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2007: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India  

Memorandum to Governor of Andhra on Allahabad Madrasa sexual harassment and gang rape

Press Note Memorandum

Submitted to the Honorable Governor of Andhra Pradesh with a request to forward it to The Honorable President of India

Sub: Attack on Allahabad Madrasa - sexual harassment and gang rape to the girl students – intervene for the cause justice and humanity requested

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee India expresses its deep concern over the attack on a Madrasa Jamiatul Salihat in Allahabad city of Uttar Pradesh, and sexual harassment to the girl students and gang rape with the two girl students. This committee strongly condemns attitude of the state govt for diverting and not taking seriously on sexual harassment and gang rape of Madarsa girls in Allahabad UP, it is not taking this heinous crime seriously and is behaving as if nothing has ever happened. Committee also express it deep concern over this issue and the increasing atrocities on women and girls. It is important that proper action is taken not only interest of the safety and integrity of the nation but for the respect and dignity of humanity and women . 

CLMCI drawing your kind attention towards educational status of Muslim girls in north India. Muslims are economically and educationally back ward Most of the parents of the girls are not interested to send their girls to any school, the only way of education is Madrasa where parents can send their girls for education, they think that madrasa’s are the safe place for their girls. But after this shocking and shameful incident it seems that Madrasa’s are no longer safe for girls, now this is the big question on the education of the girls that where they should go for the education? What will be the future of these girls? CLMCI thinks that it is a shame for the whole nation that the girl students are gang raped and the Govt and society become the silent spectators.

The brief facts of the incident is that in Allahabad at least half a dozen men poising as policemen and armed with pistol and draggers forcibly entered into a girl Madrasa in the middle of the night, they locked the guard and warden in side a room and proceeded towards the girls room where they were sleeping. They first broke open the locked door and started looking at their faces closely, as if they were looking for suitable prey. They also asked about the girls “castes”. Then they dragged two girls out of the room and out of madrasa building, locking all the doors behind them. They took the two girls towards a small river at a distance of half kilometer. There they gang raped the girls. This heinous incident took place in the night of 17-18 January 2007 

As per the information received local police is trying to suppress the case and the police is trying to scuttle the process of law and trying to shield the real culprits at instruction of higher authorities who are under the political pressure. It is strongly suspected that the local land mafia, having connection with the local MP, Ateeq Ahmed are involved in this inhuman crime. Ateeq Ahmed has reputation of a mafia don, and he wants to developed a colony called Elena city around the area on which the madrasa building constructed. Under these circumstances and under the present political situation of Uttar Pradesh the free and fair enquiry of the incident is impossible. The local police under the political pressure are not in a position to arrest the real culprits and can’t provide justice. And here victims need the justice.

Sexual Abuse is one of the Worst forms of crimes and the Indian Constitution has very strong rules to deter it. The Silence of the Government officials and representatives, the lack of concern and apathy towards this incident is alarming. This is a crime not only against the girls at Madrasah but against humanity.

The Basic Fundamental Values Shared by all Indians is the respect of women in all forms irrespective of any caste creed or religion this cannot be compromised because the girls happen to be a madrasa student who generally are from poor family. If we fail to take any Stern action now It is sending wrong signals to the Perpetrators and they will be further emboldened and these crimes will spread at an alarming rate besides the Confidence of the Public in Law will be lost for ever. 

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee India herewith requesting you to intervene in to the situation for the sake of the justice and humanity and instruct the Govt to
1. Conduct the CBI enquiry of this heinous crime
2. Provide security to the victim girls and their family members and the Manager of the madrasa, because they are repeatedly threatened to change their statement.
3. Instruct the central Govt to take security measures for the protection of girl students.

Looking forward for a quick and immediate action from your side

Thanking you in anticipation.

Lateef Mohd Khan 
G.Secretary CLMCI

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P - 500013 India, Tel: +91-9391051586 Fax: 91-40-27403392, Email: «


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