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Posted Online on Sunday, 6 August 2006 23:55 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsIsraeli aggression and the World

Proposed changes weaken the enforcement powers of Human Rights Commission

By Asghar Ali Engineer 

The Milli Gazette Online

6 August 2006

Israel was carved out by imperialist powers artificially more than half a century ago on Palestinian land. No such country, which has been carved out artificially on someone else’s land can ever live in peace and security. At the time of its creation more than a million Palestinians were thrown out of their land where they had lived for centuries. They are living ever since as refugees. The Zionists massacred hundreds of Palestinians just before it came out into existence. One cannot forget what happened in the village of Dare Yasin.

Violence has never ceased ever since. Israel, controlled by Zionists has enacted several Dare Yasins since it came into existence. Since it is backed by Western imperialist powers, particularly USA, it has assumed license to kill and maim anyone who even talks of rights of Palestinians. Israel has defied all UNO resolutions from the day one. It drove out Palestinians even from Eastern Jerusalem which was to be part of Palestinian state as per the UN resolution.

It also captured territories of West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza in 1967 war and despite UN resolution never vacated it. It also further cut off in pieces Palestinian territories by constructing a wall and depriving Palestinians to move around in their own territory despite strong opposition from various countries and by UNO. This is all because USA has always supported Israel right or wrong.

Israel, one can say without any hesitation, is an American imperialist outpost in Middle East as through it US wants to keep its unrelenting control over the oil in that region. For USA oil is the thing. USA has friendly relations with All the Arab regimes in the region but rulers’ support in these Arab countries does not mean support of the peoples of these countries. From Iranian experience it knows very well that it is people’s support which is important, not rulers’ support.

Shah was armed to the teeth by USA and the Shah supported US interests faithfully but people of Iran overthrew him and the USA couldn’t do a thing. It couldn’t offer Shah even refuge. Thus it has learnt a lesson very hard way. US knows rulers’ support does not mean a thing in Arab countries. Most of the rulers are highly unpopular and are boiling with anger against them for supporting US interests in the Middle East. US knows well that Israel is the only reliable power for guarding US interest in the region as not only rulers of Israel but also its people are with US. 

What is worse there is no democracy in any of these countries in the region. So much about Bush’s repeated reference to freedom and democracy. Let alone democracy and freedom US has no respect for people’s lives otherwise it would not have supported Israel in its blatant aggression in Lebanon when it is killing civilians in South Lebanon and destroying all civilian structures week after week and Bush ordered expeditious supply of intelligent bombs when Israel’s stock was depleted.

Thus US is all for Israel’s war of destruction in South Lebanon just because two of its soldiers were hijacked by Hizbollah. How can one equate hijacking of two soldiers with killing of more than 750 people, all civilians, in South Lebanon and just two days ago it bombed a village in which 53 people were killed 34 of whom were children. And yet US is bent upon supporting Israel in the name of finishing Hizbollah once and for all.

If Hizbollah is terrorist organisation Israel and its supporters are no less of the same genre. If killing innocent civilians is terrorism how Israel can escape the same description. Hizbollah hijacked two soldiers from Israeli territory but Israel has entered into Palestinian territory several times and killed its citizens. Recently before Israeli aggression against Lebanon it killed a Palestinian family of five in Gaza. This crime of Israel was underplayed by the US and world media. 

It is this act of murder by Israeli Army, which angered Hizbollah and in retaliation it hijacked two soldiers of Israeli army and Israel retaliated out of all proportions and has completely destroyed South Lebanon. Either Western countries are not condemning Israel for its war crimes or even if they do, they equate it with Hizbollah’s hijacking of two Israeli soldiers.

America is not interested in cease fire arguing that let Israel finish Hizbollah once for all. So much destruction and mayhem by Israel has not succeeded in harming Hizbollah or demoralising it so far, how can killing of more civilians and destruction of Lebanon is going to destroy Hizbollah. Israel has not succeeded in killing those belonging to Hizbollah and it is targeting civilians in its anger. What those innocent civilians have got to do with what Hizbollah has done? 

It does not require much intellectual exercise to understand that such blatant and premeditated killing of innocent civilians will create many more ‘terrorists’ and US’s ‘war against’ terrorism is not going to succeed. Instead, it will further intensify. More you attack innocent people, more ‘terrorists’ you create. Osama and his al-Qaeda are not born terrorists. They are responding to US acts of aggression in Middle East. 

Not by destroying Hizbollah but by finding a political solution one can end terrorism in the world. Anyone who has common sense knows very well that peace must precede justice and it is gross injustices which create violence. Violence in the world cannot be ended without justice being done to people of Palestine. Even Israel’s sense of insecurity is not going to end as long as it wants to solve its problem of insecurity by use of blatant force. It will only add to its insecurity.

Israel has right to exist only when it recognises others right to exist. If it continues to forcefully occupy Palestinian territory and kill them indiscriminately it will not find peace for its people. If it wants to ensure peace and security for its people it will have to co-exist in peace with its neighbours, particularly the Palestinians. It should resolve all its problems through dialogue with Palestinian and vacate territories occupied by it in the war of 1967.

Wisdom requires that peace be established through peaceful negotiations. Force has never succeeded in establishing peace at any time in the world. The Israeli aggression in Lebanon, I am sure, is going to aggravate problem in Middle East several fold. But the irony of it is that more powerful you become, less wise you tend to be. It is arrogance of power which makes powerful think it is going to finish off its enemy. But its use of force only results in multiplying number of enemies.

One is reminded of Gandhi here who married non-violence with truth and inner discipline. Violence and falsehood go together and truth and non-violence are solemnly wedded together. One wishes, Israel and its master USA realise this simple but profound truth of Gandhian theory of non-violence. Gandhi’s non-violent agitation succeeded in driving out most powerful British out of India. One wishes this truth dawns upon Israel and Palestinians and they engage in peaceful dialogue for solving the problem.

It is really shameful, though not surprising, that entire Islamic world is silent on what is going on in Lebanon. Only Jordan opened its mouth for the first time after attack on the village of South Lebanon, which killed 53 innocent civilians including 34 children. This attack has caused outrage throughout the world and Israeli aggression is increasingly becoming indefensible even for the USA. 

It is equally painful that Indian Government, which claims to be inheritor of Nehruvian legacy, is keeping silent. It is more concerned about the nuclear pact with America than with the killings of innocent civilians in Lebanon. Manmohan Singh’s Government is not even embarrassed at such blatant aggression against Israel in Lebanon. Nehruvian legacy of nonalignment demands that it should condemn Israel and accept immediate ceasefire failing which India should withdraw its ambassador from Telaviv. The Left has demanded it should suspend purchasing arms from Israel. Though not sufficient but even if this much is done it will be some measure of solidarity with the people of Palestine. The saving grace is that Indian Parliament has passed a resolution condemning Israeli bombing on Qana in which 34 children were killed.

Also, it has been once again proved that UNO is as impotent as League of Nations had become at the time of first world war. It is not values but interests dominate the world body. US has never cared for UNO. It attacked Iraq despite UN opposing the war. The veto power is most undemocratic that five most powerful nations are privileged over all other nations. The majority decision in UN Assembly has absolutely no meaning at all. The whole world on one side and five powers on the other.

No wonder than UNO is not able to play any role in restraining Israel. Even if it adopts any resolution by majority in the Security Council, it will be vetoed by America. Be it dictatorship or democracy it works only in favour of the powerful. One is reminded of Socrates’ observation that it is mighty who after all decides what is justice. All these years of ‘progress’ has made no difference to what Socrates said. In other words it is always might that is right. 

Our civilised world is till in the stage of ‘clash’ as Huntington will love to describe it rather than cooperate on values. Interests dominate over values and so more powerful you are, greater is your ability to realise your interests by dominating over the weak. We slide into barbarism if our interests are hurt. The dominant is always just and weak the terrorist.


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