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2005: Indian Muslim Statements
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Resolutions Adopted at the 28th General Session of Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind

New Delhi, 29 May, 2005: Resolutions Adopted at the 28th General Session of the Jamiat ul-'Ulama- i Hind, Delhi, 29th May, 2005:

Resolution : 1

Reservation for Muslims

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind deplores diminishing representation of Muslims due to discrimination in Educational Institutions, Jobs, Parliament, Assemblies and Municipal Bodies. It is clear violation of constitutional rights. Compared to 13% Muslims population officially their over all representation is only 2% leading to their extreme marginalization. Their recruitment in armed forces, intelligence agencies and key positions is withheld. The discrimination in administration and public servies continues unabated. The session demands:

Proportional representation of Muslims in every department and removal of respective constitutional hurdles. 

Fixation of quota and elimination of discrimination in implementation of reservation granted to certain backward classes of Muslims under Mandal Commission. 

Amendment of Article 341 of Constitution by removing the restriction of religion and broadening its scope to include Muslims, Christian, Dalits and backward classes. 

The Govt. has included non-Muslim weavers and artisan classes in the scheduled caste. This discrimination should be removed by including Muslim and other artisan classes. 

Resolution : 2

Bill to prevent Communal Riots

This session appreciates commitment of UPA Govt. in CMP to enact law for prevention of communal riots but practically nothing has come out so far. The proposal should be implemented at the earliest.

All central and state governments have proved ineffective in prevention of communal riots with horrible consequences in terms of huge loss of lives and property. 

In this respect, on 8th March 1999 Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind presented memorandum with 21 Lakh signatures to the president of India but with no practical consequences so far.

Therefore, this session demands from the central and state governments:

To enact law introducing appropriate punitive measures against negligence and dereliction of duty on the part of respective administrative and police officials. 

Prompt and full compensation to riot victims in the light of relevant judicial verdicts. 

Resolution : 3

Establishment of Maktab (Basic Education) Centers in Backward Areas 

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind stresses the need to establish basic education centers in the remote backward rural areas and appeals to all Islamic educational institutions and Madrasas to allocate 10% of their annual outlay for establishment and sustenance of such centers. 

Resolution : 6

Communal Harmony 

In a pluralistic society communal harmony is a must. without it the country can’t march ahead towards peace and progress. Therefore this session stresses the need for:

All out effort at all levels to ensure communal harmony. 

Keeping with Islamic traditions and values tolerance and good neibourly relations with followers of all the religions and all classes of people specially Dalits and Minorities. 

Joint eating program is an effective measure to bring Muslims and Dalits closer. Such programs should be encouraged. 

Organization of Joint Conferences and meetings of Dalits, Muslims and other communities on wider scale. 

Maximum possible cooperation and help in the hour of need. 

Promotion of mutual respect and human values as taught by Islam. 

Resolution : 7

Muslim Aukaf (Endowment) 

Deploring the misappropriation of Musilm Wakf property by vested interests the session demands from central and state governments.

Honest implementation of wakf Act. 1995 to ensure proper administration of wakf income of billions of rupees. 

Exemption of Wakf properties all over the country from rent act and it should not be left to bureaucratic discretion. 

Wakf Act should be suitably amended to get the wakf properties vacated as in the case of public properties act. 

The administrative system of Wakf properties should follow the model of Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee. 

Resolution : 8 

Repeal POTA Retrospectively and Release all POTA Detainees Immediately

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind welcomes repeal of draconian law of POTA by UPA Govt. However it is strange that many of the accused held under POTA in different parts of the country have been arrested due to political and ideological differences with the ruling party.

A number of accused in the Godhra case were in the process of being bailed out. Their prosecution proved to be extremely difficult for the State Govt. Therefore it decided to arrest them under POTA. There are 174 persons held under POTA in Gujarat. With the exception of 3 persons all others belong to the minority community. POTA review committee has recommended withdrawal of POTA against 131 accused of Godhra case. The central and State Govt. must implement the recommendations of review committed Post haste. This session demands:

1. Immediate release of all the accused detained under POTA.

2. Repeal of POTA with retrospective effect.

Resolution : 9

Protection of Citizen Rights in Assam

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind passed its deep anguish over the recent suster campaign to force the Muslim residents of upper Assam districts to leave their homes. It is clear case of harassment of minority and violation of human rights which must stop immediately. Jamiat Ulama support any move to identify foreigners and their extraditions as per the provisions of IMDT Act but it totally opposes any attempt to push out poor, illiterate Muslim labours by alleging baselessly that they are foreigners. This session hopes that immediate measures will be taken to redness the plight of poor genuine Assamese citizens. 

Resolution : 10

Protection of Islamic Identity and Social Reform 

This session recommends various measures to cleanse the society of social evils such as dowry, lavish spending in the marriages, licentiousness drug addictions alcoholism etc. Islamic teaching advocating piety in personal life should be utilized to control spread of AIDS.

Resolution : 11

Condemnation of Israeli Aggression against Palestine 

While appealing to both parties to demonstrate perseverance and tolerance to each other in order to establish lasting peace in the region the session demands: 

Establishment of Palestine Govt. with full authority. 

Vacation of Baitul Muqaddas by Israel and handover to Palestinians in terms of Oslo accord. 

Israel should refrain from further expansion and must stop immediately new Jewish Settlement in Palestinian territory. 

US and international forces should disarm Israel of its weapons of mass destruction to ensure durable peace in Middle East. 

Demolition of boundary wall separating Palestinian and Israeli territories which has bee erected unjustifiably. 

Resolution : 12

Condemnation of US Aggression against Iraq

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind while condemning the aggression by US and its allies against Iraq deplores the ineffectiveness of the role played by Muslim countries. Expressing concern about ever increasing woes of Iraqi people it deprecates the grass violation of human rights by US and its allies. US had launched attack upon Iraq on the pretend of liberation of Iraqi people from oppression and injustice and restoration of democracy and freedom but none of the claims are even remotely visible. The destruction of Iraqi people has rather multiplied. US forces have openly contravened all limits of human and civil behaviour. The treatment meted out to the prisoners of Abu Gharib jail is the worst example of barbarism. In the name of democracy and freedom Iraq has been pushed into anarchic disintegration. 

In view of the despicable conditions in Iraq we demand:

UN must come forward to withhold US from its aggressive actions. The occupying forces must vacate Iraq immediately and self rule should be restored. 

Resolution : 13

Establishment of Institutions of Contemporary Education

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind perceives strongly extreme backwardness of Muslims in contemporary and technical education which directly affects their economic condition. The students entering Govt. and Private educational institutions get alienated from their religion due to anti-religious atmosphere there. Therefore this session advises Muslims and particularly their well to do section and appeals to them:

To establish primary and secondary schools and colleges as per the need. 

To establish commerce, engineering, technical and medical institutions. 

To impart education in there institutions as per the contemporary syllabus but students behaviour, dress code, worship and Islamic way of life should be preserved. Teachers should be specially trained for this purpose. Otherwise the basic aim of these institutions will fail. 

To establish non-boarding institutions for the religious and contemporary educations of girls keeping in view the specific Islamic code to avoid co-education and preservation of modesty of women. 

Resolution : 15

Protection of Women Rights 

In order to protect rights of women Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind had passed rerolaclion in 1985 and deems it necessary to bring forth their resolution in front of the Muslim Community as an instrument to reduce marital discords. It can’t be overlooked that the rights granted to women by Islam are not only denied to them time again but they are rather aggressively victimized. 

Due to such violations they are forced to knock the doors of the Courts resulting into terrible consequences. As a precautionary measure to avoid bitter repercussion in future both parties to a marriage can be asked to testify to the following covenant at the time of performance of Nikah ceremony. 

Draft of Covenant

I, ………………… Son of ………………… Resident of ………………… Distt ………………… And 

I ………………… Daughter of ………………… Resident of ………………… Distt. …………………

While binding the nuptial knot covenant that we will keep fulfilling each others rights in accordance with Shariah and in case of occurrence of any unwanted bitterness, 

We will first try to resolve it amicably otherwise we appoint with mutual consent (Name of the Person) ………………. s/o ………………. r/o ………………. Distt. ………………. and 

(Name of the person) s/o ………………. r/o………………. distt. ………………. as arbitrators who are shrewd and devout. It they fail to resolve the dispute we authorize them and sharia courts completely to decide as per their discretion and their decision will be binding upon us. Even if they annul our Nikah we will accept their decision and shall not revert to court against it. 

Signature of Spouses Signature of Witnesses

…………………….. ……………………..

…………………….. ……………………..

Resolution : 16

Condemnation of Desecration of Holy Quran by US Forces

This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind while expressing deep anguish over desecration of Holy Quran by US soldiers condemns vociferously this shameful inhuman, immoral and despicable act. It has caused tremendous hurt not only to Muslims but the whole humanity feels ashamed.

This session wishes to make the US government realize that the Muslims can tolerate anything but the desecration of their Holy book and religious values. Instead of making serious investigation into the incident the true facts are being disguised showing connivance on the part of US officials.

This session demands:

US Govt. should apologise unconditionally for the shameful act. 

After judicial enquiry by an impartial enquiry commission the guilty officials should be duely punished. 

International law should be introduced banning desecration of Holy Book. 

Indian Govt. should also convey to the US Govt. the deep anguish of Indian Muslims. 

Resolution : 18

Deplorable conditions of Handloom and Power Loom Industry 

In view of ever worsening situation of handloom and powerloom industry which is second largest source of employment after agriculture this session demands:

Handloom and Powerloom industry should be given the status of cottage Industry. 

Handloom and Powerloom weavers should be granted the same subsidies and concessions as those given to farmers. 

Supply of electricity and yarn at subsidized rates to enable the local Handloom and Powerloom products to complete successfully with imported cloth. Subsidy should be given to weavers directly. Govt. should purchase from weavers and procurement centers should be restored. 

Resolution : 20

President’s Massage

Invitation to form Common Alliance for Common Goal 

Highlighting the role of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind as the forum to bring together Ulemas belonging to various sects and denominations for the common cause of the community and the country, the 28th session invites all denominations sects, parties, organizations, small and big units and classes of Muslims to form common alliance for common causes such as reservation, educational upliftment, power sharing, prevention of communal riots and employment guarantee programs etc.

Arguing the possibility and usefulness of such an alliance, President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind declared if UPA and NDA can be formed and a labour party can join hands with the capitalist party despite direct clash of interest then why not the Alliance of different sects of Muslims. 

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