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Dateline Jenin: 
Eyewitness account of Israeli terrorism

Dear all friends all over the world,
According to eye witness from Jenine refugee camp (Abu Mohamed, a political leader and activist), the Israeli army is demolishing houses inside the refugee camp of Jenine on the heads of its inhabitants. Tens of fighters are summary executed in front of the rest of the camp inhabitants. Since 8 days not a bird managed to enter the camp, the camp is without food, water, medication or anything. People are drinking sewage water. According to Reyad al Arda, member of the emergency committee in Jenine municipality, fours paramedical Israeli groups arrived to the camp yesterday night took the corpses scattered every where in the camp with the injured to inside Israel. Yesterday, after having a deal with the Jenine hospital and the International Red Cross, three ambulances head to the camp, they have been stopped, one managed to get three injured, they stopped it and arrested two of the injured. That was the only ambulance managed ever since 8 days to approach the camp. Right now according to Arda and Abu Mohamed, the militants arrested after finishing their ammunitions are lined and summary executed. Thousands of civilians fled the camp by night, they stripped them of their clothes and took their belongings, stopped from tanks surrounding the camp. 17 bulldozers in action inside the camp razing some of the buildings and bringing them to the ground. Children inside the camps are running everywhere looking for their parents, in the summary executions some women were shot dead. The Israeli bulldozers are digging mass graves for the killed people, it seems they want 'to clean' the mess before allowing any people to enter the camp. UNRWA delegation Red Cross, Red Crescent and Jenine paramedical, all of them still denied access to the camp till this moment (2p.m). In old Nablus F.16 is bombarding the Yassmina quarter, 14 corpses were found under the rubble of one building, till this moment ambulances are denied access to the old city, volunteers are taking the risk on their own to fetch and carry injured and bring them outside the old city.
Dear friends all over the world, we have all to document this, we have to send people to eye witness their massacres, we have to bring war criminals to justice. Dear Israeli friends, help Palestinians to find the corpses of their dead, trace the paramedical who participated in this massacre, collect information, collect stories of the soldiers who still have some sense of humanity and witnessed what happened. Help Palestinians finding their disappeared children whether dead or injured. My son, got news from the Red Cross, that his friend Jad Hamada Khlif Khlif, 24 years from Ramallah, was shot and taken by the army, if any one of you has any information about him, please send it to us. We have all of us to move to bring war criminals to justice, we have all of us to help the Jenine refugee camp inhabitants to find their beloved and children, we have all of us to help them to rebuild their camp and survive in the face of the Israeli crimes. Yesterday, they were debating 'publicly' on the Israeli t.v, channel 1 if they can use the F16 to raze the camp but were debating the 'political' cost of this action, but never the humanitarian cost, they want now to hide their crimes for not paying this 'political' cost, we have do everything we can to unable them form hiding what they committed against humanity and against the Palestinian people. 

My love to all of you. 

Islah Jad, Jenine


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