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Posted Online on Sunday 02, October 2005 14:11 IST

India's shameful vote against Iran 

By Ghulam Muhammed

The Milli Gazette Online

2 October 2005

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will have to take full responsibility for blackening his country’s face in front of the whole non-aligned world, over his government’s most perfidious about-turn in succumbing to the US pressure of open and blatant blackmail and voting against Iran in International Atomic Energy Agency’s September 24 meeting at Vienna.

India’s vote, even an abstaining one, would have been almost a symbol of defiance by the rest of the world to America’s relentless aggressive planning to invade and take over weak and indefensible countries in the third world by sheer use of its armed might. India has paved the way for America, UK and Israel, to repeat their nefarious aggression once again in the Middle East.

Whatever be technicalities involved in the matter, Manmohan Singh cannot doubt America’s well publicized threat to Iran’s sovereignty and thus he cannot escape the blame that he has used his office to go against the universal consensus of Indian people and even its political parties, including CPI (M) and BJP, against siding with the US, in its evil plans against a weak and indefensible country and that too in its very immediate neighborhood. Manmohan has bright war at the doorstep of India.

By this single act, India has fully registered its membership in the infamous colonial ‘axis of evil’ that the neo-con power-mongers have been gathering to take over the third world. In one stroke, Manmohan Singh has completely repudiated the whole history and ethos of India’s 58 years’ moral leadership of a world solidly aligned against the greed and avarice of the Western colonialists. Iraq is too fresh for Manmohan Singh, not to be drawing the correct conclusions while short-sightedly and tamely submitting to the high-handed dictates of an avaricious predator nation that will have no sympathy even for India, when it gets its upper hand. 

It is a matter of great importance that except for Indian Express (which earlier was incensed on Natwar Singh using Muslim card; thus exposing its editor’s ugly communal face), practically all mainstream media have instantly revolted against the small cabal of decision makers at the top, that have abused the trust and authority of their offices to commit India to a very hazardous course. Much before India hopes to achieve any economic miracle through liberalization, India will become the burial ground for South Asia’s all economic dreams.

The way Manmohan Singh’s misadventure has been vehemently opposed both by the Left as well as the Right, (the coalition partners and the political opposition, both of whom even on ideological grounds are supposed to be against Iranian regime – since this is not merely an Iranian issue), categorically proves that Manmohan Singh has committed a monumental and historical blunder. Either he should retrace the steps or simply resign. It is doubtful if India’s national interest is safe in his hands. It is apparent his commitment to the US and US plans to subjugate other countries is much deeper than people of India would have ever guessed. 

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai <> «

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