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2005: Indian Muslim Statements
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Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India  

Justice is not possible under the nose of Modi

An appeal to protect fundamental rights of POTA victims in Gujarat

Hyderabad, 19 April, 2005
: Civil Liberties expresses its deep concern over the condition of POTA victims of Gujarat, detained in Sabarmati Jail Ahmedabad, though POTA review committee visited the Ahmedabad and conducted its review work, but all this process has not been satisfactory, because Modi has taken all measures to sabotage the hearings of PRC. 

The committee which is headed by Rtd Justice Sagar Chand Jain and with two other members conducted enquiry in such a manner that the Advocates and the accused did not present their cases properly, the Advocates/victims and the relatives are not satisfied with this proceedings. Civil liberties strongly feels that committee is itself under pressure of Modi's crime branch officials. The crime branch of Ahmedabad has arranged and adopts all the measure to keep watch and records the Advocates arguments and statement of accused persons. The top crime branch officers were present during the hearing with all modern equipment to record hearing; even they came with the high tech mobile phones and they continuously with in touch with their boss, they were openly talking on their mobile phones and Justice Jain never objected on this illegal action. 

Civil Liberties after carefully monitoring all the proceeding came to the conclusion that it was not a free and fair hearing. One case which was registered under POTA in which hundreds of people were booked and it is commonly called JIHADI Conspiracy Case (calling like this itself is a conspiracy) in which POPULAR mass leader Moulana Naseeruddin of TTSI and three Advocates and so many other persons are detained. PRC heard their statements on video conference which was not properly arranged, and PRC has given only thirty minutes to more than fifty accused to record their statement. Only ten accused were able to present their cases very briefly and they want to speak before the committee but Justice Jain refuses by saying that there is no time to hear every body, this has created dissatisfaction among the accused person having great hope with this PRC. however Justice Jain said that he will give his report in the month of April only and he will provide justice to everybody.

But will Modi Govt accept the decisions of PRC if it comes in favor of accused? Modi who already tried his best to stop the PRC by filing a petition in Gujarat High Court from so called victims of Godhra incident, now he can move to High Court to challenge the verdict, and then he may appeal in Supreme Court also. Definitely this is going to happen, and this will be a long and hard legal battle. And just think about the innocent persons who are detained in Sabarmati Jail since last two years, what will be the condition of them, they already suffers a lot, they have become frustrated and at this juncture they may lose their mental balance. And who will be responsible for this? The answer is simple, the judicial procedure system of Gujarat who is under the clutches of Modi who has committed crimes against humanity. 

All those concerned about democratic rights and human values cannot ignore their responsibility. So Civil Liberties Monitoring committee, India, appeals to all to come forward and raise voice against these atrocities, and protect the democratic/fundamental rights of the POTA victims of Gujarat. The fact should be clear in the mind that Justice is impossible under the nose of Modi, so Civil Liberties appeals all the democrats to pressurize the Central Govt to remove Modi govt under the section 356 and impose presidential rule for the greater cause of humanity.

Sd/- Lateef Mohd Khan
G. Secretary,
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P - 500013 India, Tel: +91-9391051586 Fax: 91-40-27403392, Email: q


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