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2005: Indian Muslim Statements
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AIMMM President’s Report, 2004

New Delhi, 12 February, 2005: On completion of its 4-year term (2000-2003), the Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat (MMM) of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM) was reconstituted for the period 2004-2007. At the end of 2003, with 85 members which has risen to 96 at the end of 2004.

The Election for the post of President and 20 members of the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla (MMA) was held with Mr. A.R. Shervani as the Returning Officer. Mr. Syed Shahabuddin was elected unanimously as the President for the period January, 2004 – December, 2005.

The President took charge on 7 January, 2004 and nominated Maulana Mohd. Shafi Moonis as Vice-President and Mr. Ahmad Rashid Shervani, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan and Maulana Ejaz Ahmed Aslam as General Secretaries. There was no change among office-bearers during 2004. 

The President also nominated 10 more members for the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla and thus the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla was reconstituted on 10 January, 2004. During the year, Justice A. Abdul Hadi resigned from the Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat and Markazi Majlis-e-Amla. In his place, Justice P.K. Shamsuddin was nominated as member of the MMA.

The AIMMM approved the Statement of Expenditure for the period 2003-2004 and the Budget for 2004-05.

2003 2004 Budget for 2004-05

Membership Fee for 2004 49,000 13,500 50,000
Donation by CFM 3,71,593 1,75,450 4,00,000
Total Income 4,20,593 2,24,961
Actual Expenditure 3,44,739 4,55,606 4,50,000

Major Items of Expenditure during 2004

Salary 1,02,750
Office Rent 36,000
Postage 21,663
Telephone 31,215
Office Equipment and Repair 10,730
Publication (including Bulletin) 15,450
No. of Members of CFM as on 31.12.2003 42
No. of Members of CFM as on 31.12.2004 19

A major event of the year was the decision of the MMA to sell the plot E-35 and to acquire a double-storied building in the Abul Fazal Enclave itself, built on a plot of the same size i.e. 400 sq. yards. By end of 2004, ¾ of the consideration money was paid and the owners permitted the AIMMM to enter the premises for repair and maintenance works which is in progress.

During 2004, 2 meetings of the MMM were held on 15 May, 2004 and 11 September, 2004. The MMA had 6 meetings on 14 February, 2004, 10 April, 2004, 15 May, 2004, 17 July, 2004, 11 September, 2004 and 20 November, 2004.

During 2004, the Central office continuously monitored the national and international developments of interest to the Muslim community and issued 56 Statements on the different national and international subjects: On NDA’s Manifesto, 2004, Advice to Secular Voters, on Endorsement of Lok Sabha Candidates for Muslim concentration Constituencies, on Support of Jethmalani against Vajpayee, on Mulayam has no Ambition to be God or Prophet, on Rebirth on Republic with Restoration of Democracy, Secularism and Rule of Law, on Poor Turnout in Lucknow and Gandhinagar, on Mulayam Singh’s Criticism, on UPA’s Assurances to Minorities, on Direct Contest between INC-NCP and BJP-SS in Maharashtra, on  A.P. High Court’s Ruling on Reservation, on Bal Thackeray’s Proposal to Construct Mangal Pandey Memorial on Babari Masjid Site, on Township Scheme for Ayodhya Muslims, on Secular Strategy for Election, 2004, on INC’s Initiative on Seat Adjustment with SP, on Advice to Secular Voters to Vote for INC Cluster, on SP Contesting 250 Lok Sabha Seats, on Betrayal of Secular Order by BSP, Charter of Muslim Aspirations, Appeal to Muslims for Enrollment as Voters, on Vajpayee’s Rhetoric Fails to Impact Muslims, on Najma Heptullah Contesting on BJP, on JUH Negotiations with RSS, on Dalai Lama’s Concern for Resolving Dispute, on Advani’s Support to the VHP, on Moment of Truth for BJP’s Allies in NDA, on Indo-Pakistan Resumption of Dialogue, on Shaikh A. Yasin’s Assassination, on Killing of Shias in Iraq and Pakistan, on Dehumanizing Treatment of Prisoners in Iraq, on No Need for Madrasa Board, on RSS Demand for Withdrawal of Constitutional Benefits from ST’s, Joint Appeal for Release of Indians Held in Iraq, on Siege of Najaf by Occupation Forces, on Cold-blooded Murder of Nepali Citizens, on Beslan Killing, on Demise of Dr. Maqbool Ahmad, on Proposed National Commission on Minorities Educational Institutions, on Appeal to Votes to Support INC-NCP Candidates in Maharashtra, on Support of Congress Candidate in Aurangabad, Felicitations on INC-NCP Victory in Maharashtra, on Appeal in Support of INC and Other UPA Parties, on POTA Repeal and Unlawful Activities Ordinance, on Demand of Separate Quota of 10% for Muslims, on Advani’s Claim of Near Settlement Totally False, on NDA Succumbed to Pressures of BJP on Ayodhya, Condolence Message to Palestinian Leadership on Yasser Arafat’s Demise, on Demand for Unrestricted Haj for Applicants.

During the same period, the MMM and the MMA adopted 25 Resolutions on the following subjects: On the General Election, 2004, on Development in Palestine, Chechenya and Iraq, on Results of Census, 2001, on Initiative of UPA Government on Education for the Minorities, on Urdu University in UP, on Babari Masjid Dispute, on BJP’s Programme of Agitation to Project Hindutva as Patriotism and Nationalism, on Election in J&K, on Formation of UPA Government, on Reservation for Muslims in Higher Education and Public Employment, on Inquiry by the Railway in the Godhra Tragedy, on the Ruling of the World Court on the Wall, on Review of the Performance of 6-months of UPA Government, on Establishment of National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions, on Kashmir Question, on Review of CBSE Curriculum on Languages and on Situation in Thailand. 

The President was in constant touch with other Muslim organizations of national eminence, the secular political parties and the mass media and wrote letters.

All Resolutions and Statements as well as important letters were reproduced in the quarterly Mushawarat Bulletin, which had 4 issues during the year 2004.

The Dastoor of the Mushawarat (in English and Urdu) and the Introduction and Direction of Members as on 30.6.2004 were published during the year.

The AIMMM adopted a clear cut electoral strategy to guide the secular, specially the Muslim voters for the General Election, 2004, with the objective of ensuring the victory of the secular forces and the defeat of the BJP-led NDA as well as to raise the level of Muslim representation in the Lok Sabha. Both objectives were achieved by the Muslims voting tactically for different parties in different states and in different constituencies of the same state, depending on which secular party was seen as the strongest in a given constituency.

However, the AIMMM also identified about 100 Muslim concentration seats and since the major secular parties had not formed a National Secular Alliance and fielded a common Muslim candidate in these constituencies, the AIMMM advised the Muslim and secular voters to vote preferentially for the strongest only or the Muslim candidate of a secular party in such constituencies, irrespective of the party.

At the end of the General Election the AIMMM reviewed the results and reached valuable conclusions on the strategy for raising Muslim representation which is presently at the level of 50%.

Similarly in the case of Assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and J&K, the AIMMM advised the secular voters to vote generally for INC-PDP candidates in J&K, INC candidates in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and INC-NCP candidates in Maharashtra. The AIMMM also identified Muslim concentration seats in the last 4 States and requested the secular parties to form a secular alliance and field common candidate, at least in Muslim concentration constituencies. But they did not. The same strategy was followed as in the case of Lok Sabha elections i.e. preference for or choice among Muslim candidates of secular parties in such constituencies.

Muslim representation in Rajasthan and Maharashtra has improved but not adequately, primarily because adequate number of Muslim candidates were not fielded by secular parties from Muslim concentration areas in these States.

With the experience of 2004, the AIMMM has taken up the guidance of secular/Muslim voters in Bihar, Jharkhand and Haryana in elections of February, 2005.

Sd/- Syed Shahabuddin
N-44, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110 025 Phone: 2632 6780 Fax: 2632 7346
  Email: q


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