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2006: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Muslim Islamic NewsResolutions of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat

Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat, 10 June, 2006

On State Assembly Elections, 2006:

The MMM reviewed the results of the recent Assembly elections in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and expressed its satisfaction that the communal forces have been contained or decimated and secular parties/fronts had formed State Governments. However, it regrets that though the total number of constituencies with Muslim winners or runner up or both has almost attained the number of seats demographically due to the Muslim community, in all States (except Tamil Nadu) the community remains under-represented and ascribes it basically to the secular parties not fielding adequate number of Muslim candidates and to the division of Muslim votes among rival political formations.

The MMM considers it imperative that at the constituency level, the Muslim electorate votes massively and unitedly for one candidate who should be selected by the Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat taking into account the views of the local community. The MMM, convinced of the correctness of the Guidelines it issued on the eve of the election, however, considers that much remains to be done especially the construction of a strong and united Muslim platform at the State/Constituency level in order to establish a meaningful dialogue with the major secular parties in the state and to address the problem of choosing the right candidate in every constituency through consultation with the local community.

On Reservation for Muslim Community:

In the context of the national debate on reservation, the MMM reiterates its longstanding demand for a separate reservation quota of 10% in higher education and public employment for the Muslim community which forms a Backward Class under the existing scheme of reservation in public employment and that proposed in the field of professional education.

The MMM also demands that the undergraduate courses in all universities and professional institutions, government or government-aided, be brought within the purview of reservation for Backward Classes and that every Backward Class which has a substantial population be provided with a separate quota, if it so desires, by sub-classifying the existing conglomerates like SC, ST, OBC and Minorities, which should be based on its population and its comparative level of backwardness.

The MMM is of the view that the backward groups in the high castes should also enjoy similar reservation.

The MMM also supports a more strict and nationwide definition of the Creamy Layer to ensure that the benefit of the quota available to a group is effectively available only to those candidates who come from genuinely backward families and deserve it.

The MMM is of the considered view that expansion of admission capacity in some institutions of national importance will not meet the demands of Social Justice or solve the issue but only push it under over the carpet and perhaps defer the day of reckoning.

The MMM also feels that the highest priority should be given to upgradation of all government schools, particularly in rural areas and poor urban localities, giving priority to higher secondary schools and then to establishment of secondary, upper primary and primary schools to provide uniform education of quality to all children in the disadvantaged areas which face a school deficit in terms of national norms.

On Restoration of Minority Character of the Aligarh Muslim University:

The MMM welcomes the order of the Supreme Court recommending a review of the Azeez Pasha Judgement by a Constitutional Bench but feels aggrieved by the restoration of the status quo ante and the reversal of reservation introduced for 2006-07. The review may take years and thus the tempo of the university towards establishing a pan-Indian Muslim character of the AMU may be lost.

The MMM, in view of the repeated assurances of the Union Government to restore the minority character of the AMU, urges the Government and the University jointly to formulate suitable amendments to the AMU Act, 1981 and to the Constitution, if consider necessary, to build up a national consensus on them and to introduce them in the Parliament at the earliest possible.

On Dialogue on Kashmir:

The MMM welcomes the initiative by the Union Government of holding a dialogue with all political forces in J&K while maintaining the tempo of confidence building measures and exchange of views with Pakistan. The MMM finds it disappointing that the APHC did not participate in the second round table.

The MMM urges the Union Government that in the next round, the Muslim community in the rest of the country which has a vital stake in the continued association of the State with the Union should be suitably represented.

The MMM also proposes that the Union should separately open dialogue with the major militant groups operating in the State which agree to mutual ceasefire and engage them without any precondition even outside the country, for the sake of peace.

On Communal Situation in Gujarat:

The MMM expresses its shock at the sudden demolition of the 300 year old Dargah of the Sufi Saint Rashiduddin Chishti in Vadodara on the excuse of urban development without entering into a proper dialogue with the representatives of the Gujarat Muslim community or obtaining a judicial order and considers that this was yet another manifestation of Hindutva Fascism, of which the State Government and particularly its Chief Minister have become symbols.

The MMM appreciates that the Union Government persuaded the State Government to deploy armed forces in Vadodara and sought a stay from the Supreme Court and thus brought the situation under control.

The MMM proposes that the sanctity of religious shrines and places of worship all over the country formally protected or otherwise, must be respected by the authorities, particularly in the light of the Religious Places (Special Provision) Act , 1991.

The MMM demands that the Dargah be rebuilt on its original site and the loss of life and limb be fully compensated.

The MMM takes this opportunity to express its dismay that the progress of rehabilitation and resettlement of the displaced Muslims, specially their return to their original homes and vocations as well as of the trial of the reopened criminal cases is very slow and the National Commission for Minorities, the Union Government as well as the Supreme Court should constantly monitor it in order to expedite the process.

On Communal Violence in Aligarh:

The MMM deplores the recent communal violence in Aligarh which led to the loss of 12 lives and feels that a sensitive and impartial administration could have reconciled the inter-communal differences or at least maintained the status quo.

In view of the partiality of the administration and the one-sided atrocities by the police, the MMM is strongly of the view that the State Government should immediately institute a judicial inquiry to restore the confidence of the target community.

The MMM demands that the victims of violence in Aligarh be compensated on par with the victims of Sikh Disturbances in 1984.

At the same time it should make every effort to urge district administrations all over the State to review and try to resolve the standing communal disputes urgently, so that communal forces do not exploit them on the eve of the election.

On West’s Dialogue with Iran:

The MMM welcomes the participation of the USA alongwith the EU-3 in the dialogue between the IAEA and Iran to resolve the Iran crisis. The MMM feels that since the USA is the real interlocutor in the process, the dialogue should be held under the auspices of the IAEA and that neither side should insist on any pre-conditions. The MMM calls upon the UN Security Council to freeze the item on its agenda till the dialogue comes to its conclusion. The framework of the dialogue should respect the sovereign right of Iran to develop uranium enrichment technology for power generation, with or without foreign collaboration, under regular inspection by the IAEA so as to assuage widespread concerns and apprehension about the application of the enrichment technology to production of nuclear weapons.

The MMM is however of the view that the UN Security Council should, in all fairness, take due notice of the nuclear weapon status of Israel which has taken shelter under its non-accession to the NPT. If UN Security Council and the Permanent Members are indeed interested in preventing the slide of the region towards a nuclear race, it cannot permit to cast its nuclear shadow over the region. It must not only inquire into Israel’s nuclear weapon status because it threatens regional and world peace but take effective steps for their elimination in view of international guarantees for the security of Israel.

On Civil War on Iraq:

The MMM deplores and condemns sectarian violence in Iraq which has assumed barbaric proportions and considers that Iraq faces a greater peril today from the civil war than from foreign occupation.

The MMM calls upon the Sunni and Shia Arabs and the Kurds to extend their full cooperation to the national government which will then have the political will to suppress private militias and ask the occupation forces to fix a deadline to quit Iraq as well as to reach a national agreement on the equitable division of development resources among the three regions.

On Peace and Development in Afghanistan:

The MMM expresses its sorrow at the worsening situation in Afghanistan which also appears to be sliding towards a resurgence of the civil war and the increasing military intervention by the USA.

The MMM calls upon the Government of Afghanistan to stop dependence on forces and occupation and foreign aid and establish a sincere dialogue with the opposition elements to move towards peace and stability.

The MMM calls upon the Government to play every possible role in view of our age old friendship with the Afghan people in the restoration of peace in this war-torn land and for promotion of its development.

On Bilateral Negotiation between Israel and Palestine For Final Settlement:

The MMM considers it anti-democratic and outrageous that the defiant and valiant people of Palestine are being starved into compliance with Israel’s plan to reduce the proposed Palestinian State to a shadowy illusion, for committing the ‘crime’ of electing Hamas to power. The MMM calls upon all Member-States of the UN to respect the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to have a government of their choice and continue all possible aid as committed.

The MMM is of the considered view that if the UN and the US press Israel to agree eventually to vacate the Arab-Occupied Territories, including East Jerusalem, withdraw the illegal Jewish settlements from the West Bank and to hold negotiations on final settlement with the Hamas government without any pre-conditions, the Two State Solution to the Palestinian Problem can be realized, with the security of both States facing each other guaranteed internationally and protected by UN military presence on the border, and all other outstanding issues can also be resolved equitably. The MMM is confident that the people of Palestine desire peace, once the final settlement negotiations begin in right earnest, mutual recognition and normal relations will also follow.

The MMM, however, expresses its apprehension that the present government of Israel will not agree to withdraw military or civil presence in the West Bank to pre-1967 line or to recognize an independent Palestine on equal and reciprocal terms, and in that event, the armed struggle for liberation shall justifiably continue, with all its tragedy and barbarity till it ultimately achieves its goal.

The MMM, therefore, calls upon the people of Palestine not to break rank but agree to have a ceasefire and engage in final settlement negotiations with Israel without any preconditions under the Quartet Roadmap.

Sd/- Syed Shahabuddin
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