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Posted Online on Wednesday 8, February 2006 01:57 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsREADER'S COMMENT

Reply to Sanjeev Patwardhan

By Shavez Ahmad

The Milli Gazette Online

8 February 2006

Mr Patwardhan


I am writing you in response to your letter on Milli Gazette: I would like to thank you for asking these questions to Muslim community and giving them the opportunity to explain the accusations, which we hear in every RSS/BJP/VHP public meeting.


The social ideology of secularism is that religion and supernatural beliefs are not seen as the key to understanding the world and are instead segregated from matters of governance and reasoning. Itís true that Islam hasnít done anything for secularism, so has Christianity, Hinduism and other religions. Honestly Muslims do not believe in secularism but all of us want the benefit of secularism so what is wrong in asking for it?


Regarding treatment of women in Islam, what you see and hear about Muslim women in India is not Islamic. Itís more cultural than religious. Remember 50 years back majority of Indians were like them, everyone has changed unfortunately we couldnít.


Imam is the person, who leads the prayer. A woman Imam can lead prayers of women, a child can lead the prayer of children and a man can lead the prayer of men, children and women as well. A woman is not allowed to lead menís prayer but she is encouraged to take part in other theological and religious aspects. Have you ever witnessed a Hindu wedding ceremony being performed by a female priest or a female priest in temple or a priest who is not from Brahman cast, I bet not; so why are you so eager about women Imam.


In Islam the concept of family planning is a little different than the modern concept. A Muslim is encouraged to have many children provided he can give them a good quality of life. He is not allowed to kill a child out of the fear of poverty or for the reason that the child is a girl. If we put your facts of Muslims not adopting family planning then Pakistan , Bangladesh , Indonesia and Gulf countries should have larger population than India or China . The reason why Indian Muslims have large families is not because of the religion but because of illiteracy. An illiterate Muslim and illiterate Hindu are in same situation, looking in your neighbourhood.  


While in your religion divorce does not exist since a Hindu is married not only for his whole life but for seven lives, in Islam a man can divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq three times. Each time, when he pronounces talaq he should wait for one month, so he has to wait for a period of two months to divorce his wife. In this period family, relatives, friends and Qazi are asked to resolve the problem to avoid divorce. If a woman wants to divorce her husband then she has to go through the court. I hope this does not sound as bad as you hear in the media.


Regarding the ban on Satanic Verses, recently fashion designers of Paris and USA printed Hindu gods and goddesses on undergarments and shoes. This brought huge protests from Hindu community demanding ban on the company and designers. For designers it was creativity but for Hindus it was an insult. Muslims have similar emotions for Satanic Verses and what is wrong with that?


When you say that Muslims do not appreciate other Indian Muslims who have achieved something in their life, it is a plain lie. You live in India and you know that there is not a single unbiased newspaper or TV channel through which Muslims can voice their thoughts. When one Imam asks Muslims not to sacrifice cow on Eid ul azha (Bakra Eid) it is rarely covered by the media but when Imam is asked to give fatwa on issues like Imrana case and then it remains as headline for months. Who is to be blamed? You say Muslim we say media! If you have not noticed, there is a regular special column in Milli Gazette on the achievements of Muslim in different fields (please buy a printed edition).


Thanks to BJP, uniform civil code has become the big issue. Everyone blames that Muslims donít want uniform civil code while in reality no one wants it. Each and every religion does not want to lose its right to practice religious laws. Here are a few quick facts for you to understand the problem:


        If, as Hindus say, it is not fair for Muslim women to share their husbands with other women or be divorced by three words, it is also unfair that in Hindu inheritance rights, sons, and not daughters, can inherit the property. Or that a wife has fewer rights than her in-laws over her husband's property, but a husband has more rights than his in-laws over his wife's property. Or that in Christian law; a husband can get a divorce on grounds of adultery, while a wife has to prove adultery and cruelty.

        Christians are not allowed from willing property for charitable and religious purposes (Section 118 of the Indian Succession Act).

        People think only Muslims want polygamy. Why? Because they are most vocal about it. In Islam polygamy is permissible but itís definitely not encouraged. According to the government statistics, only 5.2 percent Muslim men are polygamous while 5.8 percent Hindus, 9 per cent Scheduled Caste and 14 per cent tribals have more than one wife.

        Do you know that in Punjab it is a common practice that all brothers marry one woman so that their property is not divided and it is permissible by the Indian constitution?

        Currently, Hindus themselves have different Hindu Personal Laws in every state of India . Why doesn't first come up with a unified Hindu Personal Law that is uniform for all Hindus in every state across the country?

        A Sikh is allowed to carry a dagger (Kripan), if you carry it you will be arrested by the police.

        There is separate tax system for Hindu undivided families not for non-Hindu undivided families (Hindu Undivided Family code). Why? Is our joint family any different from yours?

All of us Indians are hyphenated citizens - we carry with us our linguistic, caste, and religious identities. Do you know that before the Hindu Civil Code of 1956, they were subject to the Civil Code of 1898. Why did the Hindu's wish for a separate law? Because they wished for a structure in keeping with their practices.


It is also true that obscurantist religious practises cannot be merely wished away. There is always an element of force in changing them. When William Bentinck abolished sati (burning widows with husbandís dead body), a number of Hindus opposed him for 'interfering' in Hindu customs. But Bentinck, with support from Raja Ram Mohan Roy prevailed. Emperor Akbar had first sought to ban sati but faced a massive backlash from his Hindu subjects, forcing him to give up his effort.  Thus, any change in the law will be opposed by some, but laws have to be changed to keep up with the changing times. It is up to the rulers of the day to rally those who back such changes and implement laws that reflect the 21st century. The truth is India needs a uniform civil code that will simply no longer tolerate any discrimination between the sexes and is fair to all humans regardless of their religion.


As long as the Uniform Civil Code is pursued only by the BJP and its associates, the minorities will see it as Hindu law being stuffed down their throat. A set of laws that not only show little respect for Muslims and Christians, but seek laws that reflect Hindu society at its worst, creating a patriarchal, feudal, casteist set-up. How can we ever expect religious heads to make liberal laws? Some years ago, a Shankaracharya even justified the caste system and last year when 2000 Buddhist were reconverted to Hinduism by RSS they were called as schedule cast. When people look at the Muslim personal law, they just see a few things. Polygamy, triple talaaq and not giving maintenance to divorced women but they donít see that widows and divorcees donít commit suicide among Muslims, that Muslims donít kill their daughters, brides are not killed because of dowry, and they donít kill their children because of poverty. Enlightened Muslims should come up and speak. They should move with the forces of progress and give up all provisions in the personal laws that are anti-modern and unjust. Uniform civil code can be implemented in India when all religions are considered otherwise it will be a Hindu law for Brahaman supremacy.


I hope this letter will help to remove preconceived ideas about Islam and Muslims



Shavez Ahmad




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