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2006: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Muslim Islamic NewsGujarat Control of Organized Crime Bill-2003


Aligarh, 6 June, 2006: A meeting of The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC), a social organization of Aligarh Muslim University teachers, scholars and Old Boy of AMU, was held on 06th June’2006 (Tuesday) at 10:30 am in General Education Center (GEC), Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) express its shock and anguish on the media reports that UPA Government has decided to sent “Gujarat Control of Organized Crime Bill-2003 (GCOC)” to the President for his assent. Central government has taken this step despite the apprehension expressed by leader of opposition in Gujarat assembly , Mr. Amar Sinh Chaudhary and state PCC Chief Mr. B. K. Gadhvi that, ‘the law would be used to terrorize the Minorities, weaker sections and Political rivals.’

The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) opines that there is no guarantee that the history of TADA or POTA will not be repeated if the bill gets Presidential assent and becomes a ‘Law’. While on the one hand there is a felt need for same tough measures to protect constitutional governance, there are justified fears on the other that the situation will worsen for the ordinary people belonging to Minorities and other weaker section in Gujarat, if Gujarat government gets such a draconian Law. Central UPA government should reconsider its decision because the massage which is likely to go out is that GCOC may be misused by the Narender Modi Government only against a particular community since it would be totally absurd to imagine that the present government could use the law against Hindu fundamentalist some of whom in the past were involved in acts such as Genocide of Muslims and that central Government is hand in glove with Gujarat Government. This massage will negatively affect prospects of Congress in others states such as Uttar Pradesh.

Further The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) believes that placing such an enormous power in the hands of a Government which is known for its anti Muslim bias will be disastrous. 

Hence, The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) demands that;-

1. UPA government reconsiders the decision and hold back ‘Gujarat Control of Organized Crime Bill-2003 (GCOC) instead of sending it to the President of India for assent.
2. All accounts, reports and investigations point out that what Gujarat experienced in 2002 was not a simple “Riot” but Genocide which is intentionally recognized crime against humanity. So, Narender Modi government should be dismissed under Article 356 for restoring confidence of Muslims of India. 

Statement issued by:
1. Jasim Mohammad, President, The Millat Beadri Muhim Committee (MBMC),Aligarh.
2. Dr. Mohammad Shahid, Patron, MBMC & Ex-Secretary, AMU Teachers Association, AMU, Aligarh
3. Prof Tariq Mansoor, Chairman, Deptt. of Surgery , JNMC, AMU,Aligarh.
4. Dr. Arman Rasool Faridi, Member, AMU Court,AMU,Aligarh.
5. Dr.F.S. Sherani, Reader, AKTC, AMU, Aligarh
6. Tabinda Iqbal, President, Women’s College students’ Union, AMU.
7. Mohsin Raza Khan, Member AMU Court,AMU
8. Md. Shams Shahnawaz, Ex-Secretary,AMU Students’ Union,AMU,Aligarh
9. Syed Mehrul Hasan, Research Scholar, F/O LAW, AMU,Aligarh
10. N. Jamal Ansari, Social Activist, Aligarh.

Jasim Mohammad
The Millat Bedari Muhim Committee
96, Kashmir house,
Sir Sulaiman Hall,
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P., India, +91-98373 02100



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