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Posted Online on Thursday, 17 August 2006 15:55 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsLet India beware of hustlers from US/UK/Israel

By Ghulam Muhammed

The Milli Gazette Online

The US is reported to have gratuitously informed India, that there are threats of terrorists for their two important cities of New Delhi and Mumbai. This is coming after the AXIS has staged one of the most spectacular farce of a world drama by concocting an 'alleged' plot by Al Qaida [who else?] to target ten civilian aircraft taking off from Heathrow London airport towards cities in the US. A big drill was meticulously planned like a precision thriller movie script and all participants of the drama performed extremely convincingly right on cue. In first wave of shock for the preposterously unbelievable scenario that can only be thought of by some of ace crime thriller writers of the West, the world did react in a reflex scare. But apparently the whole plot was too preposterous to be convincing, given Bush, Blair and Israelis past record of grand lies peddled as cataclysmic disaster for the world. It did not take long for people across the global to make out how Bush and Blair could and had earlier fooled the people of their own country as well as world at large in such bogus media-boggling exercises with minimum of investments in order to achieve their nefarious aim at unleashing, legitimizing and trivializing death and destruction on civilians in the current target countries of the Middle East. 

The media blitz around Heathrow Plot was used to camouflage one of the cruelest planned series of genocidal atrocities being inflicted by Israeli forces on Lebanon civilians. Since the death and destruction in Lebanon was on the top of the all 24/7 news coverage of the world, the AXIS had to invent something to achieve dual purpose of getting world attention away from the Israeli genocide of Lebanese civilians and to demonize Muslims once again at much higher level of degradation. 

The propaganda against Muslims of the world has to go on and on, till the US/UK/Israeli axis has not finished with its evil designs on Arab oil and its people.

India has become relevant in all their evil exercises, as they covet the country and its submissive and/or corrupt people's ready acceptance of foreign tutelage. The ruling Brahmins all the way from Narasimha Rao, to Brajesh Mishra, Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh have been cleverly snared by the US/UK/Israeli AXIS. In the patent style of their operations, they are bent in creating chaos in India, and then offer their own services as experts in world governance. The end result will be complete subjugation of the country to the hegemonists, who only care for what is best for them. 

The terrorist warning to Indian administration is one of the steps in creating sharper division in Indian polity, which is already divided for internal political compulsions. Those that have the levers of power currently in India, and have some love of their country, will be the first to spot the danger signals in blindly following US biddings. India must keep its option to deal with its own people, in the best manner that internal consensus can accept and not be taken for a ride by the hustlers from US/UK/Israel. 

<11 August 2006>

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