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Posted Online on Thursday, 24 May 2007 02:55 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsLetter to Prime Minister on the situation of Muslims in the country

Text of the letter of TMMK President M.H. Jawahirullah's sent to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on the situation of Muslims in the country

The Milli Gazette

23rd May 2007

Hon’ble Dr. Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Prime Ministers Office
New Delhi 110001

Hon’ble Prime Ministerji

May Almighty’s Peace and Blessings be showered upon you.

On behalf of Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, we congratulate you and your colleagues in the United Progressive Alliance on the successful completion of 3 years in office. We also pray that the UPA Government should complete its full term under your stewardship and render yeomen service to the country particularly to the minority community.

On behalf of Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam we appreciate the sentiments expressed by you regarding the plight of the Muslim community in respect of education and employment. We also appreciate your efforts in constituting the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities under the Chairmanship of Mr. Justice Ranganathan Mishra as well as the Rajendar Sachar Committee to study the educational, economical and social status of Muslims of India.

On the eve of the completion of 3 years of UPA Government we place before you certain genuine needs of the Muslim community which we hope your Government will fulfil in the near future.

1. The National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities led by Mr. Justice Ranganathan Mishra has submitted its report to the Government. We understand through press reports that it has given very positive recommendations regarding reservation for minorities particularly Muslims like a). sub-quota of 8.4 per cent within the 27 per cent OBC quota of which 6 per cent should be for Muslims and 2.4 per cent for the other minorities and 
(b) 15 per cent reservation in all posts in central and state governments of which 10 per cent should be for Muslims and the remaining 5 per cent for the rest. We appeal that the Government led by you should accept these recommendations in toto and immediate steps should be taken for its implementation. The Muslim community in India cannot look for any other Prime Minister or Government to implement this recommendation. 

2. The Government has decided to implement certain recommendations of the Justice Rajendar Sachar Committee. However certain recommendations of the Committee have been left unattended. 
(A). The Sachar Committee has concluded that the Muslim community is more or less at the same level of backwardness as the SC/ST. We appeal in the light of this grave situation a special component plan for Muslims on the lines of the SCPs for SC and ST should be formulated for uplifting the deprived and depressed Muslim community. 
(B). We welcome the decision of the Government in providing scholarship for Muslim students. At the same time we appeal that the number and total outlay of the scholarship should match the level granted to comparable SC/ST Communities 
(C) With regard to the recommendations of raising educational and skill levels of community the Government has proposed to set up yet another panel of experts. We appeal that instead of setting up this panel the Government should ensure that all school-deficit Muslim areas should be provided with schools and IITs, in accordance with the national norms, in the next two years. Similarly educational institutions established by Muslims at all level should be provided grant in aid by the government. 
(D) The Sachar Committee has lamented about the low representation of Muslims in the elected bodies from Parliament to Panchayat. It has suggested that innovative measures should be undertaken to have proper representation for Muslims in the decision making bodies. (p 187). We appeal that your government should initiate the process of installing suitable mechanisms which would ensure proper representation of Muslims in the elected bodies 
(E) The decision to open more banks in Muslim areas is welcome. But specific policy directives should be issued by the RBI in this direction. The prohibition of Interest in Islam is also one of the factors which has resulted in Muslims not availing Bank Credit. We appeal that all kinds of loans extended to Muslims by various Government Agencies including Central and State Minority Economical Development Corporations, SIDBI, NABARD and Commercial Banks should be given free of Interest. However the Banks and credit agencies may impose service charge from the beneficiaries to meet out their administrative and processing expenses. 

3. The 69% reservation policy followed by the Tamilnadu Government has been challenged in the Court. We appeal that urgent measures should be initiated by the UPA Government to provide sufficient constitutional safeguards which will ensure that the fixing of ceiling on reservation is best left to the State Governments and that the jurisdiction of courts from adjudicating on this issue is taken away. The exact percentage of reservation needed may vary from state to state. The elected representatives in the legislatives assembly are the best forum to decide the exact quantum of reservation needed for the State and it is not an issue where the court can substitute its judgement in the place of the sovereign will of the people reflected in the state legislatures. 

The long neglected Muslim minorities would be ever thankful to you and your allies in the UPA if the above mentioned genuine needs of the Muslim community are fulfilled in the near future.

Thanking you,

Sd/- (M.H. Jawahirullah)

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Chennai - 600 001
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