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Posted Online on Monday, 28 July 2008 03:00 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsThe Mark of a Jurist in Mumbai

Saturday 9th August & Sunday 10th August 2008 

8.00 AM - 6:00 PM both days
Y. B. Chavan Auditorium, Near Mantralaya, Nariman Point, Mumbai

by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury

"Nothing that I have ever studied about Islam, and I really mean nothing... has ever changed my thinking and allowed me to mature in my thoughts about this deen and about what Allah wants from us from our life in the 21st Century, like the knowledge of the rules of Fiqh. A person who learns it - grows wiser by the day and is rewarded with amazing insight into this religion. I think it is appropriate then, that we start off AlKauthar in India ! with the most interesting of knowledge." [Tawfique Chowdhury]

The essence of Fiqh is based around certain golden rules which if learnt, summarize to the student - Fiqh in its vastness. Through these rules, a person increases in his/her wisdom, achieves scholarly insight, affirms the principles, becomes aware of the specifics and more importantly - these rules clarify to him the goals and purposes of the Shariah.

Picture this:

You have been blessed by Allah with the birth of a son. However, your little child requires urgent heart valve replacement surgery. The options are either a pig value (lasts 3 years), or a cow valve (lasts 1.5 years) or a mechanical one (lasts 1 year). Which one would you choose and how would you decide?

Picture this:
A friend calls you up and says: "You don't allow me to take a riba loan for buying a house, yet you allow taking insurance for getting a car registered. Why the double standards?" How will you respond and by what basis and which principles?

          Enrol now for the Mark of a Jurist to find out the answer to these and more.


Call Ayaz Kazi 98694 88259/ 98191 89965

"I just have to say that I have attended many lectures, short courses and I even started Islamic studies by correspondence, but this would have to be one of the best courses
that I have ever done!" [AlKauthar Student]

Fact: The rules of Fiqh and the goals and purposes of Shariah are from the most interesting of knowledge that truly shows the learner, the wisdom of the Shariah in its legislations.

The rules of Fiqh are a short track way to studying Fiqh for those who have limited time.

AlKauthar's presentation of the rules of Fiqh will challenge, inspire, thrill and excite your mind to apply the rules in your life.

The Mark of a Jurist is a course that
every concerned Muslim should attend.

                     TO FIND A TICKET CENTRE NEAR YOUR PLACE, SMS "MOJ" now to 9987060330             

At the Mark of a Jurist, you will learn:

  • The importance of the rules of Fiqh in the scale of! the branches of knowledge that support Fiqh.
  • The differences and comparisons between Usul-Fiqh and Qawaidul-Fiqh.
  • The History of its development.
  • In depth study of some of the Universal Rules and the subordinate rules that come under it.
  • A large number of major rules.
  • Methodology of applying these rules.
  • In depth study of the goals and purposes of the Shariah.
  • Analysis of tens of practical cases and scenarios from contemporary fatawa, as well as the past rulings of scholars, and how they used these rules to reach a legal solution to their problems.
  • How to benefit from the application of these rules in broadening! our thinking and understanding of our Deen.

You may never get the opportunity to learn about these issues in such detail!


TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ACROSS YOUR CITY: Crawford Market / Mohamed Ali Road : 02240535959, Mumbai Central: 9867383331, Mira Road : 09821464502, Navi Mumbai: 9987060330, Bandra: 9820016139, Andheri / Jogeshwari: 9322246896


FREE HOME DELIVERY OF 5 or more TICKETS. CALL or SMS "MOJ" now to 9987060330

What will you come out with at the end of the course?

  • A binder complete with notes on the details of the major rules of Fiqh and details about each one of them.
  • Hundreds of examples on how the rules are applied practically.
  • Online student portal with the course audio as well as further reading.
  • Understand how the Shariah is amply equipped with appropriate answers to modern dilemmas.
  • Appreciation of the reason for differences amongst scholars.
  • Motivation to applying the rules in order to deduce solutions to our current problems.

Where and when is it?

Mumbai: Y B Chavan Auditorium, Nariman Point, Insha'Allah.
Saturday 9th August & Sunday 10th August 2008 - Both days 8:00AM - 6:00PM

Comments from those who have attended the Mark of a Jurist previously:

"It is as if a surgeon has removed the disease that was plaguing my eyes and for the first time I am able to see clearly." [AlKauthar student]

"Mashallah the course was excellent! I don't know how else to describe it. I have never been so enthusiastic and so alert to learn. Mashallah Sheikh Tawfique really knows how to capture his audience, ranging from his knowledge, the way he explains stuff, to the reason and wisdom behind what he is saying. He has really changed my scope of thinking and the way I look at things in life." [AlKauthar student]

"I feel humbled by Qawaidul-Fiqh, the subject matter of "The Mark of a Jurist". It has uncovered the secret treasures of Fiqh and its rulings, stretched my mind to new dimensions, made apparent to me the chains of ignorance that plagues our Ummah and so much more. It has touched me in a way that no other subject has. SubhanAllah, it has left me on a high. It has left me amazed." [AlKauthar student]

"What can I say except that was the best course I have ever done. My mind has never been so challenged to think in such a way, especially during the case studies. Presentation of the course was excellent and the Sheikh (may Allah have mercy on and! reward him) is such a dynamic speaker." [AlKauthar student]

"SubhanAllah, This was an absolutely amazing course!! I could not sleep on either of the nights. My mind was just running overtime thinking about the cases and the wisdom of this great Deen of ours. AlHamduliallahi Rabil A'lameen who firstly guided us to Islam and secondly gave us this opportunity to attend
this mind blowing course." [AlKauthar student]

Seats are limited!
Please reserve your seat by booking online now!


Call Ayaz Kazi : 98694 88259/ 98191 89965


Dawood Vaid : 9987060330

Sisters can call on : 022-65239018 or 9967322224


Walk in to our centres and register for the course today:

Crawford Market / Mohamed Ali Road : 02240535959, Mumbai Central: 9867383331, Mira Road : 09821464502, Navi Mumbai: 9987060330, Bandra: 9820016139, Andheri / Jogeshwari: 9322246896


The Sunnah is like The Arc of Noah
Whoever Embarks Upon it Reaches Salvation
And Whoever Refuses is Drowned.
Imaam Malik (Rahimahullah)


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