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2007: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Muslim Islamic NewsDraft Resolutions for the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla 14 April, 2007

1. On Minority Status of Muslim in UP:

 The Markazi Majlis-e-Amla (MMA) of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM), while endorsing the AIMM statement on the observation by a single judge bench of the Allahabad High Court questioning the minority status of the Muslim community has noted with satisfaction that this totally incomprehensible and extra-constitutional observation has been extensively criticized by the mass media as well as by the political and legal circles.

The MMA considers that in the context of the timing of the observation and the haste with which it was pronounced without any cause, the observation constitutes a major act of judicial misbehavior.  The MMA therefore demands that the authorities concerned, namely the High Court as well as the Supreme Court,  inquire into the circumstances and take disciplinary action against the judge concerned.

2.On BJPís Anti-Muslim Campaign:

The MMM strongly denounces the brazen and blatant demonisation of the Muslim community by the BJP as part of its anti-Muslim hate campaign on the eve of the Assembly elections in UP, first through the CDs and then through posters.

The MMA realizes that neither the exercise nor the contents is new but this time the BJP has been caught flagrant delito and the Election Commission has taken due cognizance of the matter.  But the fact is that through distribution of the reprehensible and vicious material, the BJP has already achieved its purpose namely to poison the minds of hundreds of thousands of electors and to bring about a communal polarization in its favour.

In view of the deliberate and continuous nature of the offence, the MMA fully supports the secular parties in their demand for de-recognition of the BJP.  

The MMA also requests the Election Commission  to direct the election authorities in UP to videotape all speeches made at BJPís election meetings, especially by its top leaders, and to register FIRís against the speakers and the organizers under Section 153A and other relevant sections of the IPC.

3.On Introduction of Sex Education in Schools:

 The MMA condemns the introduction of sex education in schools and appreciates the rejection of the scheme by several State Governments. The MMM demands that the Central Government should cancel the project and appoint a Committee of Experts to go into the question of the level and content of a well designed curriculum to impart scientific information about sex to secondary and higher secondary students as well as to provide a counseling service to remove misinformation and encourage a moral attitude, in keeping with the cultural values of our society.

4. On Composite Reorganisation of State Police Forces:

 The MMA strongly urges the State Governments to reorganize their Police force to give them a composite character, particularly, the armed constabularies and the intelligence services, and also to take urgent steps to screen out the Police personnel who have come under the influence of Hindutva forces and in times of crisis act as the executors of its ideology, policy and plan.

5. On Development in the A.M.U.:

 The MMA expresses its deep concern at the current situation in the Aligarh Muslim University, which resulted in the resignation of the Vice Chancellor, and which is attributed by many close observers, to the ongoing polarization in the campus along regional and sectarian lines on the eve of the selection of the next Vice Chancellor.  Taking note of the charges and counter-charges against several teachers for alleged acts of corruption, graft and nepotism and association with mafias operating on the campus,  the MMA expresses the hope that the University community shall select a suitable panel of experienced administrators and eminent academicians for final selection by the Visitor.

The MMA takes this opportunity to request the Government and the University to have a fresh look at the University Act in order, inter-alia, to change the system of selection of the Vice Chancellor so as to make him independent of campus lobbies,  to reduce the size of the Court and the Executive Council to make them compact and effective and also to make it mandatory that the Court has at least two substantive meetings every year to discuss the performance as well as finances of the University.

6. On Amendment to the Wakf Act. 1995:

 The MMA requests the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Wakfs to expedite its recommendations on amendments to the Wakf Act. 1995 on a priority basis so that appropriate legislative measures may be initiated by the Government in order inter-alia to empower the Central Wakf Council and to create an organic linkage between the Central Wakf Council and the State Wakf Boards and to make them more responsive and responsible..

The MMA also calls upon the Central Wakf Council to finalise its own recommendations on the question of amendments to enable the Ministry of Minority Affairs to commence the exercise of drafting the Amendment Bill.

 The MMA also requests the Ministry of Minority Affairs to give due and urgent consideration to the recommendations of the Sachar Committee, in particular, on the ways and means to increase the recurring income of the wakf properties and to channelise the surplus income, after fulfilling the intent of the wakifs, to charitable purposes, including the educational and social development of the Community as well as to grant long-term lease of wakf properties to bona fide minority educational institutions.



7. On Implementation the Sachar Report:

                The MMA places on record its dismay that the Sachar Report has been politicized by the anti-Muslim forces in order to block any  meaningful steps by the Central and state governments for economic and educational development of Muslim community. In this context, the MMA welcomes the proposals of the CPM for their economic and educational development.

Not withstanding this delay , the MMA hopes that the Central government shall during the coming discussion in the Parliament announce a package for reducing the economic educational gap between the Community and rest of the nation.

The MMA also calls upon the Muslim organizations, institutions and intellectuals to formulate a consensus on Muslim priorities to be placed before the governments, the secular parties and the intelligentsia.

The MMA also invites the community to set up an affective machinery  at all levels for taking full advantage of government plans and schemes and for monitoring their execution .


8. On Resistance to Government in Nandigram:

  The MMA salutes the people of Nandigram for their valiant defiance of forcible acquisition of their land by the state government to benefit big capital and forcing the government to beat a retreat  through united action.

The MMA calls upon the Central government to revise or rewrite the Land Acquisition Act for making acquisition subject to the consent of the cultivator and for making a  distinction between social  purposes like school, road, etc. and private purposes.

The MMA also demands the formulation of  a generous scheme of compensation and resettlement for the affected families, including training them in new skills and offering them  shares in the commercial enterprise.

9. On Rights of Urdu Speaking People in UP:

The MMA reiterates its call to major secular parties contesting the election in UP to take a clear stand on the Constitutional and human rights of Urdu-speaking minority for using their mother tongue as the medium of primary instruction and for teaching it up to class X as a compulsory subject.  It is this denial and deprivation which is a major factor in the low enrollment and high dropout rate of  Urdu-speaking children in UP.

 The MMA urges the State authorities to establish Urdu-medium primary and secondary schools in all Muslim areas in accordance with the national norms and sanction adequate number of posts of Urdu and Urdu-medium teachers to manage them. 

The MMA also urges them to sanction adequate number of posts of Urdu knowing clerks and translators at all levels from blocks to state secretariat for interaction in the Urdu-speaking community.

10. On the 4th Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq: 

The MMA takes note of the 4th Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq by the USA and joins the people of Iraq and the peace-loving people all over the world in demanding immediate withdrawal of foreign presence  from the Iraqi soil.

 The MMA takes massive demonstration in the Shia majority regions of Iraq against occupation as expression of unanimous popular will to restore their lost sovereignty, to stop the continuing fratricide as well as to rebuild the national economy and a  peaceful society on the basis of equity, equality and social justice.

11. On SAARC Summit, New Delhi, 2007:

                The MMA expresses the hope that with improvement of relations between India and Pakistan, South Asia shall move steadily towards economic integration through intensive social intercourse and massive educational and economic cooperation and thus build the foundation for the South Asian union of the futures.

12. On Iranís Relations with the West:

 The MMA notes Iranís peaceful and firm handling of threats by USA and Israel and of the crisis caused by the intrusion of British military personnel in Iranian waters.

The MMA has also noted Iranís courageous defiance of the West on the question of uranium enrichment and hopes that the problem shall be sorted out through negotiations under the good offices of the IAEA.

13. On Arab Initiatives for Peace in the Middle East:

The MMA welcomes the reiteration of peace proposal by the Arab Summit and notes the lukewarm response of Israel in keeping with its traditional subversion of all peace initiatives in the past.  The MMA is of the view that Israel intransigence is due to unquestioning support to Israel by the USA and therefore urges the Arab States to exert all possible pressure on the USA to change its policy.

           The MMA also requests the Government of India to use its good offices to persuade Israel to accept the Arab overtures, and thus  convert the region into an area of peace and cooperation.


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