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2002: Indian Muslim Statements
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The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Noting the unanimous censure by the Rajya Sabha of the State Government for the brutal carnage in Gujarat calling upon the Union Government to take effective action under Article 355 of the Constitution;

Noting of the sympathetic and vigorous stand taken by the National Human Rights Commission, on one hand, and the low key, hesitant steps taken by the National Commission for Minorities, regretably marked by persistent endeavour to establish parity between the forces behind the carnage and its victims;

Expresses its deep appreciation of the exposure of the barbaric carnage in all its dimensions by the mass media, particularly the electronic media, nationwide protest by all sections of the civil society and the valuable contribution by the NGO’s to the welfare of the victims;

Deplores the lack of progress in investigation of the crimes committed, the apprehension of the culprits and their prosecution and provision of adequate relief and rehabilitation of the victims;

Expresses its satisfaction at the steady improvement in the situation and restoration of normal life and 

Demands that

1. Ex-gratia payment for the loss of life to be next-of-kin be expedited

2. Compensation for damage to immovable property be generously upgraded and banks, directed to provide soft credit to the entrepreneurs whose industrial or commercial establishments have been damaged or destroyed and insurance companies directed to settle their insurance claims expeditiously.

3. Government land be allotted forthwith for building houses for the displaced who have no home to return to or who have not been allowed to return to their villages,

4. Homes for the Aged, the Orphans and the Widows be established to take care of those who have no one left to take care of them.

5. Major incidents be handed over to the CBI for investigation, Special Investigation Teams be set up, Special Prosecutors be appointed in all affected districts and Special Courts be established to deal with the criminal cases and above all, the culprits, named in the FIR, be arrested and charged,

6. Places of religious significance, damaged, destroyed or converted, be repaired or reconstructed immediately by the Government and restored to the Muslim community

7. Existing Commission of Inquiry which is a farce should be wound up and a proper Commission of Inquiry with a sitting Judge of the Supreme Court as the Chairperson with 2 sitting Judges of High Court from outside Gujarat as members be set up with comprehensive terms of reference;

Appreciates Final Report of the NHRC, endorse its recommendations and demands their immediate implementation by the authorities concerned; and

Also Calls upon the NCM to cease forthwith its ill-conceived project of organizing meeting between the Sangh Parivar and the Muslim community and suggests that instead it should mobilize eminent representatives of both communities to work together for restoring communal harmony.

Expresses deep appreciation of the faith and forbearance displayed by the Muslims of Gujarat in their hour of distress and of the solidarity of the Muslims and non-Muslims in other parts of the country with them.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Recalling its Resolution of 2 February, 2002 in which it expressed its deep apprehension about the possible impact of constant vilification of Islam and demonisation of the Muslim community and its institutions by the Sangh Parivar and unfortunately by the Prime Minister himself in his speech at Goa;

Taking note of the terrorization of the Muslim community of Gujarat through mass violence with genocidal dimension, in what was, by all accounts, the biggest and longest act of terrorism since Independence;

Demands that the VHP and its militant arm the Bajrang Dal which were reportedly involved in the Gujarat carnage be proclaimed as terrorist organizations and banned;

Calls upon the Central and State Governments to prohibit public display of Trishuls, swords and firearms; and

Demands also that strict action against individuals, organizations and media engaging in anti-Islamic propaganda and hate campaigns be taken by the State in accordance with the law of the land.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Recalling its Resolution of 2 February, 2002;

Noting the untiring effort of the Central Government to reduce the Babari Masjid Question to the status of a local problem and to engage the local Muslim community or some unrepresentative non-entities from the Muslim community for an out-of-court settlement;

Noting also that the Central Government is persistent in expressing doubts about its own capacity to implement the final judicial verdict which is its constitutional duty; 

Convinced that an out-of-court settlement is not possible unless the VHP gives up its stand for the Babari Masjid site;

Categorically rejects the offer of an alternative site for a Masjid, in and near Ayodhya; 

Calls upon the Government to discard the policy of appeasing and encouraging the VHP;

Demands that the Government ask the VHP to rein its unlawful campaign of defiance to the Constitution, participate in the judicial process and commit itself to accept the final judicial verdict, whatever it may be;

Calls upon the Government to reject the VHP’s demand for any part of the Acquired Area in Ayodhya before the final judicial determination of the title to the disputed area and the consequent finalisation of the Master Plan for the utilization of the Area in the light of the Supreme Court Judgement of 1994; and

Demands that the local and district authorities not to hinder normal repair and maintenance of all Masjids in Ayodhya by the community and undertake the fencing of all Qabristans, there, in accordance with the old municipal land records.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Reiterating its Resolution of 2 February, 2002;

Noting that PM Vajpayee’s recent visit and announcement of an economic package has made no impact on the situation;

Condemning the continued loss of innocent life in the State as recently in Kaluchak;

Convinced that special status with autonomy alone is the magic formula which may yet attract the imagination of the Kashmiri people and that a political initiative is the pre-requisite for containing violence and restoring normalcy;

Urges the Central and State Governments to take steps to restore normal life in Kashmir by reducing the overwhelming presence of the armed forces in the cities and towns, withdrawing the special laws in force and releasing the political detainees;

Proposes that the Central Government should announce a Political Package confirming the restoration of Special Status of the State and its Autonomy and take the initiative to open a dialogue on the basis of the package with all sections of the political opinion in the State; and

Suggests that a Committee of Eminent Indians be formed to monitor the electoral process to ensure free and fair election as promised by the Prime Minister.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat

Regretting the military confrontation between India and Pakistan and welcoming growing international pressure on both countries to abjure war and seek peace;

Considering that a war may lead to use of nuclear weapons and result in unimaginable human misery and physical destruction;

Convinced that another Indo-Pakistan war will not resolve the Kashmir question; 

Demands that Pakistan respect the LoC and stop infiltration of militants, which alone can lead to mutual disengagement; and

Calls upon both countries to take convergent steps to reduce tension, normalize bilateral relations and enter into a dialogue on all outstanding questions, including Kashmir, with a view to resolve them in the larger interest of the people of the Sub-continent.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Having come to the conclusion from a review of the election results that had the SP, the BSP and the Congress entered into an electoral understanding, the BJP would have been marginalized;

Considering that the coalition between BSP-BJP is unprincipled and motivated by quest of power at any cost;

Noting that some MLA’s of the BSP who had been endorsed by the Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat on the understanding that if elected they would not support the formation of the BJP Government, did not keep their pledge and despite public pressure have not resigned from the Assembly; and

Assures the people that the coalition will not endure and that it shall collapse under the weight of its own contradictions and appeals to them to throw the BJP and the BSP out of power at the first opportunity.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Noting that the secular order is facing a grave peril and that Hindu communalism is acquiring a fascist dimension;

Welcoming the growing polarization between the secular and the communal forces in the country;

Hoping that even those secular parties, which still form part of the NDA, shall draw the requisite conclusions from the growing extra-constitutional control of the RSS over the Central Government and the role of the Sangh Parivar on the Gujarat situation;

Expresses the hope that these parties shall eventually dissociate themselves from the NDA and work for the defence of the secular order; and

Requests all secular parties to rise above their partisan interests and form the National Secular Alliance, a solid phalanx, capable of giving a direct fight and crushing defeat in the coming general election to the forces of Hindutva which represent not only obscurantism and chauvinism but neo-Fascism.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Committed to the legitimate aspirations of the Muslim Indians to secure due representation in the legislatures, participation in governance and sharing of political power in order to secure socio-economic development;

Taking note of the rising articulation at the ground level that like other social groups, the Muslim Indians should also have a political party of their own which should be open to all communities and social groups and committed to Nationalism, Democracy, Secularism and Social Justice so that it unitedly can negotiate on equal terms with other secular parties and play its due role in the proposed Secular Alliance; and

Calls upon politically conscious sections of the Muslim intelligentsia to consider effective ways and means to stop division of Muslim votes among different secular parties to secure due representation of the community in the Central and State Legislatures and inter alia to engage in serious discussion on the option of building a Muslim-led secular party.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Taking note of the introduction of Sanskrit as a compulsory Subject at the primary level from Class III in UP, which reduces the academic space for Urdu, which is the premier minority language of the State, and other minority languages;

Demands that not more than 2 languages be taught at the primary level, Urdu and Hindi in the case of Urdu-speaking children, and Hindi and any other MIL spoken in UP, in the case of Hindi-speaking children;

Also Demands that Urdu-medium government primary schools be opened in Muslim-concentration villages and Mahallas in accordance with national norms alongwith adequate number of Urdu medium high schools in all districts in accordance with the demand; and 

Calls upon the Urdu-speaking community in UP to press their legitimate demands peacefully through democratic means, with the help of the secular parties, and through organizations committed to the promotion of Urdu.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Welcoming the passage of the Haj Committee Bill, 2002 by the Parliament;

Expresses the hope that it shall soon be put into effect;

Calls upon the Government, however, to reconsider the location of the office of the Haj Committee in Mumbai and shift it to Delhi; and

Also Requests the Government to set up the Trust for the Haj House, Mumbai, as proposed when its foundation stone was laid, so that it is managed in the best interest of the Muslim community and is fully utilized outside the Haj season.


The Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat,

Condemns the repeated Israeli aggression against the Palestinian territory, particularly its barbaric massacre and destruction in Jenin, which has reduced the economic infrastructure in Palestine to rubble and crippled its economy;

Deplores the failure of the UN SG to implement the UN Security Council Resolution for investigation of Jenin Massacre by a UN Team.

Considers it ridiculous to compare sporadic terrorist attacks on civilian targets in Israel, deplorable as they are, with the armed aggression by the State of Israel in defiance of the UN Resolution and its barbaric acts against the Palestinian people which violate the norms of international humanitarian laws; and

Reiterates its full moral support to the Palestinian people in their struggle for the liberation of the Arab occupied territories from Israel and calls upon the UN Security Council to pressurize Israel to recognize the State of Palestine, vacate its territory and respect its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and also to guarantee the security of Palestine by places UN observers on its border within Israel.

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