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2002: Indian Muslim Statements
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Repair/Reconstruction of Religious Places by 

Government Not Unconstitutional 

Normal Practice of State Govts. in all Communal Disturbances

AIMMM Requests Govt. of India to Issue Directive to State Government to Implement NHRC’s Recommendations

New Delhi, 10 June, 2002
: Shri Syed Shahabuddin, President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM), has issued the following Statement:

"The AIMMM is pained to note that the Chief Minister of Gujarat has gone back on his public assurance to the Muslim community and his ‘in principle’ commitment to the National Human Rights Commission, to repair/reconstruct all places of religious significance like Masjids, Dargahs, Mazars etc. damaged/destroyed during the recent disturbances and to restore to the Muslim community those which have been unlawfully occupied and converted to temples. The number of such places is nearly 500.

The Chief Minister has taken an untenable plea that any expenditure on such repair/reconstruction is against the Constitution. The very fact that the National Human Rights Commission has made this recommendation in its preliminary report and again reiterated it in its second report speaks for itself because the Commission is headed by former Chief Justice of India including 2 other former Judges of the Supreme Court as well as a former Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha. The AIMMM hopes that the Chief Minister does not take their understanding of the Constitution to be erroneous.

The AIMMM informs the Chief Minister that ever since the Constitution came into force, various State Governments have been repairing/reconstructing places of worship etc. damaged/destroyed during communal disturbances in order to assuage the offence caused to the religious sentiments of the people. Only recently, Chief Minister Chautala of Haryana personally supervised the repair to two Masjids in his State damaged in the wake of the Gujarat disturbances.

Chief Minister Modi’s stand does not reveal his learning but his communal bias and his determination to keep the pot boiling in his state to serve his political interests.

The AIMMM requests the Central Government to issue a directive to the Government of Gujarat under Article 355 of the Constitution, as approved unanimously by the Rajya Sabha to repair/reconstruct the damaged/destroyed places of religious significance as well as to restore those under unlawful occupation to the Muslim community."

Sd/- Syed Shahabuddin
N-44, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110 025 Phone: 632 6780 Fax: 632 7346
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