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2004: Indian Muslim Statements
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Tamil Nadu Relief Committee
138, Perambur High Road, Chennai - 600012 (Tamil Nadu)
Tel. : 26621101; fax: +91-44-26620682; em: 

Jamaat-e-Islamic Hind: A comprehensive report and proposals on Human tragedy caused by tsunami waves

Chennai, 31 December, 2004
On 26th December 2004 morning the sun dawned as usual, but who knows that many thousand Indians on the Coramendal Coast had its last sight. Holiday moods prevailed. One marina Beach and ‘tens’ of cricket teams were playing with bats and wooden planks, what ever was available. Elders were on their routine of morning walk. Tourists, both Indian and foreign, managed to be there on the sea shore to witness the sunrise through blue waters. Fishermen were hurrying with their catch towards the shore to rush to the markets with dreams and ambitions. Suddenly nature struck the East Coast with TSUNAMI, an unforeseen phenomenon. The result: the devastation on unseen scale.

The furious tides rose to a height of 30 feet, swallowing human beings who ever came under its fold. More than 1000 petty businessmen, fishermen, cheerful children and many on merry Christmas holiday were the first targets. The second target of another Titanic tide were those who rushed to the Beach to witness the unseen event. Later reports started pouring in about the huge damage the tidal waves caused to life and properties, not only from different parts of Tamil nadu but also from south Asian countries as well. Till now more than 12, 000 people are reported dead in Tamil nadu and many more missing.

Leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind , Tamil nadu Zone made a reconnaissance survey in and around Chennai. Visited hospitals, met awe stuck patients and mortuary urgently needed food and medicine were supplied. In addition 3 Groups were organised and sent to different parts of the state. They started the relief activity immediately. Besides they conducted a detail survey of the affected areas, the report of which is tabulated hereunder. A fourth delegation from Kerala Zone reached Colachal and Kaniyakumari districts with a band of enthusastic and dedicated workers who engaged in relief and restoration work.


1st Group

2nd Group

3rd Group

Districts covered

Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram

Pondicherry, villupuram and Cuddalore.

Nagapattinam and Karaikal.

Length along the Coast

150 Kms

75 Kms

75 Kms

Length covered in survey

100 Kms

60 Kms

60 Kms

Approx number of Villages




No. of remote and neglected villages visited




Loss of life estimated




Extent of damage seen

All houses, Boats, Catamarans, nets

All houses, Boats, Catamarans, nets

Houses Partially destroyed remaining unfit for occupation,Boats, Catamarans, nets





Important features

  • Almost all children and many elders have been washed away in the affected villages.
  • Though government officials, Policemen are there on the ground but the numbers seems to be insufficient to reach remoter parts.
  • Dead bodies in thousands are still trapped under debris and shrubs.
  • Though NGOs are also active in relief activities but their efforts are concentrated in towns and big villages which have easier connectivity. Small villages and farther places demand our attention.
  • Food, clothing and medicines are flooding in. Relief works in real sense, restoration and rehabilitation are the areas need to be focused.



    Keeping in view of the magnitude of devastation and extreme shortage of relief agencies to reach the victims of "TSUNAMI", Tamil Nadu Relief Committee, an off shoot of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Tamil Nadu Zone has the following proposals:

    • Relief work:
    • Restoration Activity:
    • Rehabilitation projects.


    Gigantic tidal waves have hit badly the villages. There exists neither society nor family. Affected people are taking shelter in camps. To begin a new life from scratch, an emergency "RELIEF KIT" needs to be provided with the following items.

    Mat, Bed sheet, Lungi, Saree, Towel, Stove, Utensils, Grocery, Soap, Paste, Brush, Comb, Hair oil.

    Affected villages in adopted Districts: 215

    Number of Kits proposed : 3000

    Cost of each kit : Rs. 2, 000

    Total Cost of Relief work : Rs. 60, 00, 000

    Duration : 3rd day to 2nd week


    After completing the 1st phase, the proposed second phase is Restoration of Normalcy in few most remote but selected villages. This activity includes the following:

    cleaning the houses, minor repair works, paving Macadam roads, Cleaning debris & shrubs, restoring the mosques, providing Quran, arrangement for salath, ,few bore wells, etc.,

    Number of villages to be adopted : 20

    Cost of restoration/ village : Rs. 2, 00, 000

    Total cost of restoration : Rs. 40, 00, 000

    Duration : from 3rd week to 7th week.


    As has been reported above, many villages have been washed away. Loss of properties, loss of business capital, loss of assets like Mechanized boats costing Rs. 12 lakhs each would be an Himalayan task to compensate. Least that could be taken up is to provide shelter by building low cost row houses. Secondly many business men completely shattered by wrath of the ocean could be given a moral boost by providing a token amount of Rs. 50,000 /= so that they could re-invent themselves as businessmen.

    Thirdly a few fishermen who have lost their boats could be rehabilitated by at least providing them with "Catamaran" costing Rs. 10,000/= each.

    On a selective basis the cost of Rehabilitation would be as follows

    Cost of construction of low cost housing having a built up area of 400 sqft @ Rs.300
    100 houses x 400 sqft x Rs..300 Rs. 1,20, 00, 000/-

    Establishing businessmen
    100 nos. x 50,000 = Rs. 50, 00, 000/-

    Providing Catamaran & nets to fisher men
    10 villages x 100 persons x Rs. 10, 000 =   Rs. 1,00,00, 000/-

    Total cost of Rehabilitation Project Rs. 2,70,00, 000/-

    The Tamil Nadu Relief Committee earnestly appeals to the individuals and institutions to liberally come forward and extend an helping hand in this hour of crisis.

    May Allah reward you immensely in this world and in the Hereafter.

    Crossed Drafts and Cheques be drawn in the name of

    ACCOUNT No. 12204,
    Canara Bank, Perambur Branch,

    The Cheques/Drafts should be sent to :

    138 Perambur High Road,
    Chennai 600 012.
    Phone: 044-2662 1101 Fax: 044-2662 0682

Sd/- H. Abdur Raqeeb, Chairman
Tamil Nadu Relief Committee
Patron: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (Tamil Nadu Zone)
Address : 138, Perambur High Road, Chennai - 600012 (Tamil Nadu)
Phone no. :+91 44 26621101; fax : +91 44 26620682; e-mail :




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