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Posted Online on Wednesday, 13 September 2006 15:00 IST

Justice India style

The Milli Gazette Online

13 September 2006

5 Lacs If killed By 'Lashkar-e-Toiba' blast - 1 Lac if killed by 'Bajrang Dal' blast
5 Lacs if killed in Mumbai blast - 1 Lacs if killed in Malegaon blast
5 Lacs for each Hindu killed in blast - 1 Lac for each Muslim killed in the blast
[5 Lac Indian Rupees = Rs 500,000 = US$ 10,828 Approx.
1 Lac Indian Rupees = Rs 100,000 = US$ 2,165 Approx.] 

Muslim Islamic NewsThis is the unfortunate Sonia Congress formula for justice. 

It would not have been as glaring as it was, when Sonia herself found it proper to fly down to a small town with 70% Muslim population; in a show of apparent solidarity with Muslims when it was clear that Malegaon bomb blast was from the series of blasts that rocked neighbouring towns of Parbhani and Nanded and had been strongly presumed to be the handiwork of Bajrang Dal workers. In Nanded, the proof was as clear as sunshine on a cloudless day, when the two dead were both Bajrang Dal workers and the blast occurred in the residence of one of them while in the process of preparation. 

Still the coalition government of Sonia Congress, the lead partner and Sharad Pawar's National Congress Party, had shown outragious disregard to the point of their probable collaboration with the Hindutva group to target Muslims. And that is not far from the truth as it is believed to have happened in the past. Congress had been widely believed to be hand in glove with the RSS cadre in communal riots in the past. 

Government's apathy and bias against the Muslims was remorseless and unabashed. Sonia was unmoved by the tragedy to the extant, she was composed enough to warn one of protestors who had lost his son and was naturally raising his voice. Muslims were aghast at her arrogance. Having lost her own husband in a bomb blast, they had expected some sympathy from her over the personal tragedies. Unfortunately, it was all business and politics for her. 

After the blast took the heavy toll of Muslims, the local police added to the tally by directly shooting 3 Muslims who were protesting against police apathy and neglect. 

While in Mumbai train blasts case, the government had moved heaven and earth and media raised hell over supposedly Lashkare Toiba hand in the blasts, in comparison, since only Muslims were targeted and had died and injured, the whole show of outrage was extremely low-key. The government has not given any indication that it will crack down on Hindutva militants in the same way it went out and hunted SIMI boys, when though none of them were even remotely connected to any bomb blast cases. The kid glove treatment, for communal or/and political reason is sure to embolden the Hindutva forces and will further give an excuse to outsiders like LeT and other jihadists to fish in the troubled waters. 

Unless Congress and NCP uses all their secret leverages with the Hindutva extremists to nip the problem in bud, the tit for tat violence is bound to rock the state and seriously threaten the excellent economic prospect of the State of Maharashtra and the Mega-city of Mumbai. The international investors are surely watching. 

Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui
IDRAAK, 601, Seacroft, Shirly Rajan Road, Bandra West
Mumbai - 400050;

Comments by Prof.Iqbal A. Ansari:
Dear Ghulam Mohammad Sahib,
Send immediate representation to NHRC and NCM. I have been raising this issue for a long time In Marad Hindu victims got Ten lacs and in Hashimpura Forty thousands and in Nellie Assam just Rs. 2000.
Iqbal A.Ansari
Monday, September 11, 2006

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