The Milli Gazette will, insha Allah continue publication but your support is constantly needed to keep it alive

Why is it that The Milli Gazette is not financially stable?

What was the Result of the #SaveMG campaign?

What is the solution?

How can I help in keep MG alive?

Why bother about a Print Edition in this Internet age?





Why is it that The Milli Gazette not on financially stable?

Simply because MG does not have the required funds and resources to carry on. We don't get advertisements as our target audience is Indian Muslims and we cant accept unethical and un-Islamic ads. Also we do not have enough readers which could make us break-even. For details you may read this article.

The Milli Gazette endeavoured these past 14 and half years to represent Muslims in all regions of India, all sects and shades of thought. We focused on our community's triumphs which mostly go unreported and we also constructively addressed our failures, shortcomings and challenges, which are usually blown up by the insensitive "national" media.
It was with the support of readers like you that, alhamdulillah, we entered our 15th year of publication in January. We started way back on January 1, 2000, with great dreams and plans to put our community on the news media map. Our plan was to slowly evolve into a weekly publication and start offering new services like a daily newspaper on the Internet. But it seems we will not be able to complete this journey. This reality has been stared us for a long time, as we struggled to attract enough subscribers and advertisers to sustain this effort. Taking this decision to close at this juncture has been doubly painful as we see the challenges mount while an insensitive if not outright inimical administration has taken over at the centre.
We do not follow the conventional, sometimes unethical, tactics of large media houses and our financial losses have been mounting year after year after year and now we have reached a stage where it has become unsustainable. As we stand today, we will not be able to publish more than few more issues.
The lack of resources and continued deficit will force your newspaper to close down soon. As a last-ditch effort, in August 2014 we had set a target of 100,000 new subscribers that, if achieved, will put us on strong footing to continue. If we are unable to achieve the goal, we will cease publishing by October 2014.
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What was the Result of the #SaveMG campaign?

In our 16-31 August 2014 issue we had informed you with a heavy heart that your The Milli Gazette might have to close down. We floated #SaveMG campaign. Our target was to get 100,000 three-year-subscriptions @ Rs 1000 each, to create a capital of Rs 10 crore which would have helped us become stable for the next three years and more and hence would allow us a breathing space to improve and stabilise. The response to the #SaveMG Campaign in terms of new subscriptions registered was disappointing. But we realised our readers' heart-felt pain which they conveyed to us by post, phone, email, sms on the thought of MG shutting down. We also witnessed some extra-ordinary activism by MG well-wishers, who went completely out of the way to help MG and spread the word. Hence, we have decided to continue for the time-being hoping that promises and pledges made by our readers and well-wishers will be redeemed, more and more people will read us and we will never have to think of closing MG ever again...insha Allah. The time is not to relax.
The #SaveMG subscription drive has to continue. Help make sure Indian Muslims have stronger voice.

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What is the solution?

Are you 1 of the 100000 Readers we are STILL desperately looking for our print edition?

Now you know we are a reader-supported newspaper and we are asking for your support in the form of subscriptions. Subscriptions to the Milli Gazette will mean that twice a month we will deliver you the newspaper at your doorstep, insha Allah. In one year we publish 24 issues. A one year subscription costs Rs 320 and a 3 year duration subscription will cost Rs 1000. Payment for the subscription can be done online here or by cash on delivery, cheque, DD, money order, bank deposit etc. To pay offline download this subscription form. For any assistance email us at

To pay electronically by cards or netbanking click here.

We encourage you can to not only subscribe for yourself but to gift subscriptions to anyone Friends, relatives, activists, leader, library, Police station, University, college, hospital, clinic, reading room, NGO, Dhaba, Coffee shop.  Please forward this to your friends you think may be interested in MG or send us their contact details, emails, mobile numbers.

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How can I help in keeping MG alive?

1. Subscribe to MG for yourself or Gift it to someone a subscription.

To pay offline by cheque, MO download this subscription form and send it to us.

To pay online click the duration on the right:  (by credit/debit/Netbanking)

Within India (by post)

Click to order 1 year in India @ Rs 320

Click to 3 year in India @ Rs 1000


Outside India (by Airmail)

1 year outside India @ Rs 2000 by Airmail

3 year outside India @ Rs 7200 by Airmail

2. Word of Mouth. Share about Milli Gazette with your friends. Paste this appeal in your office, masjid etc. Share this page by Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, Twitter. You can use graphics here on your profiles and cover images.

3. Book an advertisement in Milli Gazette or pledge to sponsor a page or column. Click here.

 4. Organise an offline or online event/meeting to spread the word. Insha Allah, soon we will share a ppt to help convincing people.

 5. Forward us emails of your friends by clicking here. And follow us on social media by clicking here.

 6. Print leaflets and get them distributed. You may print this pdf on an A4 sized page. Or this poster here.
 7. How about releasing advertisement about MG in any medium? Online/offline etc.
8. Feel free to use any innovative method to help us. Like running an online petition, a facebook event etc.
9. Make some dua's please :-)

















Why bother about a Print Edition in this Internet age?

Firstly, the internet penetration in India is not much and none of the print media is complaining about online media is eating up their print circulation (read this report). Secondly, decision makers, law makers, and courts still give some weightage to printed reports than just referring to some website. Thirdly, we still have people writing post cards, inland letters, and they form much of our readership living in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. They all like to feel the paper than to read it on a screen, even if they have access to the internet. Fourthly, we do not accept unethical and un-Islamic ads for our online edition and this effects our revenues alot (No Modi ads, no gambling, no dating, no undergarment, no drugs, no weight enhancing etc). Readers buy our print edition thats how we generate revenue. Hence it is our print edition which will generate revenues to sustain our work and not vice versa. 
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