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Posted Online on Thursday, 10 June 2010 08:15 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsGet over false pride to prevent communal friction

By Syed Nasirullah

The Milli Gazette

In a big city when the muazzin of a mosque in a locality opened the door for morning azaan he saw the carcass of an unholy slaughtered animal inside the mosque. Horrified, he went to a neighbours house and informed about what he had seen in the mosque. The neighbour being a sensible man, sent one of his sons to police station to inform about this incident and asked the other son to inform some people in the locality about this and ask them to come to this place. When calls for namaz were made at other mosques, people started coming to this mosque for namaz but the concerned man requested the people to offer namaz that day in their homes. Meanwhile, police officers on arrival were shown the scene inside the mosque. Their first reaction was to declare section 144 so that people may not assemble there. Thereafter the mosque was washed and sanctified in the presence of police. Because of the patience and sagacity of some responsible people and cooperation of police the matter ended peacefully. The evil design of mischief makers was nipped in the bud.

One year after this, another incident of this type took place in another neighbouring city. The muazzin informed the people on mike with the result that the news spread far and wide. People in thousands began to assemble in large numbers. Some over-zealous but immature youth indulged in subversive activities, raising slogans etc. This led to communal riots, arson and killing. Police, in order to control the situation, took recourse to lathi charge, tear gas and ultimately firing. Riots continued intermittently for six days. A total of seven persons died, five of them being Muslims. Losses to properties etc ran into crores of rupees. Muslims, as usual, were much bigger losers.

A similar incident took place in Bhiwandi on 16 May 1984. Muslims took out a procession with banners in hand and passed through an area which traditionally was considered Shiv Sena stronghold. At one place they occupied a place and put up their flag. Shiv Sainiks objected to this which ultimately led to communal riots on 17 May. Large number of people were killed, injured and looting, arson etc took place resulting in losses worth billions of rupees. Muslims, as usual were biggest sufferers.

About 3 years later a similar riot took place in Karachi in August 1987, but in this riot there were no Hindus. The two contending parties were both Muslims i.e. Pathans and Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) people who were Urdu speaking people from UP, Bihar etc. MQM men put up their flag on a building which they considered their own, but Pathans disputed this and a verbal duel between Pathans and MQM led to full fledged riot which spread to Hyderabad city of Pakistan. This riot was very serious and bloody in which hundreds were killed and in which automatic rifles etc were used and went on for several days. Huge losses in men, material and moveable and immovable properties were incurred. These riots cannot be called communal because no Hindus were involved.

Such riots have a general pattern. One common reason can be the hurt ego of the contending parties. Every person, group or community has its own ego which, if insulted or hurt by others, may lead to conflict and conflagration. The only possible way to avoid such incidents is not to insult or hurt it. Indian Muslims being in minority and also unorganised should, instead of adopting an aggressive and confrontationist attitude, better play a creative and constructive role so that their utility and good behaviour could be felt and understood by others.

Main reasons of riots in India are about particular routes to be followed by religious or other processions. If Muslims want Hindus to take a different route instead of the traditional route for their religious procession, Hindus think that if they abandon the traditional route and do what Muslims want, their ego and pride will be hurt and hence they insist on taking the same traditional route. Similarly the pride and ego of Muslims will be hurt if they are not allowed to do what they want. If this psychology of false pride or ego is removed, possibility of riots etc will be removed to a large extent.

Source: The Milli Gazette, 16-31 May 2010

This article appeared on page no. 2 of the 16-31 May 2010 print edition of The Milli Gazette.
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