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Posted Online on Thursday 9, February 2006 00:57 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsMuslim Education: Put in efforts, results will follow 

By Nusrat & Ahmad Rashid Shervani

The Milli Gazette Online

Who does not know the importance of the Intermediate or Class XII Board Examination, popularly called just "Inter". It is after passing this examination that a student can join a University or degree college for graduation or opt for medicine or engineering or some other specialized course of study. Admission in many good institutions depends upon marks obtained in this examination. We present herewith the XII or Intermediate Board Examination results of Muslim and Non-Muslim girls & boys, first in 50 inter colleges of Uttar Pradesh, thirty years ago in 1976, and now in 92 colleges in 2005. 

In 1976, from 18 Muslim girls' inter colleges, 387 Non-Muslim girls had appeared for the XII or Inter Board Examination, 260 or 67% had passed and 8 or 2.07% had attained first-division while 1026 Muslim girls had appeared, 605 or 59% had passed and ONE or 0.10% had attained first-division. From 32 boys' colleges, 1210 Non-Muslim boys had appeared, 584 or 48% had passed and 3 or 0.25% had attained first-division while 1324 Muslim boys had appeared, 577 or 44% had passed and just ONE or 0.08% had attained first-division. The performance of both, Muslim girls and Muslim boys, was markedly poorer than that of their Non-Muslim class-mates. Why ?

Exactly, that is what we asked. We were flooded with "reasons" for the poorer performance of Muslims from which it seemed that Muslims are ordained, not only to be and remain educationally backward but to go further backwards year by year. However, we persisted, tried to enthuse the students of these colleges to pay more attention to their studies. We also tried to make each Principal more clearly realize that it is his / her first and foremost responsibility to improve the total result of the college which could only be done by making each learned teacher more conscious of the need to make more earnest efforts to improve the result of his / her respective subject. Was it any use ? 

The 2005 results of Muslim & Non-Muslim girls and boys in 92 colleges of U P show that 1369 Non-Muslim girls appeared, 1355 or 99% passed and 683 or 50% attained first-divisions while 4329 Muslim girls appeared, 4262 or 98% passed and 1933 or 45% attained first-division. In the same examination, 1872 Non-Muslim boys appeared, 1714 or 92% passed and 560 or 30% attained first-division while 2494 Muslim boys appeared, 2419 or 97% passed and 1042 or 42% attained first-division. In pass-percent as well as in the proportion of first-divisions, Muslim boys have done slightly better than their Non-Muslim class-mates. However, the performance of Muslim girls is still slightly poorer than the performance of their Non-Muslim class-mates. Pass-percent is 99% for Non-Muslim girls and 98% for Muslim girls while the proportion of first-division is 50% for Non-Muslim girls and only 45% for Muslim girls. Muslim girls improved their proportion of first-division from 0.10% ( or, one in a thousand ) in 1976 to 45% ( or, 450 per thousand ) in 2005. If only they improve it slightly more, they will catch-up with their Non-Muslim Class-mates at least in these colleges. 

In 1976, out of 18 girls' colleges, in fifteen there was no ( yes, not a single ) first-division. In three colleges, nine girls had each got a first-division in 1976. Good, you would say. No, we would say. Among those 9, there was but ONE binte tauheed. Yes, only one Muslim girl had got first-division in the Intermediate Board Examination from the Industrial Muslim Girls Inter College of Saharanpur. Eight Non-Muslim girls ( three from Karamat Husain Muslim Girls Inter College of Lucknow and five from Khursheed Girls Inter College of Rampur ) had got first-division. In 1976, that is. 

In the Muslim boys' colleges, the position was a little more pathetic. In city after city, town after town, first-division seemed to be an unheard-of thing in our dear Muslim Boys Inter Colleges. In 32 Muslim boys' colleges, there were just 4 first-divisions and even out of those, 3 had been attained by Non-Muslim boys and only ONE had been attained by a farzande tauheed. So, just TWO Muslim first-divisions in 50 Muslim Inter Colleges of U P, where more Muslims live than in each of about 25 Muslim / Islamic countries. In our 50 colleges, 2 Muslims and 11 Non-Muslims had got first-division. One Muslim first-division per twenty-five Muslim colleges and about one Non-Muslim first-division per 4.5 Muslim colleges. This was in 1976. What now after 30 years ?

So far, we have received the 2005 results from 92 Inter Colleges of same old U P. In the very same XII Board Examination, in 2005 there are 4218 first-divisions. How many Muslims ? 2975. Yes, 1933 Muslim girls and 1042 Muslim boys have attained first-division in Inter in 2005 from 92 colleges, 32 per college. And how many Non-Muslims ? 1243. Yes, 683 Non-Muslim girls and 560 Non-Muslim boys have attained first-division. So, Non-Muslim first-divisions have increased from about one per 4.5 colleges in 1976 to about 13 per college in 2005 while Muslim first-divisions have increased from one per twenty-five colleges in 1976 to about thirty-two per college in 2005. Not bad, is it ? 

We are still counting. Why taking so long ? Because about half of all Muslim inter colleges of U P have not yet sent us their inter results of 2005. Yes, even when someone wants to send Prizes for best students and present Awards to selected learned teachers of Muslim colleges, the Principals of half of all Muslim colleges do not send us their results. And Muslims complain of the apathy and callousness of others. 

To see tables of data on which the above report is based click here (4 pages)


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