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2005: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Muslim Islamic NewsDraft Resolutions of Markazi Majlis-e-Amla

Markazi Majlis-e-Amla, 10 December, 2005

Bihar Assembly Election
The MMA has noted the result of Bihar Assembly election and sees it as the expression of people’s desire for change and not as a defeat for secularism or victory for communalism. It expresses the hope that under its new Government, Bihar will maintain its traditions of communal harmony and also make economic progress, restore sense of security among the people, revive state institutions and reduce corruption.

The MMA also hopes that the new Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who personally maintained a remarkably secular mien in the election campaign, shall resist all pressure from his political partners to grab maximum power to the distress of religious and linguistic minorities, and that in the true spirit of Social Justice all sections of the people, including the Muslims, shall receive their due share in the fruits of development and of all welfare programmes, particularly those related to education and health.

Jammu and Kashmir: Final Settlement of Dispute
The MMA has noted widespread and growing confusion in the State of Jammu and Kashmir about its future. The people are lost between various proposals made by the PDP, the J&KNC, the Hurriyat and by no less a person than the President Musharraf of Pakistan, and vary from internal autonomy under India and Pakistan to joint control of the two countries, from reorganization of the State into ethnic-cultural units with direct relations with the Central Governments to complete independence for a reunited state. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has ruled out any partition of redrawing of borders. However, the Central Government has not begun any collective negotiations with the state political parties on the standing proposal for Autonomy which was endorsed by the Legislative Assembly.

The MMA appreciates the softening of the line of actual control to facilitate cross-movement of people and delivery of relief material for the victims of the earthquake but it also knows that softening of borders does not mean melting and good relations are not predicated upon territorial concessions.

However, the MMA reiterates its considered view that a final settlement of the Kashmir problem is in the long-term and common interest of the people of the Sub-continent which will enable them to devote all their resources and energy to the tasks of rapid development and crystallization of the South-Asian personality.

Communal Violence Bill
The MMA on a preliminary examination of the draft Bill tabled in Parliament has found the Bill inadequate to deal with situation of mass violence and specially with state and administrative complicity, silent on effective measures to defuse communal tensions before they burst into violence, or to control the activities of communal organizations which preach hatred and enmity and incite and organise mass violence on any excuse. The Bill also seems to be deficient in prescribing a uniform scale of compensation for loss of life, limb, property and honour for the whole country. It also lacks any provision for rehabilitation and resettlement of the displaced persons. Above all, it does not lay down any concrete criteria for suo moto intervention of the Union Government or operation by its armed forces to control mass violence.

The MMA decides to form a 5-Member Committee headed by the President, authorizes him to nominate another 4 members and, in consultation with some eminent non-Members, formulate its views for submission to the Government and Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs.

Communal Situation in UP
The MMA expresses its deep concern at the worsening communal situation in UP, particularly at the cauldron simmering in eastern UP which recently overflowed into the human and economic tragedy in Mau.

It is a matter of regret that the State Government has not curbed the Hindu Yuva Vahini, floated by the BJP MP Adityanath which is preaching hatred and violence all over the region and vitiating the social environment.

The MMA demands that the Vahini be banned and all pubic speeches by its founder and other leaders be monitored, scrutinized and subjected to legal action.

The MMA also hopes that the State Government shall take urgent steps to identify and prosecute the culprits of Mau and to rehabilitate the hundreds of bunkar families ravaged in the riot.

Assam Situation
The MMA expresses its deep concern at the formation of Assam Sena by the AASU and other organizations in Assam, in order to terrorise Bengali-speaking voters and to harass all non-Assamese living in the State on the eve of the Assembly election .

The MMA is amazed at the AASU’s blatant denial of citizenship to the offspring of migrants accepted under the Assam Accord, born on the soil of the country, in violation of all internationally accepted norms.

The MMA appeals to the Muslim community of Assam, who shall be the prime target of any violent upsurge as in 1983, to stand united, consolidate their ranks, negotiate with all secular parties and serve as a catalyst for the formation of an Assam Secular Front in order to marginalize the forces of chauvinism raising their heads again in Assam.

The MMA also demands urgent action by the Government to fill the legal void created by the Supreme Court Judgement declaring the IMDT Act as unconstitutional, taking into account the statistical facts about low level of decennial increase of Assam population and limited external migration during 1991-2001, as collected by the Census of India.

Reservation for Muslims in Private Unaided Educational Institutions
The MMA welcomes the exclusion of Minority educational Institutions from the proposed introduction of reservation for SC, ST and OBC’s in the private unaided educational institutions envisaged by the Government.

However, the MMA has always been of the view that reservation should cover the Muslim community, as a community, because of all major minorities, it constitutes educationally the most backward, to the total extent of 6.5% in all aided and unaided educational institutions.

Progress of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
The MMA is concerned about reports from the grassroots level that very few government primary schools, have been established so far in Muslim concentration areas under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and calls upon the Union Government to send a special directive to the states to ensure coverage of hitherto deprived areas and monitor its implementation, block-wise.

Election to Students Union in Jamia Millia Islamia
The MMA welcomes the decision of the Jamia Millia Islamia to hold election to the Students Union after nearly a decade and expresses the hope that it will lead eventually to effective participation of the products of the Jamia in the public life of the country and, particularly, in the affairs of the Muslim community.

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