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Posted Online on Sunday, 12 July 2009 18:05 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsMysore: your story is only half true

12 July 2009

The Milli Gazette

Rejoinder from the Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Mysore District, Karnataka

MG has received the following response today to our yesterday's story (below) from the Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Mysore District:

Dear Editor,

I have read your article on Mysore; India: Police attacks peaceful rally protesting Hindutva miscreants '.
I would like to respond to that as below:

1. The place of desecration was not a Masjid, but a Arabic School under construction. The members of PFI did arrive at the spot, but they did not heed to the request of the local Police to disperse the crowd. The presence of crowd from 7am to 10am, increased the tension in the area, which had communal violence just 2 months ago. I, as the collector of the Mysore district, personally visited the spot at 9.30 and asked the crowd to disperse. They did not.
2. Not only that, but by another hour, 1000s of Muslim youths gathered in all main streets of that area. Shri. Kalim, the president of local PFI (Popular Front on India wanted to have a peace march, and i talked to him to desist from gathering a crowd at that point of time. Indeed he was congenial and did tell the other youths not to resort to any violence. But nobody was listening to anybody and soon violence erupted
3. More than 150 tear gas shells have been fired and lati charge made to disperse the crowd which gathered at various points in that area. I did call the PFI president and the popular local MLA, Shir. Tanvir sait and requested that if the gathering does not disperse, it will lead to serious consequences. The Ex-Mayor of City, Shri. Ayub Khan was also informed. The local MLA was in constant touch with me, and helped the district administration in peacefully burying the deceased. The president KFD also did co-operate with the district administration.
4. The 13 year old boy was indeed killed in the violence, but NOT due to firing, thouigh the police did fire 8 rounds in the air. I had inspected the body along with a team of doctors, from the forensic lab B'lore, who confirmed it was a stab by a sharp weapon. The post mortem report may be kindly perused. You can also talk to the doctors who did the postmortem.
5. I was indeed in touch with the president of PFI, and did request him to advise his cadres and members of the minority community not to take law in their hands and allow time to the Police to investigate and bring the culprits to the court. Later i did inform also that, the preliminary investigation of police pointed fingers at the members of PFI who did not co-operate with the police in disbursing the mob on the morning of July 2nd. I did inform the president that Police are looking out for him to arrest him, and he better surrender, instead of being searched here and there.
6. It is a baseless allegation to say that, the Home Minister intervened in this, and that I could not resist the pressure from the Home minister!
7. During the 'jail bharo', the protesters were told that their congregation is illegal as section 144 of the CrPC was promulgated by the Police commissoner which made any congregation more than 5 persons illegal. In spite of asking the members to disperse, they did not and hence the Police has to use force. But, contrary to the claim that many were hospitalised, only one was hospitalised at the KR Hopital and i had visited him and arranged for complete medical treatment at govt cost.
8. i had also met the president of PFI at the custody and enquired about his health etc. I also heard him patiently and ensured that he is given the minimum facilities in the custofy. I am in touch with his family members too. It is a fact that the PFI office was searched, and there were arrests outside the court premises. I am discussing with the Police commissioner regarding the release of such persons after the investigation.
9. The police did have arrested more than 200 persons, but after enquiry and investigation they are likely to be released.

What I have narrated are the facts, which you can cross verify with any neutral persons. I took time to write to you, because, the district administration is strictly secular. I had in fact participated in the funeral of the 2 Muslim youths who died in the violence. While such is the case, i do not want the Muslim brotherns of our country to be misinformed, due to the improper reporting of some local correspondent. truth is God and every one of us deserve to be told the facts and only the facts. Else, sooner or later, truth Will come out and we will loose our credibility.

I am sure that you will publish it in unedited, to prove what Milli Gazette stands for, Truth and Truth Alone!

with warm regards,

Manivannan, P
Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Mysore District, Karnataka.
Off: +91.821.2422302, Fax: +91.821.2429012
Cell: 096633.69333 (sms preferred)

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