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Posted Online on Monday 26, September 2005 01:50 IST

Nascent Vedic Hinduism that survives is Vedanta 

Rejoinder to: Hinduism, Hindutva and Judiciary 

The Milli Gazette (online edition); September 26, 2005

This article shows that it is a pity that scholars as Shri Ram Puniyani too are unaware that the minimum of nascent Vedic Hinduism that survives as a tradition in millions of commoners is Vedanta. Mr. Puniyani does not put in boldly in his article to show the ignorance of the judiciary of this elementary knowledge.

The proof of Vedanta as the minimum of nascent Vedic Hinduism is that we can scarcely find a Hindu who does not believe in Niraakaara, Saakaara (God without form and with firm and also as an incarnation on the earth) Karma and rebirth. These are the four pillars of Vedanta. If not, in either Nirakaara or in Saakara (as Advaitins or Dvaitins of Vedanta), all Hindus believe at least in the other three. So these beliefs define a Hindu’s surviving Vedic religion. I wonder if any other religion can be defined in four expressions.

Mr. Puniyani is correct about Radhakrishnan. Radhakrishnan in effect established for the alien minds of western educated Hindu leaders that Hinduism was not a religion but a way, science and philosophy of life. All were quite rightly mundane and not worth respect as a religion for the religious in the world.

Radhakrishnan’s ego was boosted by the British for a diabolical purpose. They needed proof for honest and sincere Christian ministers whose King James Bible contained Jesus’s words in St. Mathew’s 28:19, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,…”

Teaching religion is where the people are illiterate in religion. British Christian Ministers refused to teach Hindus who had a well established religion. So Radhakrishnan a Sanskrit Scholar and a Brahmin of the highest caste Hindu was secured by the British as an authority to clear the conscience of British Christian conscientious objectors. They got the proof that Hinduism was not a religion and Indians were illiterate in religion. The damage by this single Hindu philosopher strengthened a-spiritual secularism and Hindutva both. Hindu leaders till today do not see this reality. They are all slaves of recorded history that does not present this fact.

But poor Radhakrishnan was himself a victim of Macaulay to lose vivayka or the capacity to see reality that Hinduism was the only religion that emphasized Dharma in it. Dharma is one for humanity and so is in every religion. Westerns call it spirituality, Muslims call it roohaaniyat. It is a human being’s innate nature from which he can never alienate himself.

India needs this simple reality to be seen as lived in from Vedic times by natives of two to six religions with Muslims and later Sikhs for more than 
1200 years from 712 AD. It was Advaitic ethos of spirituality from Vedic times in the natives that Muslim masses jumped into it as did all alien masses earlier; all to become natives (not Hindus as the ignorant Hindutva brigade demands) by the common characteristic of non violence.

This reality of Muslims becoming spiritual and so non violent explains why we do not find an Indian Muslim a violent militant in the world. A-spiritual Hindu leaders (not Hindu spiritual masses) became violent to lead the demolition of Babri Masjid and to burning of Missionary Staines and his two sons alive. There can be black sheep in Muslim Mullas too as for instance Bukhari of Jama Masjid, Delhi, eulogizing Talibani Islam for spiritual Muslims in India.

The adam tashad-dud (ahinsa) in Indian Muslim masses created the first in the world regiments of non-violent Muslims reaching 100,000 with the help of Quran as a proof of their living in India in Advaitic ethos that stands only on Ahinsa Parmo Dharma. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was the embodiment of Ahinsa Parmo Dharma as a true Muslim for the times. So he created non violent regiments from the most violent Muslim Pushtoon tribes with the help of the Quran by four expressions repeated in this Holy Book ‘Sabr’ (trust in God and be patient and forgiving) expressed in ‘Amal’ (conduct) based on ‘Yaqueen’ (faith in the reality of God) and ‘Mohab-bat’ (as Allah’s precious and only gift to every child born). .

It is time for educated Hindus to look inside and give up a-spiritual secularism and Hindutva both as non Vedic and revive Vedic Advaita or Dharma or spirituality or roohaaniyat for Muslims to become one with Hindus again as they always were for over 1200 years till Macaulay destroyed true Vedic empowering spirituality from the Hindu educated minds. This made educated Hindus mind a-vivaykee and blind to realities. This mind of all noble Hindu leaders, except Gandhiji and a few voiceless other leaders, from 1835 caused series of disasters for India starting from the Partition till today.

The real cause of the partition and the rapid regression to present day divisiveness is not a person, party, political principle, precept of a religion or the British nor Mountbatten or Ganhi ji or Jinnah. The real cause can be visible only if we understand a purified mind and a polluted mind as realities. Both are concepts of Advaita. A purified mind led India to heights and a polluted mind to its depth and the Partition and its aftermath for us today is one of India’s depths.

The Supreme Court on 12 September 2002 showed us the way for a remedy for a U turn for glory. It enables teaching by state of one’s own religion till seventh grade and all religions equally to all in 8th to 12th grade with sacrosanct right to question about all by all. Old Advaitic spirituality will surface by questioning.

Leaders of all communities can sit together and see the great value of replacing Macaulayan ignorance by Indian heritage from Vedic times that is now the property of eight religions. It is for the joy of fulfillment of the Vedic rishis who left their gift for humanity and not for a region or a group of people.

Prakash Narain, USA
(B. Dilli 1917),  «

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