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2005: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Resolutions of the Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat

Meeting of the Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat, 8 October, 2005

Resolution on National Integration Council

The MMM welcomes the revival and reconstitution of the National Integration Council. But proposes that to make it more effective statutory status be granted to the Council and that its resolutions and statements and also of its Committees are followed up.

The MMM also suggests that in future the meetings of the Council should have a structured agenda to deal with specific problems which come in the way of national integration.

The MMM also suggest that all its statements, resolutions and decisions since its inception be compiled and published for reference.

Resolution on Assam Situation

The MMM has noted that there has been no improvement in the environment of fear and anxiety generated by the order of the Supreme Court on IMDT Act, 1983.

The MMM is also painfully aware that no statutory steps have so far been taken by the Central Government to place the detection and identification of illegal immigrants within the judicial orbit, thus keeping the doors open for the persecution and harassment of genuine citizens by hostile elements and under the Foreigners’ Act.

The MMM cautions the Central and State Governments that the Bengali-speaking Muslims hold them fully responsible for not defending the IMDT Act wholeheartedly and effectively in the Supreme Court and, therefore, they feel alienated and their alienation is bound to find expression in the coming Assembly election in Assam.

The MMM urges the Central and State Governments to take necessary steps to restore their confidence.

Resolution on Restoration of Autonomy and Minority Character of the AMU:

The MMM of the AIMMM expresses its regret at the Order of a One-Judge Bench of the Allahabad High Court quashing the Aligarh Muslim University (Amendment) Act, 1981 which had restored its minority character and thus enabled it to reserve 50% of its intake for the Muslim community on merit basis in May 2005 under the latest interpretation of Article 30 by the Supreme Court.

The MMM deems it unfortunate that a long settled issue has been reopened, merely to block the admission of a few more Muslim students of high merit, from distant States! The MMM presumes that the AMU and the Central Government shall appeal against the Order and have it reversed.

The MMM resolves to extend full support to all political and legal endeavour to place the minority status of the AMU on a stronger and unshakable foundation and calls upon all Muslim Jamaats to come together on a broad based platform for the restoration of the minority character and autonomy of the AMU.

The MMM requests the Central Government to remove the flaws and shortcomings pointed out by the Hon’ble High Corut immediately, by means of an Ordinance, to avoid protracted litigation or political exploitation of this unfortunate development by the vested interests.

Resolution on Developments in Kashmir

The MMM of the AIMMM welcomes the initiative by the Government of India for talks with the All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the visit of the APHC leaders to PoK and Pakistan, the holding of the first Conference of Kashmiri leaders from both parts in Srinagar as well as the continuous dialogue between the leaders of India and Pakistan and considers them as important steps on the search for a final settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

It urges all concerned to maintain steady progress on the path of reconciliation. It also urges the militants in the State to give up violence to help create or propitious environment for settlement.

The MMM is strongly of the view that a final settlement shall divert valuable resource from armed confrontation and release them for economic development of both countries and the welfare of their people.

The MMM also feels that a final settlement shall pave the way for the emergence of the South Asian Union to play its due role in world affairs.

Resolution on Admission Policy of Unaided Professional Colleges:

The MMM has taken note of the Judgement of the Supreme Court denying the government any quota in admission to unaided professional institutions.

The MMM is of the view that in case the Central Government, by legislation, wish to reintroduce government quota in unaided institutions, including the minority educational institutions, the legislation should also provide equitable quota for Muslims in all aided educational institutions, in order to raise the level of Muslim presence in professional institutions.

Resolution on Restoration of Students Union in JMI

The MMM of the AIMMM considers the delay in the restoration of the Students Union in the Jamia Millia Islamia as unfortunate and requests the Vice-Chancellor to finalize the Constitution and hold the election.

The MMM also recalls the continuing dissatisfaction of the Muslim community and the teachers and students of the Jamia Millia Islamia in particular, with the Act imposed on the Jamia which, while, converting it into a Central University, robbed it of its minority character. The MMM requests the Central Government to amend the Act in consultation with the University, for restoration of its minority character at the earliest.

Resolution on Proposed Amendments to the NCMEI Act, 2004:

The MMM welcomes the draft bill to amend the National Commission on Minority Educational Institutions to make it more effective in removing the obstacles in the path of exercise of their educational rights by the minorities under Article 30 of the Constitution.

The MMM expresses the hope that the Bill shall be passed at the coming Winter Session.

Resolution on Obiter Dicta of the Supreme Court in Jain Case:

The MMM deplores that the obiter dicta in the recent Judgement of the Supreme Court denying minority status to the Jains, promotes the ideology of Hindutva by placing Hinduism in a class by itself above all other religions of India and also encouraging the assimilation of religious minorities in the Hindu fold contrary to the principles of the Constitution and the UN Declaration on Minorities.

The MMM requests the Supreme Court to clarify the obiter dicta in order to remove the apprehensions raised in the mind of the religious minorities and also to direct the Central Government to recognize as religious minorities all religious groups which have figured in the Census since its inception, irrespective of their origin, their resemblance with Hinduism and the economic or political status of their followers.

Resolution on Division in the All India Momin Conference:

The MMM of the AIMMM notes with deep regret that the All India Momin Conference has split into two with the two factions presided over by Mr. Khalid Anwar Ansari and Mr. Furqan Ahmed Ansari, M.P. The MMM regards both of them as pillars of the community and considers the split as harmful to the interest of the Momin and the larger Muslim community.

The MMM appeals to both the factions immediately to establish a dialogue to remove mutual misunderstanding and reunite, to serve the cause which is dear to both of them.

Resolution on Workshop on SAARC Minorities:

The MMM welcomes the holding of the Workshop on the SAARC Minorities with the participation of representatives of minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and also from Bhutan and Nepal as a valuable initiative.

The MMM has noted the formation of a permanent body, the SAARC Minorities Council and expresses its good wishes for its successfully monitoring the situation of the minorities in the SAARC countries so that all of them can benefit from the experience of the others.

Resolution on India’s Vote against Iran in the IAEA:

The MMM of the AIMMM expresses its disappointment with India’s vote in the IAEA Board against Iran on the Iranian Nuclear Energy Programme and has noted that coming soon after the PM’s visit to the USA, this vote has raised a question mark on its pursuit of an independent foreign policy and that on the issue, it broke rank with other developing countries as well as with China and Russia.

The MMM feels that the Iraq charade is being re-enacted and cautions the people that any military action against Iran will bring war and destruction closer to, and thus affect the security and development of, South Asia.

The MMM urges the Government to listen to the protest of the people, understand the real objectives of the USA, withstand pressure and reverse its stand at the earliest, since Iran has shown its readiness to allow inspection by the IAEA to remove all doubts and suspicions of its violation of the NPT to which it is a party.

The MMM also calls upon the international community and the IAEA in particular to exert pressure on Israel to open its nuclear installations for international inspection because the Israeli stockpile of nuclear weapons constitute the biggest threat to regional peace.

Resolution on Developments in Iraq

The MMM deplores the fratricidal killing in Iraq which is assuming the dimensions of a civil war and which provides an excuse for the Occupation power to maintain their presence.

The MMM is of the considered view that the Occupation forces are playing a role in fanning inter-denominational hostilities and terrorism. The MMM is convinced that restoration of peace in Iraq and its development within a democratic framework depend on withdrawal of foreign forces.

The MMM appreciates that various articles of the draft Constitution, to be subjected soon to a referendum, are unsatisfactory for various ethnic and religious groups. Yet it feels that it rejection would provide yet another excuse for prolonging foreign occupation.

Resolution on Developments in Palestine

The MMM welcomes the withdrawal of Israel from Gaza and at the same time deplores further extension of the illegal settlements on the West Bank and of the Sharon Wall to encircle East Jerusalem.

The MMM calls upon Palestinian Authority to invoke the Quartet Plan for rapid progress on the road map for initiating negotiation with Israel on the final agreement which should lead to the withdrawal by Israel from the West Bank and the establishment of the State of Palestine with its Capital in Jerusalem and an equitable settlement on the refugees question.

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