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Posted Online on Wednesday 30, November 2005 11:45 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsEid Message from National Youth League

The Milli Gazette Online

We are today at the end of the holy month of Ramadan: once again we are witness to the joyous occasion of yet another Eid-ul-Fitr. It has rather become the norm that such occasions provide us the pretext to contemplate upon the predicament of the Muslim community which forms a community in itself not just within the boundaries of India but also in the whole world abroad. As always, Ramadan has been a month of training and self-discipline for the Muslims. It has been a month where they have strained to better themselves as human beings; where they have deliberately made efforts to stay within the bounds of divine law and its prescriptions. Needless to say, these human characteristics, so assiduously cultivated in the last thirty days must – ideally speaking – remain with the Muslims for the next eleven months: until the onset of the next Ramadan. If this is not realized, then much of our devotions will have been in vain, or so to speak.

It is also on this occasion that we must remember the plight of the less fortunate from amongst our brethren: those that have been affected by the terrible consequences of the earthquake in Kashmir, PoK and Islamabad, Pakistan. In this hour of their need, our hearts go out to them for all the privations that they have suffered of a sudden. That they have had to undergo this trial in the fasting month of Ramadan is a matter that is in itself painful for the rest of the Muslim world, and it renders this Eid a rather solemn and not-so-joyous an occasion. The loss in lives and property has been tragic, but not as tragic as the lack of relief work and humanitarian assistance that must have otherwise flowed in. The plight of the Kashmiris in the wake of the earthquake has been all but neglected in the mainstream Media. In this bleak atmosphere such as the one that presents itself in Kashmir today, apart from providing what assistance is possible from our side, we as fellow Muslims can only hope and pray that Allah will bestow, on the victims of this catastrophe, His mercy and grace and that He will grant the inner strengths of patience and fortitude to the families of those who have died.

Enlightened Muslims today understand that the Qur’an, in one of its memorable verses, has conferred on them a great responsibility and trust, in as much as it declares:

“You are the best of communities raised up for mankind: (for) you encourage the good and forbid the evil, and you believe in God...” 

Here, the Qur’an implies that the Muslims have been raised up as the best of communities only because, in addition to believing in God, they have always stood by the twin virtues of ‘encouraging the good,’ and ‘forbidding the evil.’ As long as Muslims remained true to this tremendous responsibility and calling, they have indeed emerged as the best nation on the earth in many an instance in history. Be that as it may, today, however, the Muslim community cannot be referred to as a model of self-sufficiency, leave alone being the best of communities in the world. For the past several centuries they have been crushed by the iron yoke of foreign imperialists and colonialists who have only sought to exploit the hapless masses over whom they ruled. During the years of the past century, the Muslims have come under the domination of the Crusaders, the Capitalists, the Fascists and the Zionists all of whom have capitalized on our failure and our deviation from Islam. Muslim deviation from the principles of Islam has almost always coincided with the invasion of Muslim lands by foreign forces in the past.

Past incursions into the Muslim faith and into the world of its believers have, however, not reached to the level of intrigue and conspiracy that it has reached today. It is now certain that the WTC attacks, whatever the truth behind them, was used as a pretext for initiating the so called ‘global War on Terror.’ While ‘terror’ can be defined and its definition applied to the dark pursuits of many an individual, group and government in the world today, in recent decades, however, the term has been applied almost exclusively to the Muslim community. In the ambiguous circumstances that surround the enquiry into the WTC attacks, one picture alone emerges with consistent clarity: that the pre-meditated American response to the attacks was calculated to unleash chaos and the disruption of civil society throughout the Muslim world – a world that, for better or for worse, geographically sits atop vast reservoirs of oil wealth coveted by the architects of American-Zionist expansionism. Indeed, in the very execution of this sinister scheme, there lies the very real destruction of the present world order on the ashes of which these neo-imperialists must erect their Empire of Sin. That first Afghanistan, and now Iraq, have borne the brunt of this insidious policy of loot, murder and plunder are today facts of history. Thanks to America and her allies, innocent Iraqis have had to survive a decade long and inhuman sanctions regime in the last years of the twentieth century. And before the strain of that suffering has effaced, an unjust and illegal war was thrust upon Iraq. The ongoing resistance of the Iraqi people to this American misadventure however offers us the hope that the Americans will be forced out of the country sooner or later. 

Cutting across nationalistic, racial and linguistic lines, and despite other woes, the Muslim community across the world has never been oblivious to the sore spots in its body politick. The plight of the innocents in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in Bosnia and in Palestine continue to eat upon the conscience of the Ummah as also upon those of all people of humanity and good-will. Half a century of struggle, resistance and sacrifice has hardly yielded any results for the Muslims of Palestine in their fight against the oppression of the usurping Zionist entity in the Holy Land: in the land of the Baitul Muqaddis. An unholy nexus between the occupying Zionist force and successive American governments have ensured that Palestinian blood continues to flow cheap; and the destruction of Muslim dignity complete. The threats to Iran and Syria are constant reminders to the fact that this policy of imperialist aggression is a long term one. The Muslims of the world must prepare themselves for a lengthy, drawn out process of resistance and change if they are to overcome these challenges. They must learn the lessons of their past experiences well and must stand upto injustices perpetrated against their faith and community.

On this occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims must realize that Eid is as much a symbol of sacrifice, brotherhood and love as it is an occasion to remember and honour the rights of the underprivileged and the oppressed from amongst their brethren-in-faith in particular, and all human beings in general. If we are to be true to the message of Eid-ul-Fitr, we must learn to imbibe these values in our lives. The prophet, Muhammad (pbuh), the last of the Prophets, the khaatimun nabiyyin, was himself a great exemplar of virtue and self sacrifice for the cause of his Ummah (or nation) in particular, and all humanity in general. It is always to him that Muslims have looked up to as the perfect model, inasmuch as the Qur’an says:

“Verily, there is in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for any who look towards the meeting with Allah in the Hereafter.”

In conclusion, and despite our sad circumstances, I wish all readers a very happy and joyous Eid-ul-Fitr. I hope and pray that the Almighty would grant us the strength of conviction to carry out the responsibilities and duties that He has entrusted us in the defense of the oppressed and in the cause of Truth and justice. Ameen.

Mohd. Siraj Ebrahim Sait
President, National Youth League
Chairman, National Council for Justice
Camp: Bangalore; Date: 2nd November, 2005 
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