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Posted Online on Thursday, 17 August 2006 10:55 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsMuslims figure prominently in Police Medal's list

New Delhi, Aug 16, 2006 ( Musilms figured prominently in highest police awards conferred by the Government of India. These medals are announced every year on the occassion of Independence Day.

Medals are given for bravery and distinguished service, a description of the awards and the list of Muslim awardees are below:

President's police medal for Gallantry 2006:

This Medal is awarded for conspicuous gallantry in saving life and property, or in preventing crime or arresting criminals. All police personnel of the country irrespective of rank and length of service are eligible for this award. The Recipients of this Medal are granted an allowance of Rs 200 per month which continue to be paid to them at the same rate even after retirement. After the death of the recipient of the Medal, this Allowance continue to be paid to his widow at the same rate. The recipients of this award are also eligible to travel free by train in the 2nd Class AC II tier or in the first class with an attendant.

Abdul Rashid Wani (posthumously), Constable, J&K
Md. Hyder, Head Constable, AP
Shaik Hussain Sahed, DSP, AP
Abdul Hamid, Sub Inspector, J&K
Shabir Ahmad, Head Constable, J&K
Bashir Ahmad, Selection Grade Constable, J&K
Shabir Ahmed, Constable, J&K
Bashir Ahmed, Constable, J&K
Gh. Rasool, Constable, J&K
Shabir Ahmed Ganie, Constable, J&K
Safeer Ahmed, Khan, Constable, J&K
Zakir Hussain, Constable, J&K
Mohd. Shafi, Constable, J&K
Mohd. Faiser, Constable, J&K
Abdul Razak Khan, ASP, J&K
Mohd. Aslam, Assistant Sub Inspector, J&K
Mansoor Ahmad, Head Constable, J&K
Farmood Ali Pundir, Sub Inspector, UP
Ghulam Mustafa Ansari, Havildar, Assam Rifles
Mohammad Riyazuddin, Rifleman, Assam Rifles
Mohd. Israil, Constable, Border Security
Suleman Tirkey, Head Constable, BSF
Afzal Khan, Constable, BSF
G. H. Khan, Constable, BSF
Abdul Hamid, Lance Naik, BSF
Rafique Aziz Khan, Constable, BSF

President's police medal for distinguished service 2006:
Every year about 125 Medals are awarded on the occasion of Independence
and Republic Day in recognition of a special distinguished record in
Police service or in the Central Police/ Security Organisation. All
police personnel in the country with at least 21 years of service are
eligible for this award.

S. Muhammad Khaleel, Inspector, AP
Mohammad Amin Shah, DIG, J&K
Mohd. Ishrat Khan, DIG, BSF
Shabbir Ahmad Alvi, ADIG, BSF
Shaik Nazeemuddin, Asst. Commandant, CISF

Police medals for meritorious service 2006:
This Medal is awarded every year on the occasion of Independence and Republic Day in recognition of the meritorious record in Police service or in the Central Police/ Security Organistaion. All Police personnel in the country with at least 15 years of service are eligible for this award. The number of Medals to be awarded in a year is fixed at 740. The recipients of the award are presented Medals in Ceremonies arranged by the State Government/ Central Police Organisation concerned.

S. A. Huda, ADGP
Md. Khwaja Moinuddin, SI
Shaik Abdul Rasheed, SI

Shekh Md. Kasem Ali, SI
Md. Fazlur Rahman, Havildar,

Mohammad Shahrukh Majeed, SP
Nematullah, Sergeant Major-II
Allauddin Ansari, Constable,

Rasulbeg Bavamiya Mirza, Head Constable,
Ashrafkhan Gulabkhan Ghasura, Head Constable

Akhlaque Ahmed Khan, Constable

Bashir Ahmed Malla, SSP
Ghulam Mohammad Dar, SSP
Shakeel Ahmed Shah, DSP
Javed Ahmed Khan, Inspector
Mohammad Qasim Malik, Head Constble
Abdul Kabir
Mughal, Head Constable

Abdul Kareem, Head Constable

Sajjad Wasi Naqvi, Addition Secretary Home Department,
Saud Jafar Khan, Head Constable,

Jabbar Khan Ahmed Khan Pathan, Intelligence Officer
Syed Aslam Mahemood, Head Constable
Jabbar Khan Jafer Khan Pathan, Head Constable
Nisar Anwar Saiyed, Intelligence Officer

Tamil Nadu:
M. S. Jaffar Sait, IGP

Ayaz Ahmad, Head Constable
Monuddin Khan, SI
Mohd. Rafat Kamal, Inspector
Matloob Ahamad, Constable

West Bengal:
Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Inspector
Syed Iqbal Jah, Inspector

Mohd Rafi Khan, 2IC

Javed Siraj, Addl SP

Samunder Khan, SI
Mohd. Latif Khan, Head Constable

Syed Akbar, ASI
Mohammed Nayeem, Head Constable

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