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Posted Online on Saturday 4, November 2005 09:45 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsFocus: Communal riots

Communal riots in India or Conspiracy

The Milli Gazette Online

New Delhi: A discussion on ‘Communal riots in India: or Conspiracy’ was held here on 21 September. RSS spokesman, Ram Madho, speaking in this discussion said that he is thankful to the organisers of this discussion for inviting him because otherwise he would not have known how much fire is burning in the hearts of Muslims.

M. Hasnain of National Party of India said during the discussion that inviting RSS spokesman Ram Madho and asking him whether communal riots in India are matters of chance or the results of conspiracy is just like Indian police arresting Dawood Ibrahim and asking him if the serial bombings 1992-93 in Mumbai were at his behest or these were mere matters of chance. At this, Ram Madho objected and said that he should not be compared to Dawood Ibrahim. He cannot tolerate it and that he is a guest here. 

After Ram Madho’s objection, general secretary of Urdu Press Club, Tariq Faizi and organiser of the discussion who is also a Supreme Court lawyer, Mushtaq Ahmad prevented M. Hasnain from his diatribe against Ram Madho. At this Hasnain and about 50 of his supporters shouted slogans and walked out of the meeting.

When Ram Madho’s turn came for speaking, he said that riots are nothing new and these should not be viewed in today’s background. Roots of riots go deep in history. While laying stress on the need to change the mentality of separatism he said that the gulf between the two communities strongly needs to be bridged and added that mere emotionalism will not serve any purpose. 

Marxist Lok Sabha MP, Hannan Mulla targeted RSS and held it responsible for social unrest. A high police official of UP and famous writer and author of novel ‘Shahar mein Curfew’, Vibhuti Narayan Rai of Lucknow said that police is not seen in Khaki Uniform only but in Khaki nicker also. He said that it is essential for police not to allow riots to take place and if at all riots take place, it must put it down immediately because only police can do this properly. He further said that when and where riots are not controlled and go on spreading and continue for several days, these are state and government sponsored.

Mumbai’s famous poet and satirist, Jalis Shervani, who is also writer Hindi film songs, TV, serials and dialogues, said that no one can change the secular character of India and no effort should also be made to change it. He said that if people of both communities come face to face and talk in high pitched voice, it will create collision and if they walk hand in hand, way will be paved for progress and development and no body will be allowed to put impediments in the path of progress.

National Conference Lok Sabha MP from Kashmir and chairman of Urdu Press Club, Abdur Rashid Shaheen said that confrontation cannot solve my problem. He also spoke about the pitiable condition of Kashmiri Pundits and the problem of Jammu and Kashmir. Others who spoke in this discussion were the chairman of UP Urdu Academy, Yaseen Usmani, chairperson of Children’s Film Society, Nafisa Ali etc. 

At the end of the discussion Zaheer Zaidi, chairman of Hasan Ara Trust said that by such discussions, understanding between the two communities increases. He said that coalition governments are generally in favour of minorities because no party is fully in control of power. (Azad Hind, September 22, 2005) 

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