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Posted Online on Tuesday 16, August 2005 17:15 IST

Independence Day Charter 

We, the undersigned, reflecting the concerns and aspirations of sixteen crores [160 million] Muslim citizens of the country, issue the following Charter on the 58th Independence Day of India.

We demand the government to strive to establish the Akhanda Bharat by reuniting the geography and populations that were divided off. A United India alone can bring peace, prosperity and harmony in the poverty ridden South Asia. The division of India had truncated the patriotic Muslim community of India who held on to their beloved land in spite of the violence unleashed on them by the Hindu communal fringe. The division of Indian Muslims has reduced us into a small minority and left us in perpetual torment and turned us into a new Panchama caste by the post-Independent political dispensation. We call for the reversal of the Partition that was inflicted to serve the interest of some feudal Muslim leaders and the Hindutwa elements.

We call upon the government to treat the people of Kashmir as its full citizens and provide them development, employment, unqualified democracy and the right to assert human self dignity, and stop alienating them through State violence. We call upon the Muslims of Kashmir to isolate those who generate violence at the behest of foreign powers, and not ever to desert the Indian Muslims fraternity.

The political order of the past 58 years has thrown Muslims, as a community, to the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid and to extreme disenfranchisement. As a means to rescue Muslims from this abyss, we urge the government to provide proportionate reservation for Muslims in all systems of governance and in the private sector. Multiculture as opposed to monoculture promotes excellence in governance as well as in industrial production. We urge the government to give up the habit of filling the judiciary with upper caste judges who take a consistently hostile position towards reservation for the under-represented communities and towards the poor in general. Don’t attempt to mask the rainbow that is India.

The government must stop the practice of setting up more police stations in Muslim areas than schools and colleges. We demand the setting up of 1000 new schools and 100 new colleges in Muslim majority areas during the term of this government. The government spending on education and health care must not be reduced to provide welfare for the corporate sector. Funding for education could also be sourced from the escalating defense budget. The nation cannot have a better weapon than educated citizens, especially Muslim citizens.

We demand the immediate prosecution of all the anti-Indian tyrants who perpetrated the pogrom in Gujarat. A compensation of Rs 5 lakhs each should be provided to the victims’ families immediately. We deplore UPA government, that came to power encashing the murder of Muslims in Gujarat, for its inaction on the genocide.

We demand speedy action to provide justice to the victims of the anti-Muslim riots of Bhivandi, Moradabad, Maliana and Mumbai. That the criminals are not punished yet glaringly proves the mockery of the delivery system for justice that we have in place.

We appeal to the Election Commission to de-recognise the BJP as a political party since it is not an independent party capable of making its own decisions but dictated by the fascist outfit RSS. Further, BJP has proven that it is not accountable to its membership but to RSS, an organisation run in a fascist manner with a doctrinal opposition to democracy and Indian constitution.

We demand an unconditional apology from Mr Manmohan Singh for betraying our freedom struggle and insulting our martyrs by praising the British colonialists for their ruthless occupation and exploitation of our nation. We also demand that a suitable memorial be built in honour of Bahadur Shah Zafar, who was the only King appointed by the people of India and who was mercilessly exiled to Burma by the invading forces.

We beg the Brahminical media, such as Indian Express, to give us a respite. As the most deprived section of the society we are unequally placed to fight you back. Allow us some time for some education and development and then you can resume your harangue.

We renew our resolve on this Day to struggle for the creation of an India free from discrimination, obscene inequality, poverty, illiteracy, superstitions, caste hegemony and violence.

Fareeda Rahman, Al Nisa Collective, Chennai

Mohammed Bashir, Pan India Muslim Forum, Kozhikkode

Sultan Ibrahim, Shabab E Hind, Chennai []

15 August 2005  «

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