in the backdrop of a claim [pressed by Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) resident Fareeda Ghani who came to India on April 7 in Shrinagar- Muzaffarabad bus] in order to take back the properties of her parents declared as evacuees properties under the J&K State Evacuees (Administration & properties) Act.

It has also led to a petition in Supreme court by MLA of Panthers Party Bhim Singh which will be heard on Monday May,2. Here petitioner has allegedly prayed for the stay of Settlement Act on the basis of feared deluge of such claims in near future and which will allegedly endanger communal harmony and peace in J&K and also deprive of the enjoyment of these properties to those residents of J&K who have already been allotted these evacuees properties (agricultural & residential and commercial buildings). 

If media reports are any guide then the people of J&K (especially of Kashmir valley) are once again committing the blunder of unnecessarily getting bogged down in in political bickering & calculations instead of securing their constitutional rights straight away from Supreme Court of India.

The well meaning people of J&K who have constitutionally ordained interest of composite Kashmir in their mind should immediately move Supreme Court on or before Monday May, 2 with an application for becoming an interested party under order 1, Rule 8 (A) of The Code of Civil Procedures (C.P.C.) and there by pleading as follows:-

(1)- The people of J&K and their civilian Govt of J&K is constrained to take initiative for the unification of PAK with rest of J&K because Govt of India with martial element does not discharge its constitutional responsibility of retrieving Indian territory of PAK, as per Article 1 (3) (a) of the Indian Constitution, from the clutches of Pakistan.

(2)- Govt of economically humble India is spending huge exchequer’s money on armed forces ( military, air force and navy) but what to talk of retrieving Indian territory from bigger and powerful China, India does not retrieve its PAK territory even from smaller and weaker Pakistan . On the contrary while derelicting its responsibility vis-a vis external aggression the military of India is trying to prove its ‘bravery’ by killing tens of thousands of civilians in Kashmir valley which is striving for the unification of PAK with rest of J&K.

(3)- Petitioner’s (Bhim Singh’s) both the anxieties are misplaced and legally objectionable because (i)- He communally believes against the provisions of secular constitution of India that return of Muslim majority from PAK to J&K will endanger the communal harmony and peace of J&K and India (ii)- Present enjoyers of evacuees properties need not worry as C.M. Mufti Md. Sayeed has already said at meet the press on April 29 at Kozhikode that the genuine claimants from PAK may be given compensation ( and not necessarily the actual property)and (iii)- In the interest of composite Kashmir the Govt of J&K has already declared not only similar benifts regarding. properties but even Govt jobs to Displaced Kashmiri Pundits (Hindus) who want to return to J&K 

(4)- Applicant should pray for (I)- Not granting stay on Settlement Act (II) Issue of appropriate writ / order / direction to Union of India to inform the court within a period of one month about the measures in general and the time frame within which India with the instrumentality of all the resources and power at its disposal and command, will retrieve PAK from the clutches of Pakistan so that the constitutionally ordained composite Kashmir & Kashmiriyat may be restored back.

Hem Raj Jain

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