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Posted Online on Sunday, 5 March 2006 02:05 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsMuslims present Memorandum to Prime Minister on America's anti-Islam policies


The Milli Gazette Online

Memorandum submitted to the Honourable Prime Minister of India requesting him to convey to Mr. George W. Bush the strong resentment of Indians especially the Muslims of India against the imperialistic design and anti-Islamic policies of the United States of America

The Honourable Prime Minister, 

In the post cold-war era the American imperialism has posed a serious threat to the world order based on mutual respect for the sovereignty of a every country. Unprovoked aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq and threatening posture against Iran has proved beyond doubt that the new security doctrine of pre-emptive strike to destroy all foci of potential resistance to American dictates of world order has blurred and finally erased the distinction between peace and war.

The American claim of global war against terrorism is nothing but an empty slogan. Mr. George W. Bush is whole heartedly supporting the state terrorism of Israel against the innocent people of Palestine. Human right violation of Afghans and Iraqis in concentration camps of U.S.A. controlled territory is an open secret. Presence of 4.5 lakh troopers and its allied forces has created a civil war like situation in Afghanistan and Iraq. The recent attack on Holy shrines of Imam Ali Naqvi and Imam Hasan Askari at Samarra in Iraq has exposed the evil design of Israel and America to create wedge between Shia and Sunni Arabs of Iraq and thereafter throughout the world. 

The blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in the from of cartoon and caricature is being generated and supported by U.S.A. and Israel in order to polarise the world against Islam in the name of crusade which the George W. Bush has declared in the aftermath of 9/11 attack on World Trade Center at New York. This policy of religious hatred against Islam may suit the evil designs of Israel and America but surely the multireligious plural society of Asian countries can not afford to bear the brunt of communal hatred.

U.S.A. is not ready to recognise India as a regional power. So far it has denied to support India’s claim far a permanent seat with veto power in the UN Security Council. The U.S. insistence to separate our civil and military nuclear installations is nothing but a conspiracy to check our nuclear capability through direct or indirect inspecting agencies. At the best it is ready to offer a second class nuclear status to India, that too if New Delhi danced to the U.S. foreign policy tune as it has done by voting against Iran at the IAEA meeting in Vienna. America’s over reaching aim is to safeguard its global policy at the cost of other nations. India should not follow blindly the dictates of U.S.A., otherwise it will be isolated in the international community. India has been leader of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and it should search its international role in the glories of NAM and not succumb to the position of slavery of the sole super power. Let us grow like our neighbour China with economic maturity and political dignity. 

Sir, All Indians will feel offended if Mr. Bush, the symbol of global blood bath and state terrorism visits the samadhi of our father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, world wide acknowledged as the symbol of Non-violence and peace. He should not be allowed to visit Gandhi Samadhi as a token of protest against the evil war designs of Mr. George W. Bush. It is very unfortunate that our Government has completely surrendered to the dictates of American foreign policy and economic order. Our cherished nuclear installations are constantly being targeted by American strategists to bring them under their watch by hook or by crook.

Honourable Sir, The Indian Community especially the Muslims had great expectation from your esteemed self that you will convey to Mr. George W. Bush in unequivocal terms that his policies of hatred campaign against Islam and Muslims and his imperialist designs of global control are being strongly resented throughout the civilised world and Indian position is no different. Until he alters his policies of support of atrocities against Palestine and aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Korea, the American President will not be welcome in any Asian country.

With sincerest regards,

Saleem Peerzada
National President,
Parcham Party of India
1st March 2006

Muslims present Memorandum to Prime Minister on America's anti-Islam policies



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