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2005: Indian Muslim Statements
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Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India  

Gujarat After 3 years of Genocide - Modi's terror spread in all over India

Hyderabad, 27 February, 2005
: After completion of 3 years of genocide in Gujarat everybody is thinking that now in Gujarat, Muslims are living normal life and their condition is okay. Due the relief work done, but it is fact that still the Muslims of Gujarat living under terror of Modi, and there is no hope to get justice because of judicial procedure system is under Modiís clutches, and this terror of Modi spread all over the India. Lateef Mohd Khan, Secretary, Civil Liberties Committee, India said in a press release after the completion of 3 years of genocide.

Modi first killed the Muslims, burnt alive them, women raped to demoralized Muslim community, burnt the houses and forced them to live in grave yards so that Muslim could imagine that their place is in grave yards not in localities. Still now the killers are moving freely and threatening the people not to open the mouth against them other wise result will be dangerous.

This all taking place due to that Modi who is committed the crime against humanity is free and enjoying the power and by using his power he has converted the Gujarat carnage in to a new shape, and now it is not limited up to Gujarat, it spread all over India, and other part of Indian people becoming the target of modeís terror. Even Modiís terror horrified the Hyderabad Muslims, the recent example is Modiís Gujarat police is killed Muslim youth of the Mujahid Saleem in front Director General of police of A.P<HEAD QUARTER. And detained Moulana Naseeruddin under the nose of the gun, and shifted him to Gujarat and detained in the jail under POTA 
(even after the repeal of POTA). The Rajshekhar Reddy govtís police instead of arresting the killer offered a secure passage and security. This proves that Modiís terror sward is hanging on the heads of Indian Muslim; he is free to pick any Muslim from any in the country and can put in to the jail by labeling as terrorist. Body knows when where and who will be the midiís next target.

Congress, who comes in to the power by showing the dead bodies of Muslim, did noting to save the Muslim from Modiís terror. It is now congress is responsible for the growth and spread of midiís terror in all over India. Why the Modi is enjoying the power still now why a person who committed crime against humanity not removed as the head of the Govt .why thousands of Muslim in the jail under POTA in Gujarat and why police arresting Muslim after the repeal of POTA? Why the killers of Mujahid saleem are still freely moving by expecting promotion on this killing? Congress govt and specially Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has answerable to the nation for these entire questions.

On the other side of this there are hundreds of Muslims in the Sabermati jail under POTA, these prisoners are victims of POTA as well as victims of Advocate. The advocate already taken LAKHS of rupees from their and not taking any interest in the cases due to this ignorance thousands of Muslim families are suffering, and the condition of children and women are more worst. Civil liberties believe that for this Muslim organization itself is responsible and due theyíre egoistic nature Muslim families are suffering.

On this occasion civil liberties pays its tribute to thousands of Muslim who laid down their lives by resisting hindutva fascist forces. Civil liberties also express its deep solidarity with the victims of POTA and their families. Civil liberties appeals all the advocates those concerned on human values to come forward to help POTA victims legally. Now the duty of every Muslim to take care of the victimís families.

Civil liberties demands with the center govt and Sonia Gandhi to act immediately and dismiss the Modiís govt. and arrest the Modi for his crime against humanity and send him to his real place that is behind the bars.

Sd/- Lateef Mohd Khan
G. Secretary,
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P - 500013 India, Tel: +91-9391051586 Fax: 91-40-27403392, Email: q


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