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Jamaat condemns prisoner abuse in Iraq

New Delhi, 8 May, 2004: Mohammad Jafar, Secretary-General of the Jamaat-e-lslami Hind has strongly condemned the shameful incidents of torture, humiliation and human rights violations at the Abu Gharaib prison in Iraq.

He expressed his deep anguish over mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. He reminded that the America has been continuously indulging in human rights abuse at Guantanamo also.

He demanded that effective action should be taken by United Nations against this inhuman behaviour and appealed to the world community to use their collective will to put an end to continuing U.S. tyranny and oppression in Iraq.

He reminded that the conduct of American forces shows the hollowness of U.S. claims of being the champions of liberty and human rights. These highly sadistic, cruel and inhuman incidents of abuse have shaken the conscience of civil society. He demanded that proper action under Geneva Convention should be taken against these war crimes and an international tribunal should be set up to punish the guilty. American Defence Secretary Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, should be dismissed by Mr. Bush, he said.

(Ejaz Ahmed Aslam)   
Assistant Secretary-General
D-317, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110 025 Phone: 26848341; 26311401 Fax: 26820975
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