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:: Sign petition on AMU's Minority Character

:: Reservation in Education - Victory for Social Justice

:: US Image Problem Rooted in History, Not Media

:: Exclude Muslim Educational Institutions from Reservation

:: Staying the Course: Bush's New Strategy Hastens Defeat

:: Meeting on AMU in Delhi today evening (13 Dec)

:: Mukundan C Menon is no more

:: The Media is No Exception

:: Muslim Forum on's Parliament exposé

:: Draft Resolutions of Markazi Majlis-e-Amla

:: AFMI's Prestigious NRI Award for Faruqi, Bahauddin

:: The Other Meaning of Israel's Political 'Earthquake'

:: Britain and America Responsible for "lawlessness on a truly grand scale" - British Judge

:: Babri Masjid and Muslim India

:: Reflections on Bihar poll results

:: Communal Violence and Minority-Majority Relations

:: MOEMIN condemns Sudershan's remarks on Population

:: Rosa Parks' Enduring legacy

:: Appeal to Observe 6th December as Accountability Day

:: Invitation to 'In defence of democracy' Exhibition

:: Reservation for Muslims at IITs, IIMs is a pressing need

:: AMU VC on Minority Character

:: Take a Stand against War and Terrorism

:: Blame It on Arafat

:: ANHAD Kashmir Update

:: Muslim Dalit and OBC Conference: A Report

:: Making of a Terrorist

:: Do Not Kill or Harm Civilians During Conflicts

:: On Violence and Muslims

:: Saajhi Duniya's 2nd report on Mau Riots

:: Three Muslims killed over cow rumour

:: Centre Filing Appeal on AMU before the Division Bench: A Question

:: AIMMM Conveys Good Wishes to Nitish Kumar

:: Narayanan Raised Presidency to a New Level

:: Eid Message from National Youth League

:: Canada: Muslims celebrate Ramadan and Eid

:: Endemic poverty, a crime against humanity

:: CPIML's report on Mau riots

:: Memorandum on a Riot Free India

:: Shahabuddin's son dies in New York

Focus: Delhi Blasts

:: Blasts in Delhi Barbaric Manifestation of Fanaticism

:: Ghosts of 9/11 and 7/7 visit Delhi

:: Centre for Study of Society and Secularism on Delhi Blasts

:: British Muslims Deplore Delhi Bombing

:: Civil Liberties: Delhi Bomb Blasts inhuman

:: Muslim Notables condemn serial Bomb Blasts in Delhi

:: AFMI condemns Delhi blasts

:: Outrage at Delhi Serial Blasts: Muslim Forum

:: American Muslims condemn Delhi blasts

:: Tamil Muslims appalled at Delhi blasts

:: IMC-USA Condemns Delhi Blasts

:: Supreme Court Judgement on Minority Status of Jains

Focus: Communal riots

:: Riot After Riot

:: Mau riot: ‘total administration failure'

:: Politicians exploit Mau riots

:: Communal riots in India or Conspiracy

:: Communal clashes in Partawal

:: Communal riots in Bahraich

:: Communal tension in Laour

:: Bhagwa flag in Eidgah creates tension

:: Communal riots in Assam

:: Communal Clash in Agra

:: Tension in Karnataka village

:: Communal clash in Delhi locality

:: Is 'Riot Free India' a possibility?

:: Communal Riot in Mau: A Report

:: Kashmir quake victims: report and appeal for urgent relief

:: Letter to PM on Iran from Muslim organisations

:: NCPUL and Hamidullah Bhat: Fall of the invincible

:: The spirit of Zakat

:: My Visit to Quake-Affected Villages in Kashmir

:: Bridging the Divides: Set back to Amity Initiatives in Ayodhya

:: Australia threatened by US state terrorism

:: Aligarh Muslim University and the Court Judgement

:: Myths about Iraq must be Dispelled for War to End

:: Ethnic Clashes in Assam have Acquired Brutal and Inhuman Dimension

:: Mau Riots Preplanned and Engineered by Hindu Vahini In Collusion with Civil and Police Officials

:: IMC-USA urges action against rioters in UP; calls for a ban on Hindu Vahini

:: Kashmir's Earthquake Relief Fund

:: AIM appeals CM to curb anti-Muslim violence in Mau

:: ANHAD - Kashmir earthquake relief

:: MOEMIN - Relief in Kashmir

:: Communal violence in Mau, attempt to augment political fortunes

:: AMU-ACT memorandums to PM and Sonia Gandhi

:: Real Disengagement Plan Now at Work

:: Peace and Conflict Resolution: An Appeal for Help

:: All India Muslim Forum condemns Judgement on Aligarh Muslim University

:: Memorandum to Indian President on Aligarh Muslim University

:: Aligarh university: A Biased Judge Challenges Muslims

:: Resolutions of the Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat

:: British Muslims Deplore Court's AMU Judgement

:: The Spiritual Essence of Ramadan

:: Bush's Choice: America or the Empire

:: Allahabad Court's Shocking AMU verdict

:: Beleaguered American soldiers in Iraq

:: Muslim Org Cautions against Gimmickry by RSS

:: This Ramadan understand "each" word of the Quran

:: India's shameful vote against Iran

:: Time to pause and reflect

:: Workshop on the Condition of Minorities in SAARC Countries

:: Freeships in PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

:: USA - Terror of War on Terror Guantanamo hunger strikers critically ill

:: Fundraising dinner for Mumbai victims

:: Mir's ghazals translated into Polish

:: IQRA - Newspaper in the Eye of the Storm

:: The Hindu terrorists

:: Harmony in history

:: The Israeli lobby and the Iraq War

:: Nascent Vedic Hinduism that survives is Vedanta

:: Covering Katrina: How Media Control Faltered for a Moment

:: AFMI honors visionaries, social workers and educationists, Excellence award to PM Sayeed

:: Naxalism and civil wars of India

:: AIMMM Deplores Fratricidal Killing in Iraq

:: CLMC: Police harassed Muslim youths during Ganesh festival

:: National Integration Council – Is it a useful institution?

:: Holocausts in the Making: Hindutva brigade at work

:: Emergence of two rival secular formations in Bihar

:: Iraq, A Drain on American Power

:: Perils of Normalization With Israel

:: Lengthening Trident Shadows - 5000 trishuls distributed

:: General Strike in Manipur

 :: Hinduism, Hindutva and Judiciary

:: "Our" Women, "Their" Women: Communal Ideology and Women

:: Black people "loot", while whites "find"

:: Jalangi villagers elated at being included in welfare schemes

:: Conversion allegations baseless

:: Israel's Successful Use of the Art of Realpolitik

:: New admissions in Darul Umoor

:: Neocon Pundits Malign American Muslims: All Faiths Must Face their Demons

:: Call for papers on Advances in Mechanical Engineering

:: S.M. Iqbal is No More

:: Tobacco Corporations Trap Millions into Death

:: Modi SMS misuses Prime minister's name

:: Minorities are not for burning

:: Muslims for the Nation, concept paper for action

:: Stop demonizing: an open letter to The Times of India

:: Anti-Sikh riots: shameless collaborators

:: Saffron Camp's "Secular" Tinge

:: Minorities Council appeals for Justice to all victims of violence

:: People's tribunal on Murshidabad Starvation Deaths

:: Miserable plight of Muslim under-trial detainies in Tamil Nadu

:: Dalit Christian rights issue raised at National Integration council meeting

:: Islamic university opens in Bomanville - Canada


:: Profit before the Prophet

:: National Demolition Council: Unmasked

:: MOEMIN's letter to PM on National Integration Council

:: Re. Agenda for inaugural National Integration Council meet

:: Petition against "Shariat courts" is miguided

:: Answers to VHP's Questions to Secularists

:: Shariath Protection Council condemns PIL

:: Series of bombings hit Bangladesh, two killed, 138 injured

:: Independence Day Charter

:: Muslim Parliament on the deportation of foreign nationals by UK

:: Workshop on the Condition of Minorities in SAARC Countries

:: Genocide 1984: long search for culprits / RSS angle

:: Mumbai floods: Muslim bore the brunt in Saki Naka, Andheri, where more than 200 died in a massive landslide and several are still missing

:: Muslims forced to live in the shadow of Partition policy

:: Imrana on video - no rape

:: Britons Joining Israeli Army as Bad as Fighting for Hamas, Says London Mayor

:: "Muslim Community is the Double Victim," Rabi Hershl Glick

:: Local official flees protesting starved villagers in West Bengal, leaves thugs to attack

:: Violence imminent over starvation in West Bengal, AHRC warns governor

:: London Bombing: Hackney Muslims to Set up Task Force with partners

:: Imrana case: Rape by Media (revised)

:: Muslim Political Council's report on the Imrana episode

:: UMA Condemns Terrorist Attack in London

:: London bombings: inhuman and mindless, says Siddiqui

:: Citizens appeal for peace, condemn attack on the Ram Mandir

:: Imrana - a case of media overkill and Milli incompetence

:: Text of the Question and fatwa on Imrana

:: Islami Relief Committee on Gujarat Floods

:: AFMI's Gujarat Floods Relief Appeal 

:: "Deoband Fatwa"

Workshop on 'Media myths about Islam/Muslims' on July 17 at Bhatkal 

Statements on Imrana case

AHRC accuses West Bengal authorities of threatening starving villagers

Report on Starvation Deaths in Murshidabad, West Bengal 

:: AMU Admission Policy - Criticism is motivated, unjust

:: Educationist Siddique Jaferi passes away

:: New Bill on National Commission for Minorities

:: Beard of Muslim shaved by Mumbai police

:: Announcement of Scholarship 

:: Tehelka: Hungry and Dying in Padma’s Lap

List of Shariah Compliant Companies Released

:: PIL jolts officials to act, Relief in Murshidabad starvation belt 

:: Hunger Amidst Plenty

:: India: Supreme Court refers Murshidabad starvation deaths case to the West Bengal Rights Commission, issue raised in Parliament 

:: Relief in Murshidabad starvation belt 

:: Ex-President Narayanan Reveals Zealots’ Role in Ethnic Cleansing of 2002 

:: Politics of Hindutva and its underlying agenda 

:: Bhabha Award for Muslim Scientist    

:: Amid Gods and Lords  

:: Murshidabad: Nature's fury, hunger, death, apathy  

:: The great Urdu fraud  

: Musharraf goes back, empty-handed  

:: Comrades loot starving poor's wages in Murshidabad    

:: M.P. Waqf Board organizing coaching classes

:: Murshidabad starvation deaths: MG takes the initiative, PIL filed    

:: Another starvation death in Murshidabad    

:: 1st Sheikhul Hind Maulana Mahmud Hasan Memorial Lecture  

:: Muslims in Murshidabad starving to death: They come and take our photos only, victims say  

:: Apathy of the worst kind: Starvation deaths in Murshidabad  

:: Seminar on Palestine  

:: Muslims in India's Murshidabad district starving to death  

:: Hamdard Study Circle UPSC Coaching

:: Book Review: Strong feelings strongly expressed

Do not abet terrorists and their supporters

:: Proclaim Good and Forbid Evil, always and at all costs!

Human chain in Mumbai against Obscenity in Media

Protest the visit of the architect of the Gujarat Genocide and rapes

Rapid Response Team for Anti-Defamation ACTION

:: Maha Aartis and Pujas in Official Programme for Rajasthan Day Violate Secular Character of State

AICMEU launches jobs website

British Indian Muslims Welcome Godhra Panel's Report

AIMMM Welcomes and Appreciates Banerjee Report on Godhra Fire

AIMMM Supports INC in Haryana

Previous daily updates / web only


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