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2007: Indian Muslim Press Statements
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Muslim Islamic NewsIndian Muslim org. requests Andhra Govt to Revise Reservation Formula


AIMMM Requests A.P. Government to Revise it's Reservation Formula

Adopt Karnataka Model and Fix Muslim Sub Quota 8% Subject to Exclusion Creamy Layer and Approval of S.C.

New Delhi, 30 June, 2007: "The AIMMM has given due consideration to the A.P. proposal for reservation in favour of some Muslim Sub-Communities as recommended by Shri P.S. Krishna, Advisor or Backward Classes Welfare.

No data are available on the population or level of backwardness of the selected Sub-Communities. Nor the proportion they individually or collectively form of the total Muslim population of Andhra Pradesh. Nor has government adopted a scientific methodology for determining the sub-quota to for the selected Sub-Communities. 

Even assuming that the selected Sub-Communities are alone eligible for reservation, the extent which the proposed 4% fulfill, the demand of their situation has not been determined. 

On the other hand, the Sachar Report has come to the conclusion that the Muslim community, as a whole, is almost as backward as the SC/ST and that its level of backwardness is higher compared to non-Muslim OBC's. Andhra Pradesh may have a visible segment in the Muslim population which, for historic reason, is well endowed in resources, assets and education but they form a very small section of the Muslims of Andhra Pradesh compared to the Muslim masses who are economically, educationally and therefore socially backward. No just or equitable dispensation can ignore the poor Muslims, in excludes Sub-Communities namely the Syeds, Sheikhs, Mashaikhs, Moguls, and Pathans. 

In the neighboring state of Karnataka the Muslim community, as a whole, has been declared as a Backward Class. Additionally the poor income Muslim sub-communities which are engaged in the same traditional occupations or professions and the Hindu counterparts are eligible for the benefit of reservation under relevant categories. 

Without going into the theological debate the AIMMM safely asserted that while Islam as a religion does not recognize castes. The Muslim society in India, largely for reason of its descent from Hindu converts, is socially divided among caste-like baradaris and sub-communities. 

Considering the above and to safeguard the interest of the Muslim community of Andhra Pradesh, the AIMMM rejects the proposal and requests the Andhra Pradesh Backward Class Commission to consider the following scheme: 

1. Recognition of the Muslim Community as a whole as a Backward Classes.

2. Considering that the Muslim form 9% of Andhra Pradesh population and their backwardness is of the order of 90% as compared to SC/ST. the Muslim Community is entitled 8% to reservation, subject to exclusion of the creamy layer. 

3. The creamy layer should be defined in terms of families whose total family income from all sources s more than double the average family income of the state.

4. Benefit of reservation under other sub-category should not be restricted to any religious group but extended to others irrespective of religion.

5. Since the total reservation will exceed 50% the government of Andhra Pradesh, following the examples of Tamilnadu and Karnataka should announce its Scheme of Reservation and seek relaxation of 50% rule from the Supreme Court." 

Syed Shahabuddin

D-250, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110 025 Phone: 2694 6780 Fax: 2694 7346
  Email: ; 


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