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On the eve of the Prime Minister's visit, Modi busy faking camps
By SU Rahman, Milli Gazette News Service

Ahmedabad, April 3: On the eve of Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit, Modi government is busy faking refugee camps in Ahmedabad in order to offer an unreal picture to the distinguished visitor. He will be visiting two camps, out which only one will be real. 

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has already indicted the Gujarat state government for not properly handling the situation and has sought an immediate CBI probe into certain critical cases, including the train carnage.

According to reports, the Prime Minister is likely to make a brief visit to Godhra also which witnessed the train carnage which was used to launch the subsequent anti-Muslim violence in the state which has claimed over 800 lives according to official figures. Unofficial figures are many times higher. Mr Vajpayee is likely to announce certain relief measures to the victims of the communal carnage who are staying in the camps. 

Out of over two hundred thousand internal refugees in Gujarat due to the month-long violence, there are 71,153 people housed in 46 relief camps in Ahmedabad area In only one camp at Shah-e-Alam durgah in the walled city there are more than 8,000 riot-victims.

The state administration is going about its make-believe business while there is no end to violence in sight. Ahmedabad witnessed large scale arson and looting today in Gomti Nagar area. A youth was burnt alive in the communally sensitive Shahpur locality. Three Muslims were injured in police firing. Rioters are not allowing ambulances to rescue the injured. According to a report 45 injured in today's violence are being treated in the city's Sarabai Hospital alone. Curfew has been re-imposed in some Muslim dominated areas of Ahmedabad since last night. But life in the Hindu areas is normal.

A muti-religious peace delegation visiting the state at present was forced by the extremist elements to leave the Ishwar Bhawan in the upmarket Navrangpura area of Ahmadabad, where they were supposed to stay overnight. 

Since the announcement of the prime minister's visit the state machinery has been working overtime to spruce up the camps and doling out money to the victims. Gujarat chief minister’s fate is hanging in balance and depends much on the impression he manages to give the visiting prime minister.

Five persons belonging to the minority community were burnt alive in a mob attack in Ambasa village, 60 kms from Ahmedabad, and four others were injured in this attack which took the villagers by surprise last night as most of the victims were sleeping when their houses were set ablaze by arsonists. 

One person was killed and four others injured in police firing in Umreth town of Anand district Tuesday night, police said on Wednesday. A large number of houses and shops were set on fire in Umreth. Curfew remains imposed on Anjaar in Kutch since yesterday where three places of worship were damaged. Fresh violence is reported from Vadodra.

Yet despite all the continuing violence, the Modi government claims that everything is fine in Gujarat. To crown all this, Modi government is erecting fake relief camps of 'Hindu' victims to show them to the Prime Minister during his visit tomorrow. The idea is to convince the Prime Minister the post-Dodhra riots were not a one-sided affair.

Indu Jain, editor of Naya Marg, a fortnightly published from Ahmadabad, who visited one such camp in Karkaria near Dhor Bagan told this correspondent that the government is beautifying this fake camp where they have brought Dalits from surrounding areas to show them to the prime minister as 'victims.' According to latest information more such 'victims' are being brought to these fake camps in order to impress the visiting prime minister and the media people who will be accompanying him.

Well-known social activist, Swami Agnivesh, who is the chairperson of the United Nations Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery and general secretary of Bharatiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, is part of the muti-religious peace delegation visiting Ahmedabad now. He confirmed this report about fake camps. He visited the camp in Karkaria which is being spruced up for the prime minister's visit tomorrow . He told this correspondent that it is a fake camp made up in order to divert the attention of the prime minister and the world away from the atrocities still perpetrated against the Muslims. He observed that unlike the real victims in ordinary camps, residents of fake camps behave in a different manner and have difficulty in recounting their experiences.

Mukesh Gurjan, Gujarat state president of Dalit Sena, told this correspondent that rioters of the VHP (World Hindu Council) are extensively using Dalits, the so-called 'untouchables', to carry out their plans.

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