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2001: Indian Muslim Statements
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Regarding the observance of the ninth anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid as ‘EQUALITY BEFORE LAW DAY’ and a ‘PEACEFUL PROTEST DHARNA’

Lucknow, 6 December,2001:
All India Muslim Forum today observed the ninth anniversary of the tragic incident of the demolition of Babri Masjid as " EQUALITY BEFORE LAW DAY" and also organized a ‘PEACEFUL PROTEST DHARNA’ outside Vidhan Sabha, Lucknow, in which hundreds of Party activists and other secular people participated. It was presided over by the U.P. President of Muslim Forum, Mr Salahuddin Khan, Advocate. On this occasion a memorandum was also given by the General Secretary of Muslim Forum, Professor M.K. Sherwani to His Excellency, the President of India, through His Excellency, the Governor of U.P., making a strong demand "to ensure that the law of the land must be uniformly applied to all, whether it be those who sabotaged the whole Constitutional, democratic and Judicial system of the country and created terror on 6th of December,1992 at Ayodhya or those who are otherwise treated as recognized terrorists; whether it be the alleged anti-national activities of the now-banned – SIMI or the fascist outfits like Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal which do not pay the least regard to the judiciary or law and spare no effort in terrorizing minorities, especially Muslims.; whether it be the fodder scam of Laloo Parshad Yadav or the culprits involved in the most heinous". The memorandum further said that "now when the persons who are accused either in the criminal proceedings emanating from the tragedy of December,6,1992 at Ayodhya or, are holding the reins of power in the country, can the government’s apparent determination to launch a relentless crusade against terrorism carry any weight." 

In his address Professor M.K. Sherwani demanded the resignation of Mr L.K. Advani, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti – all accused in the criminal proceedings associated with the demolition of Babri Masjid- and expeditious disposal of the case so that all the culprits may be brought to justice.

The Muslim Forum Vice-President Syed Afzal Ahmed categorically said that all those persons who are declaring the date of the construction of Ram Temple , in total violation of law must be declared terrorists and sent to jail.

Mr Salahuddin Khan, advocate, the U.P. President of Muslim Forum stressed the need for a national debate on terrorism so that those whose terrorism is sought to be camouflaged in the garb of patriotism might also be brought under the category of ‘terrorism’ as it is projected to be.

Prominent amongst others who spoke on this occasion included Muslim Forum Youth Wing President, Mr Saeed Arshad Azmi, State President Mr Mohd Naseem Khan, U.P. Secretary Mr Shabbar Rizvi, U.P. Joint Secretary Mr Aqeel Ahmed Siddiqi, Lucknow Distt. President, Dr Aftab Ahmed,Lucknow President, Mr Riyaz Ahmed Qureishi, and Muslim Forum Student Wing President Mr Imtiyaz Ahmed Warsi.

(Dr Aftab Ahmed)
C – 177,Sector,J, Aliganj , Lucknow – U.P.
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