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Posted Online on Monday, 21 August 2006 01:35 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsRefuting Israeli Ambassador to India's "Unsettling terror"

A point by point rejoinder to Israeli ambassador to India David Danieli's article "Unsettling terror" in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 17 August 2006

The Milli Gazette Online

21 August 2006

Some Indian newspapers, especially Pioneer and Hindustan Times are continuously printing public relations material churned out by the Israeli ambassador in India while forgetting to balance it by a rejoinder by the Palestinian, Syrian or Iranian ambassadors or others who would readily refute every disinformation peddled by the zionist spin doctors. Here is a point by pint rebuttal by Ghulam Mohammed (Ghulam Muhammed of one of the latest propaganda pieces published by the Hindustan Times (editor).

DD: In the past month Israel confronted Hezbollah's fanatical terrorism with the aim of removing the terrorist threat from its northern border.

GM: Israeli version of its deliberate attack on Lebanon, in the backdrop of kidnapping of two Israelis soldiers who had crossed into Lebanese territory and were held by Hezbollah to exchange for its own kidnapped civilians numbering in thousands languishing in Israeli jails, without any prospect for their trial or early release ---- is not universally accepted by the world. It only has blind and automatic approval of its committed partners in state terrorism, the US and the UK head of governments.


DD: Israel's military campaign was launched in response to a series of unprovoked, cross-border attacks from Lebanese territory, carried out by Hezbollah on July 12.


GM: According to various authoritative sources, it is the Israeli forces that routinely entered Lebanese territory and were surprised by Hezbollah attack that killed several soldiers and landed two soldiers as Hezbollah war prisoners. Hezbollah instantly offered to trade them for their own kidnapped prisoners in Israeli jails. Israel decided to take this opportunity to invade Lebanon with air attacks with the declared aim to finish off Hezbollah --- a threat of virtual genocidal scorch to earth invasion of foreign territory.


DD: Israel had no choice but to do what Lebanon has failed to do over the past six years, ever since Israel 's complete withdrawal to the international border — safeguard the border from a terrorist takeover.


GM: Israel did have a choice to trade prisoners and settle the matter in time-honored peaceful manner of resolution of the conflicts. It is Israel that was thirsting for an appropriate moment to invade Lebanon in a broad conspiracy to subvert one by one all Arab neighbours as well as Iran, as they all pose a challenge to US/UK/Israeli's hegamonistic designs in the Middle East.

DD: As a result of Israel's military operations, Hezbollah's lethal capabilities have been dealt a major blow. Its fortifications were dismantled and stockpiles of Iranian and Syrian missiles have been destroyed, including about 80 per cent of the long- range missiles. Southern Lebanon has been substantially cleared of the infrastructure of terrorism. Hezbollah infrastructure all over Lebanon — command and control, communications, arms depots etc. — were all crippled. There is no doubt that Hezbollah, which has been secretive about its losses, has been hurt much more severely than it is willing to admit. The most conservative estimates of Hezbollah casualties stand at around 500 militants — based on names of dead militants known to Israel. The ceasefire of August 13 saw Israeli troops along the banks of the Litani river, about 35 km from the international border — a line which marks the southern sector of Lebanon where Hezbollah had established itself for years as a State within a State.

GM: It is no surprise that Hezbollah and hundreds of thousands of Lebanese civilians suffered in the brutal attack by Israeli war machine that has no match for their rag tag fighting gears. The real surprise is that not only Hezbollah resistance lasted weeks on end in the area shooting off rockets into Israeli territory, while Israel had complete control of air, land and sea around the Lebanon. Hezbollah proved to Arabs that it can and it did take on the supposedly invincible Israelis. In fact, Israel suffered its worst moments of defeat at the hands of a resistance force that can hardly be a match to a well trained and well equipped fighting machine that Israel has spent billions to arm and deploy.

DD: A ceasefire now in place, the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, adopted on August 11, provides that the Israel Defence Forces in southern Lebanon will withdraw only parallel to the deployment of the Lebanese army and enhanced UNIFIL units, in order to prevent Hezbollah from retaking control.

GM: Time only will tell how Hezbollah will regroup. The stark fact is that the placing of UNIFIL unit has completely frustrated Israeli attempts to gain upper hand in Lebanon by occupying land and then move to find excuses to invade Syria. Both nefarious plans have been successfully stalled by Hezbollah.

Israelis may hold propaganda advantage to paint Hezbollah as a 'terrorist' organization --- a branding that US/UK/ISRAEL seems to have full monopoly to append to all or any of their detractors; but the whole Arab and Muslim world overwhelmingly holds US/UK/ISRAEL as state terrorists who are flaunting international laws in their diabolical plans to re-colonize the Middle East and Iran.

DD: The new military realities on the ground are a critical element in the emerging overall situation between Lebanon and Israel, but not the only one. Resolution 1701 provides an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and to create a genuine new reality in our region. It establishes a binding arms embargo requiring all States to prevent the supply of arms and weapons to militias and terrorists in Lebanon. It provides for a radically different international force with a mandate and capabilities to ensure that Hezbollah will not be rearmed and South Lebanon will be free of armed militias and weapons. Not less important is the fact that the resolution gives the government of Lebanon a real opportunity to finally assert its sovereignty throughout the entire Lebanese territory, including along the border with Israel.

A resolution alone will do nothing if the tools set out in it are not utilised with resolve and decisiveness. The resolution brings to an end 33 days of intensive fighting, on one hand, and of diplomatic negotiations on the other. But it is only the beginning. It presents Lebanon with a clear choice between opening a new chapter or sliding back on the slippery slope of terrorism and violence.

GM: The UN Security Council resolution falls far short of Lebanese government's demands on the invader nation to vacate its territory forthwith. Israel is known to covet land that belong to others and is the main trouble maker that thrives on bullying and brutalizing its neighbours. Israel is a mortal threat to all its neighbours and will never be accepted by them as a legitimate state, unless all Palestinian refugees are brought back and settled in their homes in Palestine and form the foundation of a real democratic nation.  

DD: One has to look at the strategic horizon to realise how significant Israel 's gains are in this conflict  that was imposed on Israel.

GM: Every time Israel unleashes its forces on its neighbours, it dimishes its legitimacy to be accepted as a peaceful state. Israel deludes itself, if it imagines any gains from this conflict, inflicted by Israel on Lebanese civilians including women and children. Israel has never had such a bad press all over the world, as it has in this war of wanton invasion of Lebanese territory and its public utilities infrastructures. That unwarrented destruction in the name of 2 'kidnapped' Israeli soldiers, was a clear sign of abject cruelty that Israel can muster on command as the essential destructive nature and raison d'κtre of its very existence.

DD: Israel's unexpected large-scale military response was not anticipated by the aggressor and its patrons in Tehran and Damascus . Hezbollah's military muscle was built up, discreetly and efficiently, with a view to a more critical crisis, at a timing more suitable to Syria and Iran. The Hezbollah military card and its capabilities are now in ruins. Any effort by Iran and Syria to replenish Hezbollah's stockpiles will now be dealt with as a violation of Resolution 1701. Moreover, the presence of UNIFIL forces, which under the new resolution have real powers, further diminishes the prospect that Hezbollah may directly attack Israel and start a war for Syria and Iran.

GM: 'Israel 's unexpected large-scale military response' is the hallmark of all its past military aggression, and as such its atrocities can never be unexpected by its adversaries.

DD: Beyond Hezbollah's bravado and inflammatory declarations, no neighbouring country will lose sight of Israel 's determination in the defence of the nation and its people.

GM: Like all bullies, Israel 's aggression on its neighbours are fully expected but not dreaded. In fact, Israel 's weakness in taking in human losses in any conventional or non-conventional conflict is the real winning card held by Arab resistance. Howsoever lethal Israel's fire power, the limit of its power is widely known to be its capacity to suffer casualties. Israel can never improve on that weakness and this gives its neighbour a distinct advantage over a period of time.

DD: The fact that only a fraction of Israel's military might was deployed in Lebanon and that it continued to act with restraint and chose not to escalate the conflict, is also not lost.

GM: Israel's invasion was out of all proportion to any so-called provocation by Hezbollah's taking of two prisoners. The world is not dumb enough, not to make out that the disproportionate fire power used by Lebanon were meant for wider war strategies, which had to be stopped due to heavy Israeli casualties, both in war zone as well as in its civilian population. It was first time, back home hundreds of thousands Israeli citizens tasted the dangers of war at their own soil and remained shivering in thousands of shelters over each and every rocket boom. This time war was fought on Israeli held territory and it did affect the morale of its citizens who in greater numbers than ever before started questioning the logic of un-winnable war that Israel keeps on getting entangled into, without full public support within its own country and without any justification. The fact that Hezbollah kept launching its rockets targeting more and more cities and towns in Israel proper and seriously damaged Israeli civilian morale, helped force Israel not to further escalate the war and risk more and more of its people getting killed. The limit on Hezbollah's side was the apparent lack of matching lethal fire-power. Nobody can and could have predicted what Hezbollah held as greater lethal weaponry than it had actually deployed, if Israel had chosen to escalate the war.

DD: The Israeli society has shown yet again its resolve to stand up against fanatic terrorism which is being waged in the name of a skewed ideology.

GM: On the contrary, the Israelis are in virtual revolt against the wanton invasion and are calling for the scalp of Olmert Ehud and other generals for deciding to go into Lebanon and commit Israel to a hopeless misadventure. Israelis are not blind to world media castigating their brutalities on Lebanese civilians, and agitated Israeli media is breathing fire on the rest of world for unleashing anti-Israeli 'propaganda'. The more Jewish press is agitated against the rest of the world, the more clearly it understands the real adverse condemnation of the uncommitted world.  

In rather more graphic terms, a very committed and stauchly pro-Israel American Zionist commentator, Judith Klinghoffer writes on the current state of affairs in Israel:

"If Ehud Olmert's fumbling performance during the second Lebanon War is reminiscent of Levi Eshkol's fumbling performance before the Six Day War, the tough spot Israel finds itself following this war is reminiscent of the one she found itself before that war. The wolves on her doorsteps have been emboldened. Iran warns Israel to fear missiles Syrian president announces that Hezbollah won and that the Golan Heights will be liberated by Syrian soldiers and that the US plan for the ME has collapsed."

Can there be any more distressing picture of Israel 's utter defeat. No Muslim writer could have done better analysis of Israel's current state of despair with such truthful candor.

DD: The other lesson learnt from this crisis is that the world is facing a dangerous escalation by extremists who are the self-proclaimed enemies of the free and democratic family of nations.

GM: It is more of an Israeli delusion that they think they are peacemakers and others are 'enemies of free and democratic family of nations'. Their designs on other nation's territory, people and resources are too well-known for them to delude themselves into posing as lily-white peace-pigeons.  

DD: Hezbollah's war of terror against Israel is an attempt by Iran, which does not conceal its intentions and hostility towards Israel, to destabilize West Asia.

GM: In comparison with the grand US/UK plans for the Middle East , Hezbollah only wants its prisoners release and Sheba farms restored to Lebanon.

DD: Not coincidently, the crisis in Lebanon comes at a time when Iran is embroiled in a row with the international community over its nuclear ambitions.   

GM: It is twisting of the fact, when the ambassador Deniali alleges that 'Iran is embroiled'. In fact Iran was deliberately embroiled by the US/UK and Israel. The open threats that the US/UK/ISRAEL axis are holding out for Iran, justifies all attempts by the targeted Iran to prepare for its defense that should include minimal nuclear deterrent like India, Pakistan and Israel .

DD: The key for world peace and security cannot be left in the hands of terrorist organisations and their sponsor States who publicly proclaim their evil strategy.

GM: The key to world peace and security is in fact in the hands of the US/UK/Israel triumvirate. The more they brutalize people around the world to impose their hegemony, the more they increase unrest among their victims and the inevitable reaction. It is easy to term as terrorism, all the reactions of the victimize masses, but that is not a convincing proposition. The world is now fully aware who are the troublemakers and warmongers. They thrive on creating chaos to meddle in and come out as peacemakers, though in fact they are the aggressors out to enslave weakened masses around the world.

DD: It is time to call things by their names.

Israel has paid a heavy price to bring about a real opportunity for a better future for Lebanon, Israel and the region. The way the international community handles the implementation of Resolution 1701 is a test case, being watched worldwide by terrorist organisations and their patrons.

GM: The resolution 1701, in so far as it falls short of Lebanese demands of total withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanese territory and releaser of all Lebanese prisoners held by Israel, is deeply flawed and holds seeds of its own defeat, more at the hands of Israelis themselves.


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