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Posted Online on Tuesday, 16 June 2010 12:50 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsCentenarian wants to go for Haj

The Milli Gazette

Jaipur: One hundred and twenty years old Munni Begum has submitted her Haj application form in theOffice of Rajasthan Haj Welfare Society in Ram Ganj Bazar. She will be accompanied by her elder son, 80-year-old Ali Khan, 52-year old grandson Nasir Khan, grand daughter-in-law Aqeela and other household members. Haj Welfare Society’s chairman Khwaja Nizamuddin warmly welcomed her and garlanded her. She said that she had applied for Haj on earlier occa-sions but could not be selected. Khwaja Nizamuddin told her that he will request the Haj Committee of India that as a special case she may be selected for Haj with-out going through the present lottery system. Munni Begum lives in Ram Ganj locality of Jaipur along with about 150 members of her household of which, obviously, she is the eldest.

Source: The Milli Gazette, 1-15 June 2010

This article appeared on page no. 1 of the 1-15 June 2010 print edition of The Milli Gazette.
Subscribers of print edition The Milli Gazette are now reading the 16-30 June 2010 issue


Tags: Islam, Five Pillars, Pilgrimage, Beliefs, Faith, Mecca, Madina, Makkah, Hajj



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