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Posted Online on Wednesday 30, November 2005 13:15 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsCanada: Muslims celebrate Ramadan and Eid

By Firoz Khan

The Milli Gazette Online

Muslims celebrate Ramadan and EidToronto: After a month of fasting and special prayers for the whole month of Ramadan, the ninth month of Hijri year, hundreds of thousands of Muslims in GTA and surrounding areas like Mississuaga, Brampton and Hamilton celebrated Ramadan Eid last Friday.

Men, women, children, disabled on wheel chairs dressed in colorful traditional attires of their countries came to mosques for offering special prayers of Eid-ul-Fitr popularly known as Ramadan. In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh it is known as Ramzan. They were from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries, Carribean countries, Fiji, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. The management of some of the mosques held two or three sessions of the prayers to overcome the parking problems. Volunteers of different faiths were seen helping and greeting people. In the parking area of International Muslim Organisations (IMO) two Sikhs and a few white youth were seen guiding people to park their cars and control traffic.

Muslims celebrate Ramadan and EidSpecial prayers for Eid and congregations were held at different mosques.
like IMO, Madina, Al-Noor, Tarique, Abu Baqr, Rexdale Jama Masjid and many other places. To avoid the parking problems people were seen coming to mosques well ahead of the prayers.

At IMO in two different session more than Six thousands faithfuls offered prayers. Haji Umar Faooque, the president of IMO welcomed the people and said that we all lived the simple life and gave charities during the pious month of Ramadan. We must continue the same life style in days to come. This should not be limited to Ramadan month only. He said people in earthquake affected Pakistan look forward for our help. We all must give some part of our income to them. This is what Quran and Islam teach us.

Muslims celebrate Ramadan and EidThe young and well known Imam of the mosque Hamid Salimi said, "Ramadan is the blessed month for all of us not only because the holy Quran started revealing to prophet Muhammed (peace be up on him) but because it teaches us so many things like living life in a simple way, giving charity, spend most of the time in prayers and thus live spiritual life. During this month of fasting and prayers many bad habits are fogotten. It helps us to control anger and stress. The fasting also helps control obesity as on an average a person who fasts for the whole month loses ten to fifteen ponds of weight without any medication or seeing any doctor!!"

Mentioning the natural calamities like Katrina, Tsunami and Earthquake Imam said, " Those who died in these calamities have become shaheeds (Martyrs) they are declared as such by the Holy Quran. Those who have survived are in urgent need of food, shelter, medications and clean drinking water. True many organisations are rendering yeomen services but still a lot is required to be done. Please come forward and show your generosity. Help them in whatever manner you can." Giving advice to youth he said, "Respect your parents and elders. The Quran categorically and clearly commands all of us to do so. It is said in Quran that if you respect them your children will respect you."

Muslims celebrate Ramadan and EidMr. Danny Dube, the Consul General of Guyana who was present at the mosque lauded the community services rendered by the IMO and said that we need more such organisations. He greeted the people by saying "Eid Mubarak."

Amir Ali, the secretary of IMO gave a brief report of the activities of IMO during the month of Ramadan. He said, " Twenty four thousand dinners were served during Ramadan month. This became possible only because of dedicated volunteers."

After the prayers the people were seen hugging and greeting each other by saying "Eid Mubarak."

Firoz Khan is based in Etobicoke, Canada and may be contacted at


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