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Posted Online on Saturday 22, October 2005 00:05 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsMOEMIN - Relief in Kashmir 

The Milli Gazette Online

22 October 2005

Dear Friends,

Movement for Emowement of Muslim Indians (MOEMIN) is organising urgent relief for the victims of the deadly quake in Kashmir. The plan is to dispatch 5000 blankets and 200 tents to the effected areas. We appeal to all to contribute in the relief funds.

The cost of a blanket is Indian Rs. 500 and the tent is Rs. 5500 each. The blanket is of 60 inch x 90 inch, 2800 gms in weight, 100 percent woolen of Sagar Brand and the tent is of 14 ft by 14 ft, double-layer having upper layer of water proof canvass of 340 gms/sq ft, and the inner layer of thick dasooti and can accommodate 8 cots or 11 persons without cots. 

Alhamdolillah the effort has already generated Rs 2.1 million so far from friends and admirers, in which MOEMIN chairman Mr. Moosa Raza's SIET Trust alone has donated Rs. 0.5 million.

We have placed an order for 200 tents and are in process of negotiating prices for blankets as we need only good quality blankets which can resist zero degree temperatures in effected areas of Kashmir. The plan is to dispatch the material to Kashmir within 5 days as the winter season is approaching fast and people need urgent relief.

As far as the relief material to effected areas in Pakistan is concerned, I have spoken to renowned Gandhian, Dr. Nirmala Deshpande, M.P., and other founder-members of South Asian Council for Minorites (SACM) of which I am the convenor. I have been told that there would be no hinderances if relief is sent to the other part of border via Wagah. Dr. Nirmala Deshpande's Bharat Sewa Trust has agreed to donate goods worth Rs. 100,000 for the effected friends in neighboring country.

Below is a list of the medicines required in effected areas of Pakistan. It was sent to us from members of Pakistan Chapter of SACM and a telephone call to the High Commission of Pakistan about the requirements in Muzaffarabad.

I have requested ANHAD, a registered organisation, to allow us to take cheques in their name if some friends wish to give donations in cheques or drafts and ANHAD has agreed to help us in this endeavour. ANHAD has Income Tax exemption certificate provisions too and the amount donated is exempted from income tax if the amount is given in the name of ANHAD.

In case of cash, a proper receipt to all donors and a detailed account after the relief would be dispatched to all those friends whose donation would exceed Rs. 2000.

Hope to hear a response in either case at the earliest.


Navaid Hamid
General Secretary, MOEMIN
2143 Dawai Tola, Qasimjan Street, Ballimaran, Delhi 110 006
Tel. (011) 2326 1369, 2752 8508; ++91-9811643929 / 


1 Amoxicillin capsule 250 mg bliser 10,s 250 capsules
2 Amoxicillin syrup 125mg, bottle 1's 60 ml bottle
3 Amoxicillin injection 500mg, vial 1's 10 vial
4 Gentamycin injection 40mg, ampoule 1's 10 ampoules
5 Gentamycin eye drops 0.3% ampoule 1's 1 ampoule
6 Oral rehydration salt (ors) WHO specs 1's 10 sachet
7 Diclofenic tablet 50mg blister 10,s 100 tablets
8 Diclofenic injection 25mg per 1 ml 1,s 5 ampoules
9 Paracetamol tablets 500mg blister 10,s 1000 tablets
10 Paracetamol syrup 120mg per 5 ml 1,s 60 ml bottle
11 Ibuprofen tablet 200mg blister 10,s 100 tablets
12 Ibuprofen syrup 100 mg per 5 ml 1,s 60 ml bottle
13 Lingnocain (with adrenaline) 2%, 5 ml ampoule 1's 5 injections
14 Diazepam tablet 5mg, blister 10,s 100 tablets
15 Diazepam injection 5mg per ml 1,s 5 ampoules
16 Water for injection 10 ml ampoule 1,s 100 ampoules
17 Disposable syringe 5cc 1,s 100 syringes
18 Normal saline i/v infusion 1000cc bag 1,s 24 bags
19 Ringer's lactate i/v infusion 1000cc bag 1,s 24 bags
20 Pyodine solution 10 % solution 1's 450ml bottles
21 Cotton bandage 6'' 1,s 12 roles
22 Cotton wool 100 gm 1's 1 role
23 Crepe bandage 6'' 1's 1 role
24 Sterile gauze   1's 10 pakects
25 i/v canula 18 gauge 1,s 10 tubes
26 i/v canula 25 gauge 1,s 10 tubes


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