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Posted Online on Wednesday, 29 November 2006 23:55 IST

Muslim Islamic NewsJamaat-e Islami Hind Launches Islami Family Campaign

The Milli Gazette

Maulana Muhammad Rafeeque Qasmi, Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, while addressing the weekly meeting at Markaz informed that the Jamaat is all set to launch a countrywide Islami Family Campaign from December 1 to 10. 

Maulana Qasmi, who is also convenor of the 10-day campaign, dealt in detail with the aims and objects of this campaign. Referring to the organisation's Policy and Programme for the current term ending in March 2007, he said the Jamaat is scheduled to launch this campaign to educate Muslims, men as well as women, to lead their life in strict accordance with the Islamic Shari'ah. Muslims are the main addressees of this movement, he said. It will however provide an opportunity for the countrymen to come to know what an Islamic family means and how it contributes to the well-being of the society, he added. 

Maulana Qasmi said various measures will be adopted to make the campaign successful. The measures to be taken are as follows:

  • To acquaint those associated with the Jamaat with Islamic family regulations and enjoin them to practically follow those injunctions.

  • To educate Muslims about Islamic family regulations and motivate them to act accordingly.

  • To introduce Islamic family regulations to the countrymen.

Details of the Objectives

    1. Islamic injunctions of Nikah and Talaq; easy way of Nikah and kinds of Talaq viz. Talaq-e-Ahsan, Talaq-e-Hasan and Talaq-e-Bida'yee.

    2. Explanation of Khula and its method. Dissolution of Nikah, introduction of Halala and its Shari'ah status.

    3. Status of happy marital life and its details.

    4. Ways of resolving differences and disputes in marital life.

    5. Prevalent system of Nikah and Shari'ah status of Barat, Dowry and Non-Payment of Dower.

    6. Status of joint family system.

    7. Status of girls and women in the eyes of Islam.

    8. Role of women in the consolidation of family.

    9. Criteria of selection of spouses.

    10. Family planning and foeticide.

    11. Extravagance in marriage and other functions.

    12. Facilitating remarriage of widows and divorcees.

    13. Women liberation and Shari'ah limitations of women seeking jobs and their impact on life.

    14. The impact and consequence of other cultures and religions vis--vis Islamic family regulations.

    15. Shari'ah status of Kufu and casteism.

    16. Polygamy: Why and When?

    17. Need of modern and religious education in women perspective.

    18. Training and education of children; Responsibilities of mother in educating her children; Duties of children towards service to parents.

    19. Qur'anic guidance on inheritance of property.

    20. Importance of bringing family dispute to Shari'ah Panchayat and Darul Qaza for arbitration.

    21. Importance of forgiveness and its method.


    1. Efforts will be made to contact 3,00,000 Muslim families during the campaign.

    2. Contact with 3,00,00,000 men and 2,00,00,000 women.

    3. Public addresses at 3000 places (2000 for men and 1000 for women).

    4. Symposia at 3000 places (2000 for men and 1000 for women).

    5. Friday sermons at 5000 places.

    6. Press Conferences at 200 places.

    7. Post-Asr refreshments at 3000 places.

    8. Cultural programmes at 200 places.

    9. Corner meetings and group meetings at 5000 places.

    10. Resolution of family disputes at 200 places.

    11. Meetings with 1000 Ulema.

    12. Meetings with 500 Non-Muslim intellectuals and religious leaders.

    13. 500 Delegate meetings.

    14. 100 Special Meetings.

Implementation of Programme

  • Every Zone will form an Islami Family Campaign Committee headed by Zonal Ameer, which will be responsible for preparation, running the programme all through the campaign and its follow-up till the completion of the current term. A Steering Committee and a Publicity Committee will be formed at the central level.

  • Publication of folders, booklets and articles containing selected verses from the Qur'an and Hadith, selected chapters from Fiqh and Sirah books, and bringing out Special Issues of newspapers and magazines on the subject.

  • In the beginning of the campaign Press conferences will be held especially at such places wherefrom newspapers and magazines are published in different languages. Likewise, efforts will be made to broadcast and telecast special programmes on the subject on the radio and television channels.

  • Persons associated with journalism and politics will be invited to symposia, seminars, Question-Answer sessions and post-Asr refreshments.

  • Public and special addresses for Muslims, Friday and Nikah sermons and Tazkeer.

  • Books and articles related to Islami family regulations will be made available to the Imams of Mosques so that they may address people on the subject.

Note: During the campaign efforts will be made not to bring jurisprudential differences under discussion. Only basic and agreed-upon principles will be put forward.

  • Efforts will be made to seek the cooperation of Muslim Personnel Law Board and other religious organisations and institutions so that their functionaries and members and teachers may express their views on important aspects of the subjects in different meetings.

  • Similarly, efforts will be made to meet leaders of the various religions and faiths to acquaint them with the Islamic family regulations enjoined by God, the Creator and Sustainer whose teachings are based on blessing and mercy.

  • Women are half of human society. They are as much duty-bound to follow the family regulations as their male counterparts. To achieve the aims and objects of this campaign, Islamic family regulations will be introduced to Muslim and Non-Muslim women, of course within Shari'ah limits.

For more informaion, contact: Jamaat-e Islami Hind Mumbai <>

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