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2002: Indian Muslim Statements
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Lucknow, May 1, 2002: The Muslims’ ‘orchestrated genocide’ in Gujarat, as the known Hindutwa Leader, Nanaji Deshmukh himself described, has now fully established the credentials of B.J.P. and its whole conglomeration of Hindutwa forces as Muslim community’s sworn enemies. These forces have not only emerged as the devils incarnate for Indian secularism but have also projected themselves as a well-knit organizational set -up that idolize Muslim carnage and finds the politics, smeared with Muslim blood, as the most idyllic sanctuary for their ideological and political prosperity. 

However, the consoling aspect that has come to the front as a strong bastion of our political system is , that if the two –month old continuing state-sponsored savagery against Muslims has strained all the definitions of beastly behaviour, the most vociferous resistance to and condemnation of fascist forces by the vast multitudes - say about 95 per cent - Hindus of the country have substantiated the majority community’s unflinching faith in the pluralist cultural heritage of this sacred land. These are the people who believe in the supremacy of humanism and have been making ruthless efforts for the preservation of secular democracy wherein people of different faiths be treated equally and have the right to live with full human dignity. 

As the ultimate victims are Muslims so in the existing circumstances they must feel themselves heavily burdened with an additional responsibility to identify their foes – both within and outside their community – and friends - so as to ostracize the former and develop congeniality with the latter. At this crucial juncture when fascism in the country is determined to make a most ghastly spectacle of its hideous anti-Muslim agenda, the passivity of the Muslim community towards their own persons, who for their mean political gains, are siding with the fascist forces, directly or indirectly, will serve as a serious blow to the dauntless endeavour of the vast Hindu secular majority who are violently confronting their own co-religionists for the sake of Muslims.
The Muslim community must understand this political parameter in unequivocal terms that if the B.J.P. and its Hindutwa brigade are representing the fascist dispensation based on Muslim-bashing , their allies - political or otherwise – can never be considered as the champions of secularism and friends of Muslims. The friends of devil can not be allowed to make angelic pretensions. The Muslim community must further be convinced that its most dangerous enemies are those Muslims , especially the elected representatives, who are either directly associated with B.J.P. or with any party which is sharing the power with it.

Viewed in this context, the continuation of Muslim M.L.A.s in the parties which have forged an alliance with B.J.P. for forming the government in U.P., is most reprehensible, especially at the time when the pogrom against Muslims in Gujrat is still not showing any signs of abatement and the naked display of fascism by Hindutwa forces is at its peak.. It now becomes a sacred religious obligation of the entire Muslim community to ex-communicate these Muslim M.L.A.s, treating them as its enemies and further not only to boycott them socially but also not to allow their entry into the mosques. Under the existing circumstances , it also becomes the sacred responsibility of the clergy class to issue fatwas( religious edicts) , declaring these Muslim M.L.A.s as an embodiment of anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim forces and so to proclaim their entry into the mosques or their participation in the congregations of namaz as religiously prohibited (Haram).

[Dr Aftab Ahmed]
President, Distt. Lucknow
C – 177,Sector,J, Aliganj , Lucknow – U.P.
Phone : 363062-362071, 329727 email:


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