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Posted Online on Tuesday 20, September 2005 22:55 IST

Holocausts in the Making: Hindutva brigade at work 

By I.K.Shukla

The Milli Gazette (online edition); September 20, 2005

Gujarat II and III will be enacted in Rajasthan under Vasundhara Raje and Madhya Pradesh under Babulal Gaur. Planning and preparation for the massive mayhem against minorities there, mainly Muslims, have proceeded apace for quite some time. Sporadic violence against Christians and Muslims that has been erupting there from time to time, but with a frightening regularity, is not random or aberrational. It is both a dry run of what is in store for the minorities in the two states in days ahead and also an advance warning of the saffronazi resolve to Hinduize these states towards the expansion and consolidation of Hindu fascism across all of India.

Distribution of lethal knives to that end in these states has been spearheaded by the same person, Pravin Togadia. Knives do not become religious tokens and any the less lethal by calling them tridents or trishuls. They have never been cultural or religious markers of identity among the Hindus born into the faith, pseudo-Hindu assertions to the contrary notwithstanding. Such knives were distributed along with gas cylinders, swords, and other firearms to the Hindu gangsters and hired hoodlums in Gujarat in 2002 with the directive to attack as a mob and kill Muslims, This, they were told, will keep them out of the ambit of punitive law. Thus assured, the criminals made Gujarat Hindu with mass murder, rape, arson, and robbery. It is with the same aim and ardor to serve the cause of Hindutva that knives have been distributed in several thousands to the anti-socials and foot soldiers of Hindu fascism in both Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Congress has been, as in Gujarat, acquiescent and covertly complicit in these two states. As for the central government, in the Gujarat Genocide 2002, it was openly collusive with the Butcher of Gujarat in the massacres there. In the case of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, its collusion will be covered, as amply demonstrated so far, with the fig leaf of state autonomy in matters of internal law and order. That effectively sanctions beforehand Sabra-Shatila reprised in Bharat. It is not for nothing that the notorious Sharon is so admired by the saffronazis, and no less by the Congress-led UPA government.

Why has it become imperative for the HinduTaliban now to show their fangs? Because, the project of Hinduizing India and militarizing Hindus, so candidly enunciated by Vinayak Savarkar, the icon of saffronite assassins, begun successfully in Gujarat, has to be extended across the nation. Because, the criminals involved in the demolition of Babri Mosque, must seize power before they are seized and slammed shut in jails. Because, unless the saffron lumpens are kept engaged in febrile “actions” they may grow dispirited and skitter away. The leadership loses, in the process, a drugged following and the cadres lose gainful employment, a prospect detrimental to both.

BJP-RSS squabble must be factored in for a holistic perspective. Advani’s successor as BJP honcho, to be installed in December this year, would be a proven and feral diehard of RSS mettle. It doesn’t matter who. The RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal brigade needs more violence to recapture and retain power, as it did in Gujarat. BJP is in saddle to execute the agenda of the RSS, the mother of Hindu fascism wedded to total extermination of minorities via violence and genocide in spurts, in an unending series.

The call for raking the Ayodhya Mandir issue, just given by Ashok Singhal, is a desperate but conjunctural ploy that makes sense in the overarching project of capturing power and fusing religion and state into one. Theocracy under any name, under any guise, like the favorite euphemism of the saffronazis, “cultural nationalism”, will remain theo-terrorism perpetrated on the masses by the pseudo-Hindu cabal. This call would mobilize Hindu voters communally and enable the saffron gang to prove its political muscle.

The conflation of these events and interests is a pointer to the stormy days ahead that may shake India to its roots, - HinduTaliban, bloodbath, and state apathy, all playing their allotted, pre-determined roles in the “largest democracy”. Theocracy always comes swimming rivers of blood with oars of fire.  «

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