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2005: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India  

CLMC: Police harassed Muslim youths during Ganesh festival

Hyderabad, 20 September, 2005: Civil liberties Monitoring committee, India and mass organizations belonging to Muslims and Dalits express their deep concern over the harassment on Muslim youths in the name of Ganesh festival and creating the terrorizing atmosphere for the Muslim during Ganesh festival by the police. The attitude of police is highly condemnable, because of the police atrocities the life of the Muslim youths becoming hard and fundamental rights i.e. right to life with human dignity is violating and Ganesh festival is becomes a tool for the police to target Muslim youths.

Many complaints have been received regarding the police atrocities on Muslim youths, the area circle inspectors call them to the police station and force them to wait for a long time due to which time/education/business is suffering. The notorious task force officers crossing all the limits, rules, and norms, task force which have the over excited officers of strong body, Without mind misusing the power and excess use of power may create the problems and may disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the city, and this type of over excited police officers will be held responsible. The anger in the youths is high, their emotion are heart. They are saying that Death is better than this type of police harassment.

This matter of atrocities was informed to the Chief Minister, Home Minister, Mr. Mohd Ali Shabbir, information minister and also commissioner of police, they have given assurances, that they are issuing orders to the concern police officers to stop the atrocities, but the atrocities still continue, yesterday police booked one student under section 109,and still police calling respectable persons of Muslim community to police station. Police also planning for preventive arrest of Muslim youths and leaders also. Police is creating sensational situation that Muslim will create problem, but the fact is that Muslim never interrupted Ganesh procession.

Under these circumstances we demand

1.Celeberate Ganesh festival or procession with the religious sprit, donít make it show of the strength or power. Control on the speeches, donít heart the feelings of minorities. Project the Ganesh chiturthi as a festival not the event of terror. 

2.stop the harassments to the Muslim community on the name of Ganesh festival these harassments will affect on entire society.

3.Dissolve the notorious task force, which is creating sensational situation for the sake of Rewards and awards.

4.Donít harass the Muslims on the name of preventive arrest, take the to build the confidence in the Muslim community.

5.Protect the fundamental rights of Muslim community.

6.Govt should investigate why the Ganesh Festival is becoming sensational event year by year in Hyderabad city only. What are factors and secrets behind this should disclose. Govt should start the debate and take suggestions from social scientist on this issue.

On this occasion we undersigned jointly appeal to all the people to maintain peace and harmony, respect emotions of each other, show the tolerence. and prove that the terror atmosphere created in the city can be remove only by the unity of Hindu and Muslims, not by the police Force.

Moulana Abdul Raheem Qurishi 
(Secretary, All India Muslim personal law board) 

Lateef mohd Khan
Secretery CLMCI

E.Giri Yadou
(President Praja Party)

Dr Rehana Sultana 
President, CLMCI 

Punna Rao
Secretery, Patrotic Democratic Movement 

LioAugustineAdvocate, AP High Court 

Raju (Praja Kala Mandali) 


Sd/- Lateef Mohd Khan
G. Secretary,
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P - 500013 India, Tel: +91-9391051586 Fax: 91-40-27403392, Email: ę


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