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Posted Online on Saturday, 26 August 2006 17:15 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsSeason of over-reaction and despair

By Ghulam Muhammed

The Milli Gazette Online

26 August 2006

If nothing fits the logic, blame it on the stars. May be the jilted Pluto is in rage and the West is being penalized for its perfidy directed towards celestial movers and shakers.

Four distinct cases of over-reaction that failed to click, can be enumerated as proof of the new Season of Over-reaction and despair.

Top of the list is the invasion of Lebanon by Israeli Defense Forces, on the pretext of liberating two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. The over-reaction by Israel with all its blood and gore inflicted on innocent Lebanese civilians and the destruction of villages, roads, bridges, and other major infrastructures, did not get its soldiers released. The whole overreaction ended in vain and Israel is licking its wounds. 

The second instance of over-reaction was the fake Heathrow plot that was organized by both Bush and Blair and their agents, to supposedly forestall an Islamic terrorist attempt to bomb ten airlines departing from Heathrow to the US. The whole hoopla failed to convince the world, that there was any danger of any such terrorists plot in the offing. Now airlines and others that suffered in the mock exercise to demonize Muslim community at large, is suing to claim damages over the fake crescendo of wolf cry, where the wolfs, supposed to be on the verge of boarding planes with liquid explosive, were rounded up in vain as most of them had either not bought any airline ticket or some even did not possess any passport. The whole hoax was a great slap on the red faces of Bush and Blair, who as usual took the whole overreaction as par for the course. The shame of such contrived intelligence shaking the confidence and trust of the people in US and UK's credibility is too much for common people to be proud of. 

The third incident of overreaction was triggered by the old conspiracy theorist Bernard Lewis who wrote out an OP-ED cataclysmic scenario, warning of possibility of Iran destroying Israel in possibly a nuclear attack on August 22, being the annual celebration day of Prophet Mohammad's ascension to heaven from Haram of Jerusalem. The Jewish scholar who was the original propounder of the cataclysmic prophecy of clash of civilisation, in his senile years, appears to have his last hurrah with a hallucination driven nightmarish dread of Islamic threat. August 22 arrived and passed without incident. The world remains unconvinced with the tools of overreaction being so disingenuously employed by warmongers to create chaos and fear. 

The fourth in the series of overreaction, was the incident of a U.S. Northwest flight bound for Mumbai, turned back after it left Amsterdam and was escorted back to Amsterdam by two Dutch F-16 fighter jets, when the Captain decided he had a dozen of 'terrorists' on board ---- ones with overflowing beards and strange 'Arab' dresses, exchanging mobile phones with each other in some kind of ritualistic orgy --- and he wanted to come back to ensure the safety of plane and passengers. The 'dirty dozens' were promptly arrested by Dutch authority and a world wide alert went out for possible security breach in other targeted planes. In the end, after grueling interrogations, the Dutch found the 'culprits' were all innocent travelers. Their only crime was that they fitted the newly adopted racial and religious profiling norms that has been promoted by Bush and Blair and is becoming an albatross around the neck of people around the world. India had strongly protested against the highhanded actions of the Dutch authorities and called for explanations. Another slap on the faces of aggressors who feel their overreaction is nothing but over- caution. 

Back in India, an aftertaste of overreaction, surfaced when Mumbai police mounted a wild orgy of arrests of Muslim boys, picked up from some old files on the politically banned SIMI, members were convenient scapegoats in the aftermath of 7/11 Mumbai train blasts. For the first time in India's history, a Muslim MP, Abu Asim Azmi escorted Mumbai police's victims to meet Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh in person and let him hear the first hand account of how innocents were tortured, denuded in front of their kin, humiliated by snatching burqas. None of the dozens arrested, were charged and none of the thousands of Muslim rounded up like cattle and made to sit in utterly humiliating conditions, in an exact style of Israeli occupying forces treated common Palestinians on any flimsy excuses. The difference could have been that all the Muslim detainees were full citizens of India, while poor Palestinians are still an enslaved lot. But the fate of Muslims in both situations seems to be equally traumatic and condemnable. Mumbai Police's communal prejudice against Indian Muslims is now a confirmed criminal act of gross discrimination and victimization. The irony is that even after a month; the supposedly most efficient Mumbai is still groping in the dark and fooling the public by false arrests of Muslims. Either they are unable to figure out who had carried out the train bombings or they have no courage to haul the culprit, fearing political backlash. 

A big attempt was made to tie up the Mumbai train blasts to London and Spanish train bombings. But now the Western agencies are convinced to their own dismay, that Mumbai train blasts have local rather than international linkages. 

In each and every instance of overreaction listed above, the targets were Muslims. The good fortune of Muslim is that all such criminal attempts to involve them in fake allegations have failed miserably and dishonorably. For people who value justice and fair-play, Muslims have been unjustifiably wronged by some vicious people whose game is finally up. 

The writer can be reached at

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