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2005: Indian Muslim Statements
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Protest the visit of the architect of the Gujarat Genocide and rapes

New York, 20 February, 2005
: Narendra Modi, the architect of genocide and mass rapes of Gujarati Muslims in March 2002 will be visiting the US on the 3rd anniversary of the Gujarat pogrom.

He has been invited as the guest of honor by the Asian American Hotel Owners Association to address the AAHOA convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 24 - 26 this year.

Inviting him is an outrageous act and must be condemned and countered. We must use this occasion to apprise the US government, its policymakers and media and human rights activists of the fact that the victims of Gujarat genocide are still being persecuted. Supporters of the Fascist Hindutva movement of which Modi is a leader have become well entrenched in the US and this truth needs to be exposed. We must demand that the US law enforcement agencies investigate the flow of funds to the Hindutva-fascists in India who openly admire Hitler and talk of the Final solution for the Muslims, Christians and other minorities of India. 

By inviting a person such as Modi who had brought shame to India and Hinduism, the current AAHOA leadership is working against the interests of its members and of the Indian community in the US.


IMC-USA along with its partners in the Coalition to Build a Better India is working with its coalition partners to launch a multi-pronged campaign against Modi and his supporters in the US ranging from legal arena to political field and mass protests. The campaign will be run under the banner of Coalition Against Genocide. The coalition will represent the beautiful and colorful mosaic of the multi-religious and multicultural India. IMC-USA will be a proud partner in this broad-based effort to protect the pluralist ethos of India.

Please get involved and participate in the different fronts of this campaign such as media, community mobilization and educating the policy makers. IMC-USA is also mailing out Rakesh Sharma's award winning documentary Final Solution to the US policymakers and the media.

Please donate generously to the campaign. Remember the enemies of humanity are spending millions to spread hatred. By inviting Modi they have chosen to honor a man who as the chief minister has shown scant regard for the human rights of minorities in his state and elsewhere. Under his stewardship thousands of men and boys were hacked to death and women and girls raped and sexually tortured and humiliated before being burnt alive. They have been persecuting Christians and moderate Hindus. Let us expose the extremists who are silently and successfully infiltrating power centers in the US and providing funds to their killer squads in India. This is a great opportunity to undermine these extremists who have been spreading hatred against Muslims and Islam in the US as well. 

Act NOW to protect our interests in the US along with the US civil society and to save the minorities and soul of India.

The untiring efforts of concerned people like you and human rights activists have started to bear fruits. It is reported that the US State department is planning to help the victims of Gujarat genocide get legal redress! We should protest to the State department against their decision to give visas to Hindutva extremist leaders such as Modi.


As the campaign unfolds you will be requested to undertake specific actions. In the meantime, IMC-USA is requesting you to undertake the following 4 actions during the first week of the campaign:


Help us fight the perpetrators of Genocide, by contributing financially. Your donation is tax-deductable. Please write check to IMC-USA


Sign up for distributing this alert, flyers and getting petitions signed in your communities.


Contact at least 10 friends and family members and urge them to join the campaign. Spend 15 minutes every day for the sake of Gujarat victims and to prevent more Gujarats in India and the US. Educate activists from other communities and join the local chapter of the Coalition Against Genocide


Start making arrangements to come to Ft. Lauderdale, FL with your families and friends to demonstrate against Modi

Contact the State department to protest the granting of visa to Modi and other Hindutva extremists.

Contact the State Dept
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 
Tel: (202) 647-5225

Address: 2201 C St NW,
Washington, DC 20520

Paula J. Dobriansky
Under Secretary, Global Affairs
Phone: (202) 647-6240
Fax: (202) 647-0753

Christina Rocca
Asst secretary,
Bureau of South Asian Affairs
Phone: 202-736-4325
Fax: (202) 736-4333
Fax: (202) 647-6640

Talking points:
Express your outrage on granting Modi and other leaders the American visa. Ask the State Dept. to help the victims of genocide get legal redress. Ask them to work with the other branches in the government to stop the funding of Hindutva extremists from their supporters in the US

All three top officials are women so ask them to be more sympathetic to the victims of rapes and sexual mutilation in Gujarat

Tel: (++1) (516) 567-0783 
265 Sunrise Highway 1-355, Rockville Centre, NY 11570, USA
Email: ;

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