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Posted Online on Saturday, 25 July 2009 08:45 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsMysore police attacks protesting Muslims: Popular Front's reply to Police

The Milli Gazette

24 July 2009

MG had carried the story Police attacks peaceful rally protesting Hindutva miscreants. Then we published the Rejoinder from the Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Mysore District, Karnataka. Below is Popular Front of India's reply to it.

15 July 2009

This has reference to The Milli Gazette news report on Mysore incidents and the rejoinder from the Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Mysore.

1. We congratulate The Milli Gazette for publishing a brief but comprehensive and unbiased report on the events happened in Mysore. By publishing the report you have brought to light the Hindutva agenda of Karnataka government of which administration is a part, which is targeted against the minority communities in the state. The recent events in Mysore are only the latest episode in the series of discriminatory and communally motivated state interventions started since the installation of BJP state government in power. And there are reasons to believe that even honest and duty conscious officers both in police and administration are under compulsions to act accordingly. It may also be the reason that the District Magistrate has come forward with a rejoinder which is intended to justify the police atrocities against Muslim community and Popular Front of India.

2. Many details of the Mysore incidents have now come to light through media as reports, photographs and video footages. In addition to the narrations of the victims which can again be collected by media and fact-finding teams, there are published reports of the statements by responsible leaders in the State Assembly and outside which blame the government, administration and police for their failure in the impartial discharge of their duties.

3. The DC starts questioning the objectivity of the The Milli Gazette report by stating that the building where the mutilated body of a pig found was not a Masjid/Madrassa, but an Arabic School. The Arabic School is called “Madrassa”. Does it make the gravity of the sin lesser to call it a Masjid/Madrassa considering that it was done with the ill-intention to disrupt peace in the area? Secondly, the place is under the name of a trust called the Haleema Sadia Trust which had permission for a Madrassa at the site and prayers have been offered there for the last three years without any interruption. It is learnt that permission has been granted to the trust for construction of a Masjid, work for which is to begin soon and this was being vehemently opposed by the local fascist wings of the Sangh Parivar. Probably this is how the spot was picked up to stir it and throw it into a controversy.

4. We need not go to hospital records to count the number of injured. We learn that local hospitals, perhaps due to external influence, were not ready to admit even the seriously injured persons. They were just given first aid and they had to flee from hospital under the threat of police custody. The video footages that have been shown in television channels and photographs (both published and unpublished) are available for scrutiny.


Mysore police attacks protesting Muslims: Popular Front's reply to Police



5. Only an impartial enquiry and investigation can bring out the real facts and expose the actual perpetuators and promoters of violence. A secular society cannot expect the same from the administration and police controlled by BJP. Only an enquiry by a judicial commission and transfer of the investigation to the CBI can bring justice to the accused victims. It is not surprising that the Chief Minister has rejected a demand for judicial enquiry raised by the Leader of Opposition on the floor of the State Assembly. And nobody need jump into final conclusion till this takes place. The DC has defended the administration and denied any intervention by BJP leaders for putting the blame on the District President and workers of Popular Front. But the fact remains that they are falsely implicated and put in jail. Meanwhile, it is also to be noted that the DC himself has appreciation for the role played by our District President. Read from the rejoinder: “Not only that, but by another hour, 1000s of Muslim youths gathered in all main streets of that area. Shri. Kalim, the president of local PFI (Popular Front on India wanted to have a peace march, and i talked to him to desist from gathering a crowd at that point of time. Indeed he was congenial and did tell the other youths not to resort to any violence. But nobody was listening to anybody and soon violence erupted………….. The local MLA was in constant touch with me, and helped the district administration in peacefully burying the deceased. The president KFD also did co-operate with the district administration.”

We take the following lines of the DC as an assurance favouring justice: “It is a fact that the PFI office was searched, and there were arrests outside the court premises. I am discussing with the Police commissioner regarding the release of such persons after the investigation…. The police did have arrested more than 200 persons, but after enquiry and investigation they are likely to be released.”

We are sorry to state that till this moment it remains unfulfilled. We wait for the results. We will continue to cooperate with the administration and police for maintaining peace and harmony and bring back normalcy in Mysore. We follow the democratic system of this country. We have faith in the judiciary. Also we will not go back from pursuing justice through democratic and legal means.

Yours faithfully,

Mohammed Riyas Pasha

President In Charge

Popular Front of India

Karnataka State


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